15 Mantras to Help You Stop Negative Thinking and Overthinking

15 Mantras to Help You Stop Negative Thinking and Overthinking

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People who overthink know how hard it is to overcome negative thinking. It’s a vicious cycle that causes more overthinking and negative thoughts about a situation. While there are many reasons for overthinking, there are also many ways to overcome it.

When you want to stop negative thinking and overthinking, positive mantras can help make all the difference. As you become comfortable repeating mantras, you’ll put an end to the cycle for good. Then, you can focus on gratitude, mindfulness, and living a fulfilling life.

When you use daily mantras, they promote mindfulness and positivity each day as the phrases help push away negative thoughts. The words will help you experience peace and happiness, helping you improve your life overall.

Fifteen Mantras to Help You Stop Negative Thinking

As you read through these mantras to stop negative thinking, remember the ones that resonate within you the most. The ones that resonate are the ones that’ll make the most difference in helping you stop overthinking. By implementing them into your daily routine, you’ll quickly notice the beneficial difference they make.

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1. I conquer every obstacle I experience.

You can make it through everything that comes your way, no matter the situation. With positive thinking, you can overcome every obstacle and setback you encounter, helping you move forward. Things won’t always go as planned, so you must be prepared to handle them without overthinking.

While planning is beneficial in life, you can’t always count on things not working out in the way you’d hoped. Using this affirmation each morning can help you accept and overcome any obstacles that you experience.

2. I challenge all negative thoughts, allowing myself to move on.

This affirmation can help you challenge negativity and let go of overthinking. Anytime you experience a negative thought, switch your mindset and think of something positive and beneficial instead. Each time you challenge your thinking this way, it helps you relax your mind and refocus.

When you implement this mantra into your daily routine, you’ll begin developing better habits. Before you know it, you’ll challenge your negative thoughts without even thinking about them, helping you move forward.

3. I control my thoughts without letting anxiety set in.

All that it takes to stop overthinking is to learn how to control your thoughts. When you can manage your thoughts, it quickly changes your mindset, helping you see the positivity around you. This phrase will help you look for ways to overcome your negative thoughts before anxiety sets in.

If you can remember that you are the only one in control of your mind, you’re sure to refocus your thoughts. You can stop overthinking when you realize that you can choose your thoughts.

4. I am relaxing my thoughts and focusing on the present.

By relaxing your thoughts and focusing on the present, you’re sure to stop overthinking. Repeating this mantra can help you stop thinking about the past or worry about the future. Without thoughts of things you can’t control, you can live in the moment and enjoy the good things in your life.

5. I am focusing on beneficial solutions to things that I can control.

When you think too much, it might be because you are thinking about too many scenarios. If you can’t think of a beneficial solution, use this affirmation to help you refocus.

You also might overthink because you focus on situations you can’t control. When your mind starts racing, take a moment to think about whether there’s anything you can do about the experience. If you can’t, let it go, and focus on what you can control instead.

6. I am joyful and have happy thoughts about my life.

By telling yourself that you are joyful, you’ll experience more happy thoughts about your life. Repeat this mantra until you start to feel happy, and then repeat it as necessary throughout the day. The more days you repeat this phrase, the more effective for improving your mindset.

7. I am changing my perception of things.

Sometimes all it takes to stop overthinking is changing your perception of things. Using this affirmation first thing each morning can help you start your day with positivity and maintain it throughout the day. By changing your perception, you’ll begin looking for the good in all situations, even ones that didn’t go as planned.

Overthinking can cause you to miss out on the good all around you. It can also distract you from the essential things in your life. Rather than letting it consume you, use this positive phrase to refocus and shift your mindset.

8. I am okay and safe right now.

Sometimes overthinking and negative thoughts come from feeling unsafe or afraid. Stress and worry can make you feel like something negative will happen. If you ever feel this way, this is the mantra for you.

By reaffirming that everything is okay and that you are safe right now, you can eliminate the negative thoughts. Since you can’t change the past or control the future, don’t let fear convince you that you can’t enjoy life.

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9. I release stress and worry anytime I experience it.

If stress and worry are issues in your life, it’s time to release those negative feelings. When you can let them go, you can stop overthinking right away. Free your mind of anything that causes you to overthink, and it’ll make all the difference in your life.

It might help to visualize the stress and worry flowing out of your body as you repeat the affirmation. Repeat the phrase a few times, envisioning the negativity leaving your body. Then, repeat it a few more times as you visualize positivity taking the place of your stress.

10. I let go of thoughts from the past because I can’t change what happened.

No matter what you do right now, you can’t change what happened in the past. Using this affirmation can help you let go of your negative thoughts regarding the past, helping you move forward. As you let go of wanting to control the past, you’ll experience happiness and joy in life once again.

11. I release unhelpful thoughts and breathe in relaxation.

With this mantra, you will notice that the unhelpful thoughts leave your mind quickly. Repeat the phrase and practice deep breathing in between repetitions. Then, on the inhale, visualize relaxation set in and negativity leaving your body.

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