List making is something that can help all of us. Whether you need to make a grocery list, or a list of things you need to accomplish, having it all written down is a great way to stay organized.

But what about when you feel like your world is falling apart?

List making can help us put our life back in perspective. Lists can also help you keep your thoughts positive. Here are the best lists to make when you need to feel better.

Here Are 10 Lists You Should Make When You Feel Like Everything’s Falling Apart

1. Happy things that have happened to you

Whether they happened two months ago, two weeks or two days – keeping a list of all of the happy things that happened to you will keep you positive.

Positive things happen when you think positive because you take charge of your thinking. Because you take control of your thoughts you make good things happen. You become a powerful positive force,” says hypnotherapist Rex Steven Sikes.

Happy things often get lost in the fray of all of the negativity in our lives. Stress can make it difficult to remember happy things when you’re in the moment. But, when you sit down and focus on them, you’ll see that there are so many happy things in your life.

2. Things you love to do

What are your favorite hobbies? What are the things that you love to do? When things aren’t going well and stress hits, we don’t always have time to devote to our favorite hobbies. You may even forget the things that you love to do until you focus on them. Make a list of all your favorite hobbies so you can pick one to do when you need some time to yourself to de-stress.

3. Things you like about yourself

Stress can cause a dent in our self-esteem. Even if you think you have good self-esteem, it’s always good practice to remind yourself of your good qualities. Louise L. Hay once said, “You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.

When life feels like it’s falling apart, take some time to love yourself again. Make a list of all the things you like about yourself. Try to focus less on things you do for other people (“I’m reliable”, “I’m a good helper”), and instead focus on things about you, like “I am funny,” or “I am intelligent”.


4. Ways you can make someone’s life better

When stress gets to be too much, we tend to feel helpless. But there’s no reason that we can’t take control of our lives. Taking control seem feel difficult at first. So, start with ways you can make someone’s life a little better. What are the ways you can help people in your life? It will make you feel good when you realize how much worth you have for other people.

5. Your favorite songs

It may seem cliché, but music can make all of our lives a little better. According to a group of scientists, “It has been reported that music may have physiological effects on blood pressure, cardiac heartbeat, respiration, and improve mood state in people affected by anxiety, depression and other psychiatric disorders.

Therefore, when you’re feeling down, listening to your favorite songs can be just the thing you need to make you feel better. It’s good to have a list of all your favorite songs so you can make yourself a playlist. It will be perfect for those days when your life feels like it’s falling apart.

6. Your bucket list

A “bucket list” is a list of things you want to do or accomplish before you “kick the bucket”. If life feels really overwhelming, reminding yourself all of the things you still want to do can make it easier to keep moving forward. Your bucket list can have big things or small things. Whatever you haven’t done yet but want to do before you “kick the bucket” can go on the list.

“Sometimes when we think our lives are falling apart what we don’t see, is that they might just be falling into place.” – L.J. Vanier

7. People who love you

When life feels like it’s falling apart, remembering the people who love you can be a positive and uplifting experience. Start with your family or significant others, and expand it to your circle of friends. You’ll be surprised by all of the people you know that love you. You can keep the list with you or put it somewhere you can see it. Whenever you need a reminder, take the list out and see all the names of the people that love you.

8. Places you want to see

Traveling the world is often expensive, and not everyone can afford it. But that doesn’t mean that imagining all the places that you want to go is a futile effort. Sometimes, all we need is a change of scenery to make our lives feel a little more in control.

Sometimes pain is so strong and so deep that the only way to heal it is to travel, just leave everything behind and give yourself the space to get over the hump so you can begin to move forward,” says transformational coach & tour leader and author, Halle Eavelyn. So, make a list of all the beautiful places you want to visit, and then pick one to start working towards.

9. Favorite quotes

Whether they be from people, books, movies or poems, a list of your favorite quotes can help bring positivity back into your life. They can be quotes that inspire you, make you smile, or make you laugh. Whatever they are, make sure they bring out a positive emotion. After you write them all down, you can place the quotes somewhere that you can always see them.

10. Good memories

Stress can make us forget all of our good memories. When life feels like it’s falling apart, remembering all of the good times in your life will bring you right back around. Positivity takes effort, sometimes. Write your favorite, happy memories down so that you can look at them when it feels like life keeps throwing you curveballs.

Final thoughts

List making is something that can really help focus your attention. It can also help you focus on the positivity in your life. Even if the list is only a few items long, it’s still a good exercise.

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