Finding a man who exhibits beneficial behavior is one you shouldn’t let go of. Meeting a good man doesn’t happen every day, and you don’t want to miss out on keeping one around.

While having a man who looks great is nice, most women realize it isn’t everything. They also need a man who treats people well and has other traits that set them apart.

While your standards might vary from other people’s, some behaviors stand out more than others. You likely relate to some of these standards already. These behaviors can give you an idea of the standards you want to implement for future partners.

There are also behaviors of a woman you never want to let go of–she is a real treasure! See if you relate to any of the ones discussed in a separate article.

Why You Should Have Dating Standards

There are more women than men in most states in the United States, so there’s already an uneven number of people in the dating pool. Having standards and looking for specific behaviors in your man helps ensure you find a good one. Most people encounter a toxic relationship before finding a good one, so you can build your standards from your experiences.

Having standards involves having specific characteristics you look for in a partner. It helps you choose partners who fit with what you’re looking for. You’ll know when you shouldn’t continue dating someone because you won’t compromise on some of their behaviors.

never let go

Finding a man who lives up to your standards allows you to have a healthy and supportive relationship. It’ll promote happiness and improve well-being as you’ll have a partner who aligns with your wants and needs in a relationship.

The behaviors of a man you won’t want to let go of won’t involve how he looks. It also won’t include his career, social connections, or financial status. Instead, it’ll focus on his beliefs, values, and actions.

Without standards, you mind end up in a relationship with someone who exhibits the following behaviors:

  • emotional unavailability
  • avoidant personality
  • lack of communication
  • withdrawing or stonewalling

These behaviors aren’t the only ones involved in unhealthy relationships but are some of the most common issues. With standards, you won’t have to let a romance get that far before you realize it isn’t what you want.

Eleven Behaviors of a Man That You Never Want to Let Go

While physical attraction and chemistry are great, there are also some behaviors you should watch for in a man. When you find someone who portrays these traits, you never want to let go.

1 – Trustworthy and Honest

Finding a trustworthy man is ideal because it involves many other positive traits. Honesty shows moral integrity, consistency, reliability, dependability, a willingness to compromise, and respect.

You’d be able to trust what he says, knowing that he wouldn’t say something if it weren’t accurate. It also means that you can trust him to do the right thing when you’re not in his presence. You won’t have to wonder when you have a trustworthy and honest man in your life.

2 – Courteous

A courteous man is a gem because he does kind things and observes chivalry. He’ll open doors for you or help you get out of the car. This man will also hold your hand while walking and help you carry things.

While you don’t need help, it’s nice to have it. A courteous man will make you feel special and show that he cares about giving you the best treatment. This behavior is better than receiving presents because it reflects his intentions.

You also might notice that a courteous man introduces you to people in a way that makes you feel important. He goes out of his way to reaffirm what you mean to him.

3 – Communicates and Listens

Lack of communication can interfere with the health of your relationship. It often involves pouting, refusing to speak, or other passive-aggressive behaviors. These behaviors can even indicate an avoidant attachment style or narcissism.

Having a man who communicates and listens is something you shouldn’t let go of. Some signs that your partner does this include:

  • making eye contact
  • not interrupting
  • providing validation
  • choosing the right words before responding
  • being attentive

When he listens and communicates, you’ll feel valued. It shows that he considers your thoughts and feelings and wants what’s best for your relationship.

4 – He Cheers for You

A man who cheers for his partner is one of the best. He’ll celebrate your wins and be proud of you when you achieve a goal. Don’t let go of a man who encourages you to chase your passions and career and shows support through your journey.

You might notice that he brags about you to others and gets excited about your accomplishments. He won’t get in your way or insist on interfering as you pursue your dreams, but he’ll be ready to help if you ask.

He cheers for you because he sees qualities in you that others don’t always cherish. It shows that he respects and is proud of who you are and what you can do.

5 – Patience

You don’t want to let go of a man who remains patient when you disagree, argue, or experience misunderstandings. He won’t test your limits to see what it’ll take to make you bad because he knows it won’t resolve the issue.

His patience also shows when he gives you space if you need it. He’ll be there waiting for you to need or want him to discuss the situation or move forward.

6 – Willing to Put in the Effort

Relationships take hard work, and having a partner who understands it takes work is helpful. He’ll recognize that hard times don’t mean the end of a relationship. Plus, he’s willing to do what it takes to overcome issues and work things out.


7 – Protective

While being overprotective can be toxic, a little protectiveness is a good sign. He’ll want to make you feel physically and emotionally safe, taking the time to understand you. These men strive to make you feel your best and shield you from harm.

8 – He Wants You to Chase Your Dreams

Some men can’t accept having a partner who does better than them or has goals that don’t involve them. You don’t want to let go when you find a man who encourages you and wants you to chase your dreams. He’ll support your goals and doesn’t need to be involved in each step of your journey.

A man that wants you to chase your dreams shows that he values your individuality and respects who you are. You can pursue whatever you want, and he’ll never try to convince you to do otherwise. You might have found a keeper when you find someone who compliments your lifestyle and encourages you to chase your dreams.

9 – Respectful

Disrespect from your partner is a clear sign of an unhealthy relationship that often worsens over time. Finding a man who shows respect is one of the best traits you could ask for. You can count on him to treat you the way you deserve.

Some of the ways a man shows respect include:

  • valuing differing opinions
  • encouraging you to maintain your individualism
  • treating everyone well, even strangers
  • not calling names

10 – Emotional Intelligence and Stability

Maintaining a healthy relationship is easiest when you find a man with stable emotions and emotional intelligence. When he can self-regulate and think things through when issues arise, you’ll experience more happiness together.

A man seeking professional help for mental illness or mood disorders shows emotional intelligence because they recognize when they need help. You can’t fix your partner or be the one handling constant emotional outbursts. Finding someone who knows when they must help themselves can be a good sign for what’s to come.

You deserve a loving and happy relationship, and it’s only possible with someone who exhibits emotional intelligence and stability. When you find a man with these traits, consider keeping him around.

Some signs of emotional intelligence and stability include the following:

  • controlling his anger
  • self-regulating negative emotions
  • understanding how you feel
  • acknowledging when his behaviors affect you
  • being kind and supportive
  • honesty
  • being mindful of his words
  • taking time for self-reflection
  • apologizing when necessary
  • being comfortable talking about his life and past
  • doesn’t avoid conversations or seem closed off

11 – Exhibits a Secure-attachment Style

John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory explains that a secure-attachment style involves traits you should strive for from a partner. Someone with this attachment style will exhibit the following behaviors:

  • being well-grounded
  • self-confidence
  • emotionally balanced
  • honest, trusting, and trustworthy
  • comfortable with vulnerability
  • calm
  • openly states his intentions
  • prioritizes the person he wants

Those with other attachment styles might exhibit anxious and avoidant behaviors. Rather than spend your time with someone like that, hold onto a man with a secure attachment style.

never let go

Final Thoughts on Behaviors of a Man That You Never Want to Let Go

Don’t let go of a man who exhibits these behaviors. It shows that he’s willing to do what it takes to make a relationship work and embraces what makes you unique.

You can’t force a man to be who you want, so look for these qualities early on. Finding someone who fits your standards gives you a better chance of finding love and having a healthy relationship.