Making a home beautiful is every homeowner’s dream and there are simple and easy things that most anyone can do to improve and beautify their home. With the hundreds of creative ideas found in the area of design, there is no shortage as to what can be done to make your abode more beautiful.

That’s especially true when you employ professionals such as a custom home builder.

It’s fairly easy to narrow down the many ideas out there to ten simple and practical things that are adaptable to most any situation in which decorating and organizing a household are involved. Here are the ten that can give you a jump start on making your home a more inviting and beautiful place.

Easy Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Look Beautiful

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1. Greenery and Flowers

Depending on the time of year, greenery and flowers, whether real or faux, can be placed in any room of a home to add beauty, color and texture. If you have a flower or herb garden in your backyard, or have found a local grocery or craft store that carries an array of real and faux flowers and plants, choose some and bring them inside where they can add the right touch to a specific area. Place them in clear glass jars, upscale vases, twine covered pots or galvanized steel containers and proceed to arrange them on tabletops, shelves, niches or other spots in kitchen, dining and living areas.

2. Wreaths for all Seasons

Wreaths are another item that can dress up the front entrance of a house, or any of its interior rooms. They can be used on a seasonal basis and rotated to reflect changes. A standard grapevine wreath form can be easily transformed from spring to summer, and fall to winter. Add an initial, monogram, or a welcome sign to the wreath and alter it through seasonal flowers, foliage, ribbons and other embellishments that coordinate with the time of year, environment, house style or region of the country. Once again, faux flowers or plants can be used.

3. Incorporating Color

If you have incorporated pops of color through flowers and plants, you can do the same thing through paint or colorful tape on walls or other focal points in a room. If all walls are neutral or white, add a splash of your favorite color that blends in with the remaining walls and furnishings. If you don’t want to integrate color through painting or taping a wall, use furniture and accessories in colors that highlight the room’s architecture. A coastal blue or a crisp gray side table, buffet or sofa table, or even pillows in bright prints or solids, can change the look of a room.

4. Hand-lettered Signs, Initials, Printables and Photographs

Use stencils to create a home DIY hand lettered sign. There are any number of stencils, even free ones, in both script and print that can be laid out, traced on backing, colored in and framed to create a picture and inspirational effect on a mantel, wall or shelf. Take your favorite saying, poem or quote and put it almost anywhere.

The same is true of metal or wooden initials that can be used individually or in groups to make a declaration of sorts. You’ve seen the EAT letters often used in kitchen seating areas, and there are many others that send a short, but sweet message. Better yet, come up with your own ideas for wording.

Printables are another upcoming design element, many of which are free, and can be easily printed, framed and placed in different spaces.

Don’t forget those family photographs that have been packed away for years or left out in the open to gather dust. Create photo groupings on a wall or shelf. Use uniform sized whimsical frames of the same color and group them so they create a point of focus in the room or space. Rotate the pictures on a monthly basis to highlight family members and important life events.

5. Area Rugs

An area rug can change the face of a room. It can bring texture, depth, warmth and beauty to an area. An area rung also has a framing or outlining effect that can define and anchor a space. Again, color is important, as you want it to enhance furnishings and accessories with coordinating colors to enrich what is already in the room.

6. Vignettes

Vignettes are one way of expressing your personal decorating taste and style as well as utilizing a number of items in one area, and they are fairly simple to pull together. A vignette represents a grouping or setting of items usually centered around a theme. The items are placed on flat surface areas where they can bring a polished and finished look to tabletop, shelf or dresser. Vignettes become a point of interest and beauty in most any room. Most vignettes contain personal items mixed with other design elements. A good example of a vignette is a grouping of three to five items, in an odd number configuration, that are of varying heights, widths and sizes. A simple vignette would be a grouping of small and large candles displayed on a tray and placed on a small table or ottoman.

7. Decluttering and Eliminating

There are other aspects to making a home look beautiful besides adorning it and if you truly want to organize your home, and enhance its appearance, decluttering it as well as eliminating extraneous items can definitely add to the enjoyment of various spaces. When there are leftover packing boxes, files, paper trash and boxes of mementos sitting around taking up space, it’s time to take a look at the big picture and store the items, recycle them, or find a storage area in your house for it all.

Eliminating a surplus of decorative items or furnishings in any room can open it up and give it a chance to breathe and stand on its own. Many areas in a house need purging of plain old stuff that may be nice but just needs to go, or be transferred to another area, or stored for future use.

8. Organization Center

Organize your home with a command center in the kitchen or pantry area that presents the big picture of the goings-on in your house. You can use an erasable and magnetized white board or do a home DIY model out of chicken wire or wood that has a large calendar insert for various activities. Make room for other items that can be taped or attached. The calendar and areas around it should allow enough space to jot down important duties, grocery lists, invitations, and other daily tasks.

9. Repurposing

Repurposing is not only saving you money, but you are taking items of value, which you already own, and transforming or reassigning them to other uses. You’re promoting sustainability and environmental standards, plus adding to the beauty of your house. One example of repurposing is the reuse of those tea cups from grandma that are no longer being used. Simply get some potting soil, fill the cups to the right level and add succulent plants to the cups. You can beautify an over the sink area with a row of teacups.

10. Rearranging

Rearranging living room or dining room furniture pieces and accessories is one more way to add space to an area, do away with a closed in and cluttered look and shine a new light on what you already own. Visualize the space, make up your own arrangement possibilities with paper cutouts, or go online and find one of the many free rearranging templates that help you define your spaces and apply the right configurations for the areas that are being changed. Your spaces can become more organized, usable and a whole lot more attractive.

When it comes to making a home look more beautiful, the ideas are endless. Some are more along the lines of decorating purposes, while others are for organizing and reconfiguring spaces and items to adapt to your lifestyle.

Incorporate one or all of these 10 simple and easy things to do to give your house the looks that will improve its appearance. You’ll be glad you took the simple and easy way out to beauty.