While women can be understanding, there are some things they may never understand about men. These things remain a mystery, and there’s no way of telling if they’ll ever receive accurate answers. However, you can try to get it, and men can try to help others understand.

Women might get frustrated about some of the things men do, or they might only be confused. Either way, it can interfere with relationships despite how much you love one another. Everyone confuses the opposite sex somehow, so it’s not surprising that a female sometimes doesn’t understand her man.

Men aren’t alone in doing things people don’t understand. Women also do things people don’t understand, and you can read about it in a separate article.

Things Men Do That Women Don’t Understand

Men do things that women may never understand because their brain anatomy differs. Here are some of the more common things they do that confuse others:


1 – Men Avoid Conversations About Feelings

Many people know the stereotype that men don’t discuss feelings because it makes them appear weak. However, many people think a man who talks about emotions is more attractive than those who don’t. Despite how females want males to speak up, they don’t often do so.

Males often want to come up with a solution without discussing their feelings about the situation. On the other hand, females usually choose to talk about all the emotions regarding it.

It’s not that guys don’t have feelings, but they would rather keep their worries, fears, and other emotions to themselves. They’ll suggest solutions or sometimes handle the situation alone because they don’t see a reason to delve into emotions.

2 – Look for Things and Not See Them

Males tend to look for things, say they can’t find them, and then you’ll find them where they belong. You might even ask if they looked in a specific location, only to find it there yourself. They seem not to see things within their eyesight, and there’s no good reason.

3 – Men Often Forget About Details…or Don’t Care About Them as Much as Women

When someone tells men an exciting announcement or detail about their life, he won’t recall any details. Either he doesn’t ask, or he forgets before the conversation ends. These conversations might involve the birth of his friend’s baby, a wedding announcement, or other important life events.

They don’t seemingly forget to be rude, but it can be confusing why they don’t retain the information or inquire. However, it’s even more confusing when a man remembers other things that are much less exciting.

4 – Obsess Over Sports

Women don’t always understand why men get so excited about sports. They don’t understand the fun of attending sporting events, especially when the weather isn’t favorable. Females also don’t get why people watch sports for hours and become so emotional about it.

Men might become frustrated about missing a game or plan their weekend around one. They might also continue talking about it for days after it ends. Females don’t always understand this, but there are likely things women obsess over that others don’t understand.

5 – Men Seem to Like Adjusting Themselves in Public

Some males don’t mind adjusting their privates in public when they feel the need. Other people don’t always get it because they think it would be more appropriate to do it privately.

6 – Keep the Toilet Seat Up

Many people don’t understand why men won’t put the toilet seat down when they’re finished. Females could give many reasons a man should put it down, but they still don’t do it.

7 – Why Their Pee Ends Up in Places Other Than the Toilet

While on the bathroom topic, females also don’t understand why guys get pee everywhere. They seem to get it on the floor, toilet seat, or toilet bowl edge. It seems easy to aim and make it where it belongs, but it doesn’t always go as planned.

8 – Not Talking to Friends and Loved Ones Often

Females seem to be better about regularly talking to the people they care about. It might seem weird, but males don’t feel the need to interact as often. They assume their loved ones know they care anyway, even if they don’t reach out.

9 – Some Men Describe Their Exes as “Crazy”

Not all men do this, but enough of them do that other people wonder about it. They’ll describe their exes as being crazy without a valid explanation of the reason. It sometimes seems that every female from their past gets defined this way.


10 – Taking a Long Time to Respond to Text Messages

Males don’t always reply to messages right away. They’ll see it, interact with others on social media, and still not respond. Even when they do respond, it might be a short message that doesn’t involve much engagement.

Women sometimes take it personally, assuming the guy wouldn’t do this if they liked them. However, that’s not always the case, although it’s hard to say why they do it.

11 – Men Ask for a Phone Number and Then Never Call

You’ve likely wondered why a male asks for your phone number but never reaches out if you’ve experienced it. There can be many reasons for this, including that he’s:

  • afraid to call
  • worried about rejection
  • doesn’t know what to say
  • waits too long and then thinks it’s too late
  • changed his mind
  • doesn’t think you want him to call
  • prefers to text

If you want him to call you, consider being straightforward when you give him your number. Tell him that you’d like to talk on the phone because it’s easier to get to know someone that way than through text. It assures him you want him to call, and he won’t be as worried or afraid.

12 – Think That Being Nice Means a Woman Wants a Romantic Relationship

People often say they want a nice guy, and many take it literally. They think being nice to you will make you fall in love, and they don’t have to do anything more. However, there’s much more to relationships, and it can become confusing.

Other times, guys assume that being nice will get them what they want. They might think a female can’t or won’t turn them down if they’ve been nice. Males don’t always realize there’s much more to attraction, and kindness can also work for a friendship.

13 – Catcalling Women

Most women have experienced catcalling at some point in their lives. Men seem to think it’s flattering and could score them an attractive partner. However, it rarely works that way; females think it’s rude behavior.

14 – Think Their Drink Defines Their Masculinity

Everyone knows a male who won’t order specific drinks at the bar because he thinks they’re “girly”. The beverage might be delicious, but they won’t try it and make fun of other males who do. Females don’t understand the issue because they’ll order whatever they think sounds good.

15 – Use Silly Nicknames with Their Friends

Nicknames are great, but men often call their friends by names that don’t make sense. They even use these nicknames publicly without ever wondering how they sound or what it implies.

The silly names often don’t align with the person’s full name or anything related to them. Other times, they’ll call their friends by something regarding what their friend likes, but it would be better to use something else. It doesn’t always make sense to females, leaving them confused.

16 – Men Love Turning Everything into a Competition

It often seems like men want to make everything into a competition. Regular daily activities become a chance to compete against everyone around them. They don’t even need a prize for the competition because they only want to see if they can succeed.

Their competitions sometimes don’t make sense or matter at all, but they think it’s fun and want to do it anyway. This behavior is mostly harmless, although it can be confusing about why they do it.

17 – Swear They Drive Better Than Women

Men tend to think they’re better drivers than anyone else around them, especially women. However, most insurance companies have higher rates for young men because they’re more likely to be in an accident. Despite this information, they’ll still swear they can drive better than you.

18 – Behave Like They’re Dying When They’re Sick

Most people have heard that guys don’t always handle illness well. They seem sicker than a woman with the same sickness and act like they’re dying. Many women joke about this experience or get annoyed when their man can’t handle being sick.


Final Thoughts on Things Men Do That Women Will Never Understand

We all do things that confuse others because everyone is different. However, men often do things that women can’t understand. Females want to understand males, but it’s harder than it seems because the mindset differs.

It’s okay that males do confusing things because women do it too. You can only work to understand one another as you communicate and delve deeper. It’s okay that men think differently; it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with them or their thought processes.