A guy who calls himself Napkins makes music with everyday items like bottles, rubber bands, and, of course, napkins! It’s amazing to see what the music producer and video creator can come up with as he combines sounds from various objects.

He’s also a singer and songwriter, and has posted several original songs on YouTube called “LMAO” and “Mars.” In addition, he uploads cover songs from various artists; some of his most popular include “Memories” by Maroon 5 and “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish.

“Some people call me a comedian, but I like everything. I saw Lauryn Hill in “Sister Act 2,” so I also decided to become a musician. There were many ways to show talent: stage, newspaper, radio, TV show, and SnS. If it were not for SnS, I would have found another way,” he says.

With the advent of social media platforms, many people like “Napkins” have found their path to fame. It does take time to build a following, but it only takes one video going viral to get your big break just like this Jimmy John Shark video here. After that, posting quality videos on a regular basis will keep your audience engaged.

Many people today can earn a full-time income with the Internet since you have virtually endless options. It’s still a job like any other. But if you can follow your passion, working doesn’t feel like such a chore. Instead, you actually look forward to it since you’re doing what you love each day!


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Watch a Guy Make Music With Everyday Items

“Most of the time, it starts on impulse, like this…this is gonna be fun.” In the video, Napkins takes a filled balloon and runs his fingers across it, then makes clapping sounds. He finishes things up with some good, old-fashioned fun: dropping glass wine bottles and other bottles on a hard floor. Luckily, they didn’t break, but that would’ve made for some interesting sounds!

To make music with other sounds, he throws a plastic ball against guitar strings while also flicking a door handle. For another, he quickly slings a dishcloth to create a snare sound. He also uses a rubber band placed over a cup to act as a guitar.

He even rubs a pair of wet gloves on the bathroom mirror to add a squeaking sound to his tunes! In another combination, he takes an empty water bottle and hits it with a badminton racket.

In another attempt to make music, he turns on a vacuum cleaner and holds the attachment over the opening of an empty energy drink. It actually creates a sweet-sounding melody! He seems to have endless creativity, and it’s fun to watch him play around with random items to make music.

These combinations create unique sounds that come together quite nicely when he puts the finishing touches on them. Perhaps one day we’ll hear his songs on the radio!

He truly marches to the beat of his own drum when he makes music. However, it’s this one-of-a-kind style that sets him apart and compels people to come back for more. As an artist, it’s important to create your own path and not just follow what others are doing. When you’re true to yourself, people notice, and it also makes your work more fulfilling.

“When I make something, I smile, and people are smiling at what I made. Making a smile is the biggest reward for me. I think I’m a comedian. Laughter gives a positive power, so just keep working and laugh!” he says.

This last bit of advice holds so much truth, because we don’t laugh enough in the modern world. We’re bogged down with various stressors and responsibilities, but we should never forget to have fun in life.

After all, laughter and joy bring us closer together and help relieve stress. Hopefully, we can all follow Napkins’ example and allow our hearts to shine through us in everything that we do. Whether you make music or work in an office, try to make your work fun and don’t take it too seriously!

Exploring how other artists make music can also be incredibly enlightening. It opens up new avenues of creativity and helps you understand different perspectives. In country music, for instance, every artist has their own way of capturing the spirit of their experiences and emotions. By learning from others and integrating new ideas, you can enrich your own work and find fresh, innovative ways to express yourself.

So, whether you’re writing a song or pursuing any other creative endeavor, don’t hesitate to explore the methods of those who inspire you. If you’re looking to dive deeper into the world of country music and discover the stories behind the songs, https://countrythangdaily.com is a treasure trove of insights and inspiration. Remember to keep the process fun and authentic, just as Napkins suggests, and let your unique voice shine through.


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Tips on Making Music for Beginners

If you want to make music but aren’t sure where to start, these tips should help you out. Whether you follow the more traditional route or Napkins’ way of using random objects to make beats, just let things flow naturally. Don’t set any limits or boundaries, and just allow your heart to guide your work.

Have a creative vision in mind. The best artists know what they want and have set goals they’re working to achieve. You don’t have to brainstorm every step you take, but you should have a basic idea of where you’re headed. This will make your work more productive and higher quality.

Make investments in yourself and necessary equipment. If you’re a true beginner, you might want to take a music production course. You can find free information on YouTube, but for more in-depth techniques, a course would be your best bet. Once you learn the basics, you will need certain equipment, such as a laptop designed for music production. For example, MacBooks offer certain programs specifically for music producers.

Explore new techniques. If you want to make music, you shouldn’t put yourself in a box. Like Napkins, it’s crucial to remain open to new methods of music production because this will expand your skills and knowledge. Also, it’s more fun to try new techniques instead of sticking with the same approach!

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Final Thoughts on the Guy Who Makes Music With Random Objects

We have to say, it’s pretty entertaining to watch Napkins make music with everyday items we don’t think twice about. After all, most people don’t look at their vacuum cleaner or dishcloth and think they’d make great musical instruments. But, that’s the creative ingenuity of Napkins at work, and we’re all for it!

We can’t wait to see where his unique career path will take him in the future. Which of his musical combinations was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!