Man Who Lost 220 Pounds Explains 7 Secrets to Lose Weight

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John Gabriel, a Wall Street broker, lost a whopping 220 pounds without extreme diets or exercise programs. His methods have assisted people in over 60 countries in losing unwanted weight and leading a healthier lifestyle. As opposed to traditional weight loss programs that tell people to practically starve themselves and sweat buckets to lose weight, Gabriel focuses more on the relationship between the mind and body. He helps clients correct hormonal imbalances and reduce stress to lose weight.

Because of his overwhelming success in shedding hundreds of pounds, we wanted to share his techniques with you if you want to start your own weight loss journey.

In 2001, Gabriel weighed 400 pounds. He had done diets and worked with nutrition experts, but he always gained the weight back eventually. Workouts helped his stamina, but not his weight loss efforts since extreme exercise just made him want to eat more.

After missing his flight that crashed into the Twin Towers on 9/11, John had a whole new outlook on life. Feeling like he’d been given a second chance, John wanted to get his health in order. He hated his job and felt stressed out all the time, so he decided to follow his passions by studying the human body so he could learn how to lose weight sustainably while helping others do the same. John researched how hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters in the brain affect weight loss.

After doing extensive research, John concluded that overeating doesn’t cause weight gain, but is a consequence of being overstressed or emotionally unstable. He says that creating a healthy environment in your gut and mind by eating nutrient-dense foods and limiting stress are the keys to keeping the weight off.

Here are a few important tips from John about how to lose weight:

1. He stopped dieting.


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Instead, he focused on eating mostly whole foods packed with nutrients, but didn’t beat himself up for having a few treats here and there. If you want to lose weight, you have to learn to go a little easy on yourself but not become too lax, either.

2. He fixed his gut health.


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John began to eat more fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, and other foods with healthy bacteria. He also started drinking bone broth since it contains collagen that helps to heal the intestinal lining. He found that when the body doesn’t have the right gut bacteria, this can create an imbalance and cause weight gain.

3. He focused on healing his emotional issues.


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“Approximately 65-70% of my clients use their weight as a certain form of protection. I call it emotional obesity,” John says.

He used powerful visualization techniques where he imagined a white light enveloping his body and shielding him from any pain. Once he stopped feeling like he needed his excess weight to protect him from the outside world, he started losing weight.

4. He made sleep a priority.


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John went to a doctor about his sleep apnea, which was causing him to lose out on necessary sleep. Once he corrected his sleeping problems, he felt well-rested and didn’t reach for unhealthy snacks anymore such as pizza or sweets. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces more cortisol, which can make you crave fattening, sugary foods instead of healthy ones.

5. He worked on eliminating stress.


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Most people don’t realize that too much stress activates certain hormones in the body that make it difficult to lose weight. John started meditating and using visualization to lose unwanted pounds; of course, his problems haven’t disappeared from his life, but he feels like he can approach them with a better mindset now. Having too many stress hormones in the body causes your hunger drive to increase, and this becomes a vicious cycle if you don’t learn to manage this stress.

Yoga, meditation, or martial arts provide wonderful ways to manage stress and clear your mind.

Intermittent fasting

6. He adopted a lifestyle that he loved.


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John eliminated excess material items that weighed him down, moved to a cheaper house, and started growing his own fruits and vegetables. He used visualization techniques to curb his sweet tooth, imagining sugar as tiny pieces of glass. This helped him eliminate sugar from his diet and prompted him to come up with his own recipes that didn’t contain added sugar.

7. He fed his body the nutrients it needed.


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John admitted that the last 40 pounds didn’t come off very easily at first. To correct this problem, he started eating foods such as salad, greens, green juices, super greens, spirulina, chlorella, and sprouts. He also drank more water and added lemon to it. After doing all of this, he said the last 40 pounds just fell right off.

We hope these tips helped you with your weight loss journey. Remember not to beat yourself up if you get off track; just eat mostly whole foods and move your body! Also, engage in positive thinking and mindfulness, because stress can really hamper your weight loss efforts. Work on fixing your gut health and mental state, and you will see that losing weight doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems.

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