If you want to lose excess body weight and show the definition of your muscles, you must be ready to train the entire body. Although some people state that abs are made in the kitchen, if you want to get the right body size and shape, you must combine diet with workouts. However, there is probably one area in the body that people encounter difficulties when exercising to get six-packs or a sexy body, which includes lower ab workouts. This zone gives both men and women headaches when practicing in the gym.

Lower ab workouts enable women to lose weight and acquire a sexy body. If you want to get six-packs or a hot body, you should perform exercises that target the lower abdominal muscles. Performing the best lower abs workout will eliminate all your love handles. Additionally, lower ab workouts will keep your body physically fit. You do not necessarily need to spend the whole day in the gym to acquire an attractive body shape. You can perform simple and enjoyable exercises in your home and achieve your body goals. This guide provides 7 effective lower abs workouts that you can do comfortably in your home.

1. Torso Twist 
This is one of the best lower ab workouts that you can easily do in your house. You should observe the following steps:
• Stretch your arms out and keep them in front of your body while sitting cross-legged on a smooth surface.
• Take a deep breath and keep your fingertips touching each other.
• With your abs tight and hips square, you can now breathe out and start rotating the upper body slowly to the left at about 45 degrees.
• Then, you should return to the center and slowly rotate again to the right.
• Repeat the exercise for at least 15 times.

2. Hip Lift 
Hip lift is another lower abs workout that you can do in your home to eliminate love handles and acquire a flat tummy. Below are the steps that you need to follow:
• Lie on a flat floor, extend both your arms on it and raise both legs towards the sky.
• Take a deep breath and tighten your core muscles, including the abdominal ones.
• Breathe out and lift your hips off the floor. Ensure that your hips are curled towards your ribs.
• Inhale as you slowly lower your hips towards the floor.
• Repeat the same exercise severally.

• 3. Scissor Kicks 
• Scissor kicks are crucial lower abs workout that strengthens both leg and lower abdominal muscles. The steps include:
• Lie on a flat surface while facing the sky.
• Lift shoulders and head off the floor and put your arms behind the head.
• Lift both your legs off the ground using abdominal muscles.
• Start alternating your legs, one down and one up (scissor kicking).
• Complete at least 20 scissor kicks without pausing.

4. Roll Up 
• Lie on a mat facing the ceiling while stretching your arms to ensure that your body forms a straight line.
• Breathe in and start curling your upper body upwards while bringing your arms overhead.
• While halfway up, breathe out and continue rolling your upper body forward until you touch your toes using your fingertips.
• Breathe in and get back to your initial position.
• Repeat the exercise severally.

5. Leg Drop 
• To perform this lower abs workout at home, you should lie on a flat surface and raise your legs towards the sky.
• Tighten your lower and upper abs and take a deep breath.
• Breathe out and start lowering both legs towards the floor (lower the legs as low as you can but do not touch the floor). Additionally, you should not move your upper body.
• Raise your legs once more and repeat the exercise multiple times.

6. V-Up 
• Lie on a flat surface facing the ceiling.
• Keep your legs and arms resting and extended on the surface.
• Tighten your abs and lift your legs and hands upwards. The legs and hands should meet over your torso.
• You need to roll your upper body upwards as you sit up.
• Lower your feet and hands back to the floor and repeat the exercise multiple times.

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7. Mountain Climbers 
• To perform this lower abs workout, you should start this exercise in a high plank position while keeping both hands directly under the shoulders.
• Tighten your abs and draw the left knee under the torso while keeping the toes of the specific leg off the floor.
• Return the left leg to its initial position and repeat the same exercise using the right leg.
• Continue alternating your legs as quickly as you can.

In conclusion, you should keep your body hydrated when performing the above exercises. Additionally, when doing the activities with your loved ones, you should ensure that they drink enough water. They should also eat healthy meals to build and strengthen muscles.

If you want to get your dream body shape, discipline and commitment are crucial traits that you should consider when performing the best lower abs workout. If you encounter difficulties when performing lower abs workout at home, you can get guidance from an experienced constructor.