The law of attraction (LOA) is a philosophy that has been around for quite a few decades. The first mention of the term is dated back to 1855. Ever since then, a movement has been created around this concept. Still, the term remained relatively unknown for a very long time. Even now, most people aren’t aware of what it means or what it aims to resolve.

Because this notion is hardly a standard idea, there is a lot of misinformation around it. Many people claim that it’s just a pretty-sounding rhetoric that doesn’t hold any weight in the real world. Other people even confuse it with terms used in the physics field. But, overall, not many people know what it is.

And those who know only understand the LOA superficially and seem to think it’s nothing more than a placebo effect. But this theory is not just something derived from some magical story. There’s nothing mystical about it, even though it’s based on manifestation. It’s nothing more than cognitive restructuring, which has been proven to work.

But how does the law of attraction come into play when we talk about love? Well, some people use this technique to visualize their ideal partner. They manifest their perfect match and wait for them to appear in their life. Now, that doesn’t mean that they will force someone into existence. Nor does it mean they imagine someone and expect that person to appear on their doorstep magically.

It’s more about envisioning who you want to be with so that you know who you should pursue. Plus, the law of attraction is much more than manifestation. It’s also about changing the way you see the world and embracing gratitude and positivity, which people can use to attract potential partners. So, if you want to know how to spot someone using the law of attraction to find love, keep reading.

What Is the Law of Attraction?

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The story of how the LOA became a philosophy is quite intriguing. Back in the 19th century, Phineas Quimby was diagnosed with tuberculosis. There wasn’t any reliable cure at that point, which meant that Quimby was destined to suffer until the day he died. Because he was looking for something to do, he became interested in horse riding.

He eventually realized that the excitement associated with this activity relieved him of his pain. Sure, that relief was temporary, and it wasn’t a treatment for tuberculosis by any stretch of the imagination. But he genuinely felt better while riding a horse than at any other moment of the day. He became fascinated by this discovery and wanted to know why it happened. His theory was that the mind is stronger than the body, which meant people could use their will to induce certain feelings.

For example, if you willed yourself to be positive, you’ll feel happier, even if nothing else in your day changes apart from your attitude. Quimby never used the term law of attraction. His study was actually about mind over body. But his research was the basis for what is known today as the law of attraction.

Understanding the Law of Attraction

An American spiritualist first used the term. But that wasn’t a relevant factor in the development of this philosophy. What was relevant were the findings of Prentice Mulford, who wrote an essay about the law of success.

From that point, this philosophy became somewhat popular, being researched by many people throughout the 20th century. However, it has recently gotten a new life, as the law of attraction (or LOA) has gone through a resurgence. Nowadays, it’s considered synonymous with manifestation. Although that’s not quite all there is to it.

The supporters of this school of thought believe that the law of attraction is always in motion. Even people who don’t know the law of attraction is affected by it in their daily lives. That’s because it’s theorized that everything someone does and believes in determines what they’ll experience. When you think about it, this is not farfetched at all. It makes sense that if you are an active, bubbly person, you will attract people who are the same.

And you’ll be drawn towards things that fit your personality type. Yes, you probably won’t consciously realize that you favor some experiences over others. But your subconscious makes decisions about you based on your likes and interests. And that’s how the law of attraction fundamentally works.

Using the law of attraction to your advantage isn’t that complicated. It’s mostly about visualization exercises. For example, if you want to attract a certain love interest, you need to visualize exactly how that person would look, act, and even sound. And you’ll be more likely to bump into such a person. But how can you know if someone is using the law of attraction on you?

3 Signs Someone Is Using the Law of Attraction


1. You Think About Someone Using the Law of Attraction More Than You Normally Would

The LOA is always helpful when trying to find a new romantic interest. And one of the main reasons it’s so effective is because it makes others think about you more often than they would otherwise. Again, this doesn’t exactly happen because of some magic. But say someone is manifesting you or someone very similar to you.

That means that when that person who manifested you finally meets you in real life, they will try to make an impression. This concept is best explained through examples. If they meet you in a bar, they won’t just flirt with you for a couple of minutes and move on. They’ll make an effort to get to know you. This also applies in cases where you already know the person who is manifesting you. Maybe they’re someone who you never seriously considered as a romantic partner.

But they started manifesting you and got the courage to be more honest about their intentions. That’s bound to make you think about them more than you would. The law of attraction makes it so that people start being honest with themselves about what they want. They don’t have to say it because their energy will be clear. You’ll be able to tell that some things between you shifted. And that’s going to make you think about them quite a lot.

2. You Want to Talk to Them or Reach Out to Someone Who Uses LOA

When someone uses the law of attraction, they envision the type of partner they want. So, they won’t waste their time dating around and being with people who are not their type. They will go directly to the person who fits their dream partner. And if that person is you, that means they will give you a lot of attention.

This attention will differ from anything you’ve experienced before because it will be much more intense. You’ll be able to tell that they are genuinely interested. They view you as one of the best things that have happened to them, and you’ll know. This energy that the other person has will intrigue you.

And that’s why they’ll always be on your mind, and you won’t be able to forget about them. That’s what makes you feel the need to reach out to them. You’ll want to be near them as much as you can. And you won’t just want to hang out and get a drink. If their manifestation worked, you’d want to get to know them deeply and start creating a connection.

3. You Always Bump into Them If They Use the Law of Attraction

It would be nice if the LOA physicality pulled two people towards each other. But, seeing as manifestation is just cognitive restructuring and not some magic, that pull isn’t physical. That being said, manifestation will make you interested in a certain person. Which means you’ll be much more aware of their presence.

If you randomly bump into them at a coffee shop, you won’t just ignore them and move on with your life. Instead, you’ll consciously acknowledge their presence. Plus, that meet-up will leave an impression. This is why you’ll feel like you always bump into them. Maybe not even because you meet them more often. But because your meet-ups become more meaningful.

Plus, when someone is manifesting you, they’ll want to see you as often as possible, which is why they will likely start hanging out in your favorite spots. If you have a favorite bar, they’ll go there more often than they would normally. Whether they do this intentionally or not that’s up for debate. But still, they’ll be in places where the two of you are more likely to bump into each other. So, if you’re always seeing a certain person, that might be the law of attraction working its magic.

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Final Thoughts on Some Signs Someone Is Using the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a fascinating topic. It’s such an out-of-the-box way of thinking that many people don’t even believe it’s practically possible. Most people believe manifestation would only be possible with the help of magic. But there’s nothing magical about it and the LOA. Or at least it’s a magic trick that everyone can start practicing.

That’s because it’s based on cognitive restructuring. And you have to have faith in the process for it to work. You can’t just give up because your perfect match doesn’t land on your doorstep as soon as you start manifesting. If someone uses LOA to manifest love, you’ll see changes in their behavior. They’ll be more positive and grateful. But, if someone is manifesting you, that’s a different story.

You’ll know it because of the energy you’ll get from that person. You will feel more connected to them, and they’ll always be on your mind. You’ll want to get in touch with them and set a date to get to know each other. And you’ll always seem to bump into each other. Don’t worry; this is not because of some magical formula. It’s because you’ll subconsciously be drawn together.