One of the most precious parts of life is finding a love that withstands the tests of time. However, creating a fulfilling, loving and exciting relationship comes with its challenges. Nevertheless, with the right amount of effort, affection, and care, any couple can keep the fire of love burning bright even when the weight of life takes away from the fairy tale of a happily ever after.

The good news is there is always room to grow and strengthen love in a long-term relationship. Despite this, sometimes it is hard to figure out why things aren’t perfect all the time. Women have a unique role in romantic relationships. Aiming to create a balanced and harmonious relationship with the special lady in your life is essential. Read more to learn about what habits women say keep the love alive and thriving.

NOTE: We realize that it takes two partners to maintain a healthy connection with your partner. If you want to learn the ways a male can add to the relationship, a separate post addresses their specific habits.

1. Make Time To Go On Dates Just The Two Of You

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, it can be easy to forget to go out and enjoy dates! One common misconception is that going on dates ends after the dating phase of a relationship is over. In reality, dating should continue for the whole relationship. Whether it is a fancy dinner date and a movie, going on a walk in nature, or staying in and cooking a fancy meal, setting aside this quality time is a great habit to develop in any romantic relationship. In addition, setting aside time to go on outings just the two of you without children, family members, or friends tagging along is also key.


2. Doing Little Things To Help Around The House To Show Love

Chores are not a very fun part of daily life. Because of this, helping each other with chores can brighten up someone’s day. If you notice your significant other is tired and there are piles of dishes or laundry throughout the house, completing these small tasks can make a big difference. This may seem like a basic habit to build, but research shows that sharing housework and emotional work creates balance and harmony in couples and increases satisfaction in the relationship.

3. Checking In With How They’re Doing

This might seem simple, but building the habit of asking your lover how they are feeling can make them feel like their emotions are a priority to you. Whether it is a question as simple as how they’re feeling on a particular day or how their workday went, it can allow them to express their feelings. Checking in can help mitigate miscommunications.

4. Thinking Of How You Could Make Their Life Easier

This is similar to doing little things around the house but a bit broader. For example, let’s say your significant other has to leave early for work. Making them a cup of coffee in the morning only takes two minutes, but it lets them know that you want their day to be as smooth as possible. Likewise, picking up some takeout is a classy touch if you are driving home from work and know there is nothing in the fridge for dinner.

5. Engaging In Physical Affection Displays Love

Many couples struggle with feeling physically close to each other during the fast pace of life. Making a point of kissing your lover’s cheek before you leave the house or giving them a hug when they are feeling down can make them feel loved and wanted.

6. Planning Trips Together

A change of scenery is always refreshing. Similar to planning dates, planning trips can give both of you a chance to decompress and enjoy an exciting, romantic getaway. Are you not the biggest fan of traveling? Planning a staycation can have the same effect, allowing you to take a break from everyday life and focus on your love.

7. Giving Them Space When Needed

This suggestion may seem counter-intuitive. But the truth is no couple should be together 24/7. Everyone needs a chance to decompress and have alone time. Studies suggest that spending some time apart gives your lover time to connect with themselves as an individual and develop a longing to see you. It is essential to strive for a healthy balance when spending time with each other.

8. Complimenting Their Appearance Is Loving And Kind

Although looks certainly aren’t everything, it is important for your partner to feel like they are attractive in your eyes. Two kinds of compliments in this category can strengthen confidence, love, and security in a relationship. The first kinds of compliments are on the things about their appearance that they can’t change. This includes complimenting their eyes, smile, body, or their height. The second kinds are compliments about the things they do to their appearance. That includes their outfits, hair, makeup, and stuff like that.

9. Bringing Them Tokens Of Appreciation

Gift-giving is a love language. For people whose love language is gift-giving, this does not mean they are greedy or desire expensive presents frequently. In fact, for most people, it means they want to know that you saw something they would like and you thought of them. Whether a simple gift like a book or a more dazzling gift like jewelry, you give them a token of your love and a reminder of you.

10. Celebrating Their Accomplishments

Sometimes we are so busy dealing with our work and obligations that we disengage from what is happening in the lives of our loved ones. Praising your lover in areas of their life can remind them that you are proud of them and they are valued in the relationship. This is especially the case if you are married or living together as their work life directly affects your home life.

loving partner

11. Sharing Your Hobbies

Does your significant other have different hobbies than you? Often this can happen in a relationship where one person spends time painting while another spends time watching TV or reading a book. Make it a habit to engage in their hobby once or twice a week to share what you love with one another.

12. Running Errands Together

Everyone has to run errands. Often this task is delegated to one of the people in the relationship. Making it a habit to run errands together occasionally makes the chore more fun and gives you time to connect. Research shows that older couples who run errands together become more competent in collaboration which can extend to other aspects of the relationship.

13. Making Compromises Shows Love And Respect

Compromising is an essential aspect of any loving relationship. However, many couples do not think about the unique ways they can make compromising a habit in their day-to-day lives. When we think of compromising, our minds tend to drift to big, high-stakes decisions. However, compromising can be as simple as watching a romantic comedy for movie night one week and then an action thriller the following week.

14. Planning Surprises

Surprising your significant other is a great way to liven up the relationship. Although it might seem like surprises should be reserved for special occasions, incorporating surprises is an easy way to catch your lover’s attention and make them feel appreciated. Some examples of this could be, making dinner one night when they weren’t expecting you to, taking them on a surprise date, or purchasing them a new outfit.

15. Reminiscing On Your Lives Together

Sometimes the monotony of life can make you lose sight of the initial spark that brought you to your person. Making it a habit to share your favorite loving memories, hang photographs of good times around the house, and observe how you have grown together can revive the spark that started it all.

16. Be Open, Honest, And Empathetic When Disagreements Happen

Nobody is perfect, and every couple struggles with disagreements now and then. Unfortunately, it can be easy to let these disagreements drive an edge between you, and resentment could build. One way to mitigate this is to take a deep breath and consider your partner’s point of view. This helps keep things in perspective and reminds you that even though you might not see eye-to-eye all the time, you still love each other.

17. Instead Of Only Saying “I Love You,” Tell Them The Reasons Why You Love Them

When you have spent a long time with someone, sometimes you take it for granted that they feel secure and loved in the relationship. Saying “I love you” can sometimes feel like an obligation, not a declaration of your true feelings. Instead, try saying things like “I love your laugh,” “I love the way you always know what to say,” or “I love your perseverance and strength,” this can reach your partner’s heart and help them hear your love.

18. Spend Time Learning Your Lover’s Love Language

Experts suggest that love languages can make or break a relationship. Five love languages speak to individual love. These are words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Experts such as psychologist Dr. Gary Chapman, who first wrote on the five love languages, claim that learning your partner’s love language and practicing things that appeal to them can strengthen love and longevity in relationships.

19. Be Open To Trying New Things Together

One thing that can spice up your relationship is to make it a habit to try new things together. Whether trying a new activity, going to a new place, or spending time with new people, being open to trying new things together can build confidence and closeness in any relationship.

20. Create Healthy Habits Together

Creating and maintaining healthy habits can be a struggle for all of us. One great way to keep the love alive is to work on healthy habits together. Whether it be getting more sleep at night, eating more healthy foods, or getting back into a regular exercise regime, building these habits makes an overall difference in how we feel. When we work on these habits with our romantic partners, it can increase support, affection, and love as well.


Final Thoughts on Some Habits That Keep Love Alive

It is easy to feel lost when it comes to keeping love alive in a long-term relationship. So often, we feel like when the spark fades, our relationships are doomed. However, that is not the case. Try implementing some of these habits in your daily lives; it won’t be long before you start seeing the positive effects in your relationships!