How Lymph Drainage Can Fix Bloating (and how to do it)

How Lymph Drainage Can Fix Bloating (and how to do it)

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Have you ever had a cold or sinus issue that made your nose drip? There’s nothing worse than postnasal drainage. Do you ever stop and think of what is causing this malfunction and the annoyance that comes along with it?

Your immune system is fighting hard to get rid of foreign invaders, and your dripping nose is just a reaction to your lymphatic system, which is a part of your immunity. Recently, there is a growing interest in lymph tissue massage. These massages can be done on the head, ears, trunk, and abdomen.

The 411 on Lymph Fluid

If you want to see if you’re swelling problems are from a lymph issue, then you must first understand this fluid. The lymph is clear, and it’s full of white blood cells. The body uses this liquid to help you detox. The fluid originates from the important parts of your system, which lie under the primary layers of skin.

Where in the Body Does Lymphatic Fluid Originate?

Lymph is a byproduct of your blood vessels, lymph nodes, and valves. As the fluid travels through your body, it picks up impurities like bacteria and viruses, which are filtered by the immune system. Without this vital fluid, you would be extremely sick or even perish.

There are times when the lymphatic fluid cannot be drained from the body because of a malfunction in the immune system. Things that can cause this problem include radiation therapy, an infection, or surgery. You will notice the area of concern because it will swell, which causes a condition known as edema or lymphedema.

One of the most common places for this fluid to build is in the legs. If you ride in a car for a long time, you will experience swelling in your feet, ankles, and calves. The swelling and dullness is a constrictions caused by the overabundance of fluid, and it can be very painful.

Did you know that you can drain your lymphatic system without medical or surgical intervention? Thankfully, lymph drainage can be done through massage and other gentle manipulations.

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The Overabundance of Lymph Fluid

The main goal of lymph drainage is to allow the cells to function correctly. Unlike the other systems within your body, this one is independent. Because it’s not connected to your digestive system or blood, it has a reduced functioning capacity.

Have you ever seen a person with a large belly that looked pregnant, but they weren’t pregnant at all? It can be caused by a tumor, cyst, or lymphatic system issues. People who have too much lymph in their bodies can appear to be overweight, but it might be all fluid. Some doctors dub this obesity “fake fat,” as it goes away when it finally drains.

4 Ways to Promote Lymph Drainage Naturally

Remember, this system is independent, so it doesn’t have help from the blood and other organs to move around your body. Sometimes, it gets stuck and needs your assistance to get to the proper location. If the lymph fluid doesn’t make it to the nodes, then it cannot trigger the immune system to respond.

Thus, it sits in a certain location and can cause serious problems. However, you can fix your lymph drainage issues easily. Here are the steps to fix this dreadful issue:

1. Move Your Body

The best way to get your collection of fluid to start progressing is to move your body. When you start walking, then the fluid has no choice but to move about. Though walking helps, activities that cause the body to move quickly and more rapidly can have more of an effect.

As you exercise, your muscles start contracting to meet the demands and pressure you are putting on your system. Additionally, the vessels within your lymphatic structure start working overtime to meet the demands due to the strain of the workout.

Would you be shocked to hear that jumping jacks is the best way to get drainage to occur? Jump on the trampoline with your kids or jump rope. It will be a great workout and will make your swelling go away.

Why do you think so many doctors say that you need to stop and get out and walk when you’re on a long car trip? Moving around is going to get the fluid where it needs to be. Since edema is so common when you sit for long periods, getting up and doing some physical activity reverses the fluid buildup.

2. Give Yourself a Massage

If you have someone that can give you a massage in the area of trouble, then that’s great. However, you can do it yourself if you can reach the problem zone with ease. If you have dreaded swelling and “fake fat” that is often talked about, then you can help lymph drainage to occur by doing a massage daily.

When you start pressing and rotating the skin, it helps to remove old skin cells that clog your sweat glands. Did you ever wonder why some people sweat and others don’t? It can be because their sweat glands are clogged or block completely.

Your sweat helps to remove waste from the body, and a massage can help to remove those cells to get things flowing again. When massaging the area, it’s important that you rub in the direction of your heart. The significance of this maneuver is that it helps the lymph fluid to move quicker, which can help the detox process.

Do you have inflammation in your joints that is painful and causes a loss of motion? Well, it’s often caused by a lymph buildup, and you can take care of it without medical intervention.

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3. Use a Detoxification Tea

Manjusha powder is known as the blood’s cleanser because of its detoxification properties. Do you like to drink tea? Did you know that mixing a half of a teaspoon of Manjusha powder into a cup of tea it can keep lymph moving freely?

You won’t even need to worry about lymph buildup when you take a detoxification tea that keeps these problems at bay.

4. Use Herbal Supplements

There are many herbs that are greatly beneficial at detoxifying the body. One that is gaining in popularity is guggul. It’s still sort of rare in the United States, but this Indian herb comes from the bdellium tree in the native land.

Locals have stated for centuries that this herb can do great for people who have fatty liver, cirrhosis, or other problems with this vital organ. The fact that it can break down fatty deposits too is beneficial.

When to Avoid Lymph Drainage Activities?

While lymph drainage is a good idea in most situations, there are a few times when it’s best to avoid such activities. Here are five instances when it’s best not to use massages, teas, or exercise to drain your excess lymph.

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