When a woman is truly in love, she will act differently, and you can tell that something in her life has changed, even if she doesn’t tell you. Let’s face it; everyone wants to find their true love. And it’s not quite surprising that being in love makes people act differently. But there are some specific things women do when in a loving relationship that men wouldn’t do.

So, picking up on these behaviors is how you can tell if her feelings are truly genuine. Even if you’ve never been in love, you know it can make you do the craziest things and act in the weirdest ways. Even if you’ve never loved someone in a romantic sense, you still know that people act differently around the people they care about.

You wouldn’t make as many sacrifices for a random person as you would for your family and friends. And this feeling is exacerbated when it concerns a romantic relationship. For a woman, who has probably been raised with stories about true love and finding the knight in shining armor, love is something she doesn’t take lightly. If she’s in love, she’ll be all in, and everyone around them will know how they feel about their partner.

NOTE: We acknowledge that men also do crazy things for true love. However, we address them separately, as their behaviors may differ.

7 Things Women Do When They’re Truly in Love


1.      A Woman Will Learn About Their Partner’s Interests

Women are naturally empathetic and always try to know things about their friends and family. But they won’t go out of their way to learn everything about someone’s interests just out of the kindness of their own heart. Sure, they’ll listen to their friends gushing about the things they love.

But she will only go out of her way to ask questions and try to get involved if she is truly in love with someone. When a woman is in a relationship, she will make her partner’s interests her interests. Even if she doesn’t like sports, cars, or whatever else he might like, she will still get involved. If he likes football, she’ll go with him to games or learn his favorite team and the players’ names.

This is because women like to feel close to their partners, which is one way to deepen their connection. If a woman ever goes out of her way to become involved in your interests, that’s how you know she is truly in love.

2.      A Woman in a Solid Relationship Introduces Him to Her Friends and Family

Women are very protective of their friends and family. The people she keeps close are the ones she trusts most. They are her confidants and the ones she would protect at all costs. So, she wouldn’t want just about anyone to meet them unless things were serious. For a woman, introducing her to her family and friends is almost like allowing you to take a peek into her soul.

Plus, she’ll allow you to see her in her most carefree state. In public, women often wear masks. But they are most vulnerable when they’re around the people they love. So if a woman offers to take you to meet her parents, just know that she’s confessing her love. It means she truly wants you to be part of her life. And, if things go well, you’ll be invited to all family functions from now on.

She’ll ask you to go out with her and her friends and make you part of her group. It won’t be the type of relationship in which your lives are separated. She’ll want your lives to be intertwined, which means it will be important to her to have overlapping social circles.

3.     A Woman in Love Never Gets Tired of Hanging Out with Him

Women value their independence even more than people might think. This is why they try to keep some parts of their lives separated from the relationship whenever they are in a relationship. Take the example of meeting the family that was discussed before. If she thinks that the relationship is a casual fling, she will want to keep her family life to herself.

The same goes for many areas of her life, such as her work or passions. If she isn’t in love, she’ll keep her private life to herself, which means she’ll want to have time for herself. That can even mean that she’ll turn down an invitation to hang out and just stay at home to watch a movie.

But, when a woman loves you, she will never get tired of hanging out with you. This means that she’ll accommodate her life to fit you, even if that means turning a girls’ night into a hangout with you and her friends. And she’ll make all these sacrifices not out of duty but out of a desire to spend as much time with you as possible. So, expect loads of date nights, but also be prepared to hang out with her, even if you’re just going grocery shopping.

4.      A Woman Will Bump the Romance in the Relationship Up a Notch

Sure, women usually tend to be more romantic than men. But if she’s not in love, don’t expect her to go out of her way to plan a romantic date night. If a woman is unsure how she feels about someone, she’ll keep things casual. That’s because she doesn’t want to lead anyone or put effort into something that will fizzle out in a few weeks.

So, when a woman goes out of her way to surprise you with a romantic gesture, you know she’s truly head over heels. When women make romantic gestures, they don’t go for the whole grand gesture. Instead, they tend to settle for thoughtful gestures. For her, a handmade gift is much more romantic than a trip to Paris.

She’ll show you her love by making you dinner or buying tickets to that concert you’ve wanted to go to. Some men might take such gestures for granted. But just know they are not meaningless actions. They are signs of just how much she loves you.


5.     She Will Shower Him With Gifts

Every girl has a different love language. Maybe it’s physical touch, or perhaps it’s words of appreciation. But most girls, even those who don’t have gift-giving as a love language, will still want to shower their partner with gifts. Even if she doesn’t like giving gifts, she’ll still want to give them to you.

She likes knowing she can make her partner’s day a little bit better. But that doesn’t mean she’ll throw the most expensive things at you. As mentioned before, a woman will never give you something that’s not meaningful. She won’t buy you the most costly watch possible just because it’s expensive.

When she buys you gifts, she’ll give you things you need or things that mean something to you. She’d much rather make you something than buy something you might not like. This is her way of telling you how much you mean to her without saying anything.

6.      In a Loving Relationship, She Accepts all His Quirks and Faults

This will not be a shocker to anyone, but people can easily get annoyed by others’ weird quirks and faults. If your friend always leaves their clothes lying around, you’ll probably get annoyed after a while. And it’s not like women don’t get annoyed when a partner does that. But, in the first case, things will likely escalate, and you and your friend will fight. A woman in love will get annoyed by these flaws, but she will accept them and won’t start a fight because of those dirty clothes. Not only that, but she will fall in love with all her partner’s little quirks.

When a woman is not in love, she will notice all the little quirks of the people around her. And, likely, she won’t be thrilled by them. But, when she is in love, those little things and habits will make her fall in love with someone. If her partner is obsessed with plants, she’ll find his obsession endearing. Even if he drags her to every botanical garden in a fifty-mile radius, she’ll love every second of it.

7.      She’ll Miss You

Women don’t like to be hung up on people. And she won’t miss people she doesn’t care about. She will miss her friends and family if she doesn’t see them for a while. But she won’t miss a random guy with whom she had a casual fling. Even if that guy ghosted her or she hasn’t talked to him in a while, she still wouldn’t feel sad that he’s not there.

If she thinks about a guy every day and she’s sad when she hasn’t seen him in a while, that means she gave her heart to that guy. She’ll always want to be near him and feel incomplete when he’s not around. She might not show how much she misses him because most women in love get shy and don’t share that with their partner. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel sad when he’s not with her.


Final Thoughts on Some Things Women Do When They Are Truly in Love

People in love will always act a little differently than they would if they were single. Not only will they treat their partner with more love and care than they would other people. But they will also see the world through a more positive lens.

When women are in love, they will do anything for the one they love. She’ll want to introduce him to all her friends and spend as much time with him as possible. She will give him gifts and surprise him as often as possible. She’ll accept him exactly as he is and falls in love with all his quirks. Plus, she’ll always think about him and feel his absence whenever he’s gone.