15 Reasons Long Talks Are So Important in a Relationship

15 Reasons Long Talks Are So Important in a Relationship

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In your relationship, it’s probably easy to talk about lots of mundane topics like what you want to do over the weekend or what you’re having for dinner tonight. Your life becomes your daily focus and the big topic of most of your conversations. As important as it is to discuss everyday things, you must value long, in-depth discussions for real growth in your relationship as a couple. Here are fifteen reasons long talks are so significant to your relationship.

Fifteen Reasons Why Long Talks Add Value to a Relationship

It might surprise you to learn the impact of having in-depth conversations with your partner. Here they are.

1 – Long talks help you get to know each other even better

Of course, not all your conversations are that big of a deal, but the more you talk, the more you’ll feel connected to one another. You can talk about what you dreamed about last night, what time you got up, or how much you enjoyed a new podcast you listened to today. Having long talks helps you grow closer and learn more about one another. Plus, there’s something extraordinary about how this develops your affection for one another.

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2 – Saves time

Of course, on a practical note, long talks with your partner can save you time. You can discuss ideas for vacations or the holidays. Long discussions allow you to discuss goals for exercise and whether you should sign up for the new gym that just opened. You might start the conversation by talking about buying a dog but end up talking about renting a bigger apartment or finding a more reliable dog walker. By nature, long talks weave in and out of topics. They are relaxing, long-drawn-out discussions about whatever you want to discuss.

There’s no time limit unless you set one. Because you’ve had a long in-depth conversation about these things, you won’t need to discuss them in detail the next time they come up. This collaboration is essential for problem-solving. When you revisit the topic, you will have a good grip on the information you’ve already discussed and can start where you left off.

3 – Helps you communicate during a conflict

Good communication means you feel comfortable sharing your feelings with your partner without fear of them getting angry or judging you. Scientists found in one study that couples who have learned how to communicate during a conflict will have a long-lasting relationship. They are committed to talking things through instead of running away or fighting back. These couples value communication and make it work.

4 – Long talks can help save you money

If you’re not talking to your partner about money issues, it will cost you. Talking about your budget is essential, but some suggest that the actual cost you could incur is more because of forgiveness gifts. These gifts include costly flowers, candy, or tokens given by the partner who said the wrong thing at the wrong time. These gifts can add up. Most of these mistakes result from one partner not listening to what the other said. So, include long conversations in your relationship and save yourself money on forgiveness gifts.

5 – Emotional support

Supporting your partner emotionally means you talk to them when they’re going through difficulties or struggles. Long conversations allow you to ask significant questions to better understand what your partner is going through and how they feel. Your discussions may go down a couple of rabbit trails, but that’s a good thing. These little detours lead to meaningful conversations. Cutting your conversations short takes away the chance for a long, relaxed talk that allows support for each other and growing closer together.

6 – Better understand one another’s feelings

Long talks allow time to deepen your relationship. Allowing one another to talk about their highs and lows creates increases your affection for one another. Here are some good questions to go deeper with your partner in a long conversation.

  • Is there something that you’d love to do but haven’t done it? Why?
  • What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?
  • What is your most terrible memory?
  • If you knew that in one year you would die, what would you do differently?
  • How do you feel about your relationship with your mother?
  • What is one personal problem that you want advice about?

7 – Share your spiritual insights through these long talks

Another vital long talk you should have with your partner is about what you believe about God. Share what you think and why you believe this. Willingly, listen to your partner’s beliefs and ask questions. Knowing what one another believes should be a long conversation you have early in your relationship because religious views are essential to couples. It’s best not to be surprised by your partner’s faith or lack of it. Studies suggest that more religious couples have happier and more stable marriage relationships than other married couples. So, the significance of what you each believe is critical.

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8 – Long talks improve your health

Long talks enhance communication and reduce stress. This is because it allows you to vent to someone you completely trust about your tension and anxiety regarding your work, co-workers, family members, and more. Long discussions with your partner reduce your stress and help you feel better about your life. The sense of feeling safe to talk about anything with someone is enormous. Few relationships give you the same sense of safety, care, and good health.

9 – You learn more about yourself

Putting your thoughts together in words helps you learn something about yourself. As you talk and listen, you know how to ask good questions. You understand what’s important to you and how you best communicate these things. You grow in better expressing your affection and helping someone else.

10 – Help future discussions

Of course, the more you talk with your partner, the more you lay a foundation for future conversations. You build an understanding with one another as you learn what’s important to your spouse and what isn’t. For instance, you may learn things you can talk about later, including:

  • Goals at work
  • Desires for a bigger house
  • Saving money for a trip overseas
  • Investing in stocks
  • People you both want to get to know more

11 – Understand what’s important

Long talks allow you to share what’s important in life. Your partner needs to know how you feel about family, work, education, and friends. Let them know about what you value and why during these long conversations. Enjoy being known and knowing your partner as they share what’s important to them.

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