The Seattle Mariners baseball team decided to adopt a mascot to boost team spirit. More importantly, they wanted to save a 4-year-old Labrador retriever mix from being euthanized. So, they didn’t hesitate to adopt the beautiful dog, whom they named Tucker.

Fans instantly adored the team mascot and the story behind his adoption. He became so popular that the team decided to make social media pages for him. They regularly update the pages with photos and videos of the loving dog. Fans enjoy following his journey and seeing how a typical day in Tucker’s life unfolds.

The Seattle Mariners also use Tucker’s social media pages to remind fans that many animals need homes forever. Like Tucker, they’re in danger of euthanasia if shelters can’t find someone to adopt them. Pets require great care and attention, but they have much love to give in return.

According to the baseball team, their new mascot will only represent the team and not fetch discarded bats or foul balls. Of course, like most retrievers, he immensely enjoys chasing after balls! However, he would most likely distract the team and fans by retrieving balls during the game. So, he will settle for cuddling with fans and his new teammates.

Twitter post written by the mascot known as the Mariners pup said, “My name’s Tucker, I’m a 4-year-old lab/retriever mix and I was just adopted by the @Mariners clubhouse from OkanDogs! I am going to get to hang out at the ballpark all the time, travel with the squad and enjoy my very own unlimited supply of baseballs. It does not get better than this!”

Seattle Mariners Adopt a Team Mascot From OkanDogs

OkanDogs is an animal rescue service located in the Okanogan region of Washington. The organization’s vast geographic area offers very few animal resources. No humane societies, shelters, or county animal control officers exist to serve the area’s needs.

The OkanDogs website states, “It is out of this need OkanDogs came into being in 2014. We strive to locate the dogs, get them, fix them, and transport them to partner rescue organizations with the resources to relocate them to good homes.


“We ensure all of them are inoculated, spay/neutered, and microchipped. We provide free spaying for mama dogs when entrusted with a litter. We also have a donor-based Emergency Vet Fund to help injured and sick dogs that are indigent or stray.”

Jan and Tom Short opened the nonprofit in response to the woefully lacking animal services in greater North Central Washington. Since no public money gets allocated to animal shelters, they need they would have to rely on private donations. However, many residents stepped up to contribute to the cause and save stray animals.

So far, thousands of dogs have a better life thanks to OkanDogs, which provides funding, medical care, and adoption services. Puppies comprise two-thirds of the dog intakes at Okandogs, and most of them get adopted. Thanks to the Seattle Mariners adopting their mascot, Tucker became one of those success stories!

The organization’s adoption rate nears 100%, thanks to the careful selection of transfer partners who prioritize local dogs. In addition, the animal service boasts a near-zero euthanasia rate and overall fatality rate.

Due to their rapid response and exceptional care of dogs in need, OkanDogs has earned the community’s trust. As the organization expands, followers and supporters continue to grow as well.

The Seattle Mariners seem to approve of their work, as evidenced by the new mascot! If you live in the Okanogan region of Washington, consider stopping by the shelter to show your support. You can adopt an adorable rescue dog like Tucker, foster an animal, or volunteer at the facility.

Five Other Ways to Help Your Local Animal Shelter

How else can you help if you want to get involved with pet rescue?

1. Walk the Shelter Dogs.

Dogs require daily exercise, but shelter staff often struggle to walk all the dogs. Volunteers can help bridge that gap by taking dogs on walks, and almost anyone can do it. As long as you feel confident behind a leash and don’t have a fear of dogs, shelters could use your help. Plus, walking dogs will benefit your physical health as well.

2. Feed the Animals.

Shelters also have difficulty feeding animals and welcome any assistance they can get. Simply filling bowls with water and food can help immensely and allow staff to perform other duties. Also, providing animal care can feel rewarding and help you form a connection with shelter animals.

3. Groom the Animals.

Think of how fulfilled you would feel if a dog you cared for became a team mascot or family pet. Brushing and grooming the animals increases their chances of adoption, as most people want a well-maintained pet to take home. Not to mention, a well-maintained animal will feel more comfortable and happy during their time in the shelter.

4. Clean the Kennels.

While some people consider cleaning kennels a dirty job, someone must do it. Keeping kennels free of debris and waste ensures that diseases won’t spread throughout the shelter. Most importantly, maintaining the kennel provides animals with a clean area to enjoy.

5. Give the Cats Cuddles.

Being in a shelter for extended periods can cause stress for many animals. Even if shelters provide exceptional care, animals still feel anxious due to the unfamiliar, noisy environment. However, cuddling relieves stress and encourages cats to socialize, helping them become more adoptable.

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Final Thoughts on a Mascot Dog Who Got a Second Chance

The Seattle Mariners decided to adopt a mascot dog named Tucker to save it from euthanasia. The team gave the beautiful Labrador retriever mix a second chance while spreading awareness about needy animals. Fans seem to adore the loving 4-year-old dog and enjoy cuddling with him at games!

The team mascot doesn’t fetch foul balls, but he represents the team by simply being himself. He brightens his teammates’ lives in addition to his supporters, and the team feels grateful to have him around.