Men like women who check all the boxes on their proverbial checklist, but does such a woman exist? They want someone who isn’t afraid to hop on that roller coaster of life and ride the steep hills and valleys. Regarding relationships, guys aren’t often as eager to commit as women, and they like to take their time.

Perhaps they’re sowing their wild oats or waiting until they find the perfect match. It’s ingrained since birth that people must find “the one.” Some believe there’s one true soul mate, while others think numerous people can fit into this spot.

Consequently, when it comes to matters of the heart, men want someone reliable and ambitious who dedicates time to self-care and doesn’t take things too seriously. He wants a lady who will stand by his side through thick and thin, and she’s someone with whom there’s an attraction that he can’t deny.

NOTE: If you are a guy wondering what traits women desire in a man, we covered them in a companion article.

Ten Things Most Men Find Attractive in Women

Guys like to date all kinds of women, but it doesn’t mean that he will be serious with any of them. The lady he marries or commits to long-term is vastly different than the others. He wants a woman he is eager to take home and show off to his family.

He’s looking for that girl that he can’t live without in his life. Each man has different desires and needs. But generally, most guys want the same things in their relationships. When it comes to love and finding a soul mate, here are some things many guys value in their partners.


1. Men Want Women With Similar Values

There are different types of attraction; you might be drawn to someone physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Each person has been raised according to the values and morals that their parents taught them since birth. Whether good or bad, the things you’re taught as a child are ingrained in your brain.

It’s often challenging to deprogram those theories if they no longer align with your principles. Your core values can have a significant impact on compatibility in relationships. For instance, holidays can be a sore spot for many people.

Some individuals don’t celebrate Christmas or birthdays, but others believe these days are to be cherished and a big part of the yearly festivities. Being with someone whose views don’t align can be most troublesome. While you can still love and support them, it’s hard when you don’t have similarities and things you can share.

Guys prefer a woman with comparable values as it makes things much easier in their relationship. The attraction can fizzle when you both live separate lives.

2. Kindhearted

All men want a kindhearted woman with a big heart. She’s a person who is caring towards others and is always thoughtful. Women who will do little things for their men to make them happy are the ones they won’t let go.

She makes sure he has coffee in the morning, or she goes across town to get his favorite donuts. It’s all those extras she does that make her so special. She radiates love and warmth, and he wants to be close to her.

When a guy finds this kind soul, he’s eager to commit. The world is full of mean people who don’t have time to help those less fortunate, so when someone is kindhearted, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

3. Men Prefer Women With a Sense of Humor

What fun is life unless there’s a little laughter? There are so many mundane tasks that can make the everyday grind boring. When you add a little humor into the day, it makes things so much better.

Most guys work very hard to provide a good living, so they want a lady that makes their hearts explode with love and puts a smile on their face. Ladies look for the same thing in their partner, as they want someone who makes life’s challenging moments a little more bearable.

Have you ever been around someone who takes everything so seriously? These people often wear their emotions on their sleeves and are easily offended by minor things. It makes life quite uncomfortable when you must walk on eggshells around your partner.

It’s much better to have someone who can laugh and joke with you, as it brings light and joy into the home.

4. Being Family Oriented

Family-oriented women are very different in relationships. They’re usually the ladies close to their parents, strive to get along with their partner’s family, and she’s wanted children since she was a kid. Guys like a woman who is close with her siblings and extended family.

It’s tough bringing two families together when you’re in a relationship, but he wants to ensure that she puts family life as a top priority. Unless he is devoted to his career and doesn’t want children, he will look for the person to be the mother of his kids.

5. Men Like Women to Be Empathetic and Understanding

Having empathy is something fundamental in a relationship. Guys need someone who will understand what they’re going through and listen to them. According to an article published by Lesley University, a person with empathy toward others is usually eager to lend a helping hand.

Guys can’t help but fall in love with a girl who donates her time to charity, provides a shoulder for friends to cry on, and is always there when he needs her to be. She will donate food to a family in her community, and she’s adored by many.


6. Affectionate and Loving

Men like affection, as it’s one of the essential parts of being a couple. They long to be close to the woman who makes their heart skip a beat. They want her to hug, kiss, and hold him.

Guys don’t always do well with women who constantly push them away and need space, as part of their attraction comes from the fireworks they feel during physical touch. Relationships are like complicated math problems where everything must balance. You need affection, love, and many other things to make it work.

7. Communicates Well

Communication is vital in any relationship. Guys usually don’t fall in love through intimate acts alone, as he needs more substance to give their hearts away. He wants to share his deepest desires and be free to be vulnerable. Though it’s often thought that women are the ones who value good communication, guys love when they can talk through any issue and not be judged.

8. Men Like Ambitious Women

Relationships with ambitious women are never dull. Guys want women who challenge their thoughts and stir emotions in them they didn’t know possible. Most men want to take on the world, but it’s easier to have a partner that joins in their endeavors and works beside them.

A man needs a lady who pushes them forward. Have you ever been to a football game? The cheerleaders are there because they boost the team’s morale. Guys need relationships where a woman is like those cheerleaders as they offer tremendous support in the most critical moments.

9. Respectful

One of the fundamental aspects of any relationship is having respect for one another. How can there be an attraction if there’s no respect? Men want you to appreciate their boundaries and listen to them. They don’t want you to embarrass them in public or let them down in life.

Though guys often come across as having a rough and tough exterior, inside, most are softies who quickly get their feelings hurt. They are crushed when they feel criticized, as they have a lot of pride. An article published by Campbell University states that part of having a healthy relationship is accepting your partner without trying to change them.

10. Men Desire Self-Aware Women

Attraction isn’t always cut and dry, as a pretty face doesn’t always mean she’s the right woman. Guys like someone who is self-aware and knows she has a lot of work to do. There’s an authenticity that comes with self-awareness, and it brings him a sense of security that he doesn’t need to put on a façade for her.


Final Thoughts on Desirable Traits in Women

Everyman has a “checklist” for the woman they desire. However, dreams and reality don’t often mesh. Attractions come from more aspects than physical ones, and things like compatibility, knowing your value, and having good esteem are all things to consider.

Men like to play the field and see what’s out there, but they know when they find the person that’s their other half. Ironically, sometimes the things you desire in a partner are far from what you get, but finding happiness and contentment is imperative.