When life gets hard, it’s sometimes hard to express gratitude. One way to switch your mindset is to use journal prompts. These journal prompts are also helpful if you can’t think of topics. When you spend time journaling, it allows you to process your thoughts and feelings.

Journal writing helps you identify your emotions and work your way through them, as it takes time to get the words out. Rather than jumping from one thought to another, you fully process the situation.

When things get complicated and don’t work out, remembering what and who you love can make a difference. You have many things to be thankful for, and these journal prompts can bring them all to mind.

How Journal Prompts Work

A one-sentence writing prompt can inspire you to write a full page or more. The sentence might give you other ideas, too, encouraging you to write something entirely different.

Journal prompts give ideas for your journal writing, allowing you to discover new topics and ideas. They also help you tap into your inner thoughts and feelings, allowing you to tune into your subconscious. Whichever the prompt works for you, get your pen to the paper.

Writing makes your thoughts and feelings more permanent, too. You have time to embrace what you’re writing about, and it sticks with you. These writing prompts can help you identify the things you’re thankful for, promoting happiness and fulfillment.

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How to Start a Journal

Starting a journal is easy. All that you have to do is grab a notebook or a cute journal and get started. You can write about whatever you want, and targeting specific areas can improve your life. When you write about gratitude, you’ll experience more thankfulness each day.

Gratitude journal prompts can improve your life, even when nothing else changes. It’ll help you see the good in your life, transforming your mindset.

As you write, focus on the things that consume your thoughts. Write about the essential people and things in your life. When you write about these things, you’ll experience more positivity.

Writing every day is best, but you don’t have to. Do whatever works for you, from jotting down a few lines to writing a couple of pages and anywhere in between. Repetition will help you dig deeper, honing in on the best parts of your life.

Set aside 20-30 minutes at a tie to write about gratitude in your journal. It’ll help you experience a positive change in your life and mindset. Plus, it’ll help you approach the complex parts of life a little better.

Start small, and keep an open mind. You might only want to write about simple things at first, but it’ll turn into deeper topics. Plus, allow your brain to flow from these journal prompts and write about whatever comes to mind.

Fifteen Journal Prompts to Help Express Gratitude

Gratitude doesn’t eliminate your problems, but it helps you focus on the good parts of life. You’ll feel happier and better able to manage the hard times. These gratitude journal prompts can change your mood and improve your overall well-being.

Journal Prompts That Make You Reflect

1. Discuss something you accomplished today or in the past.

Writing about your accomplishments and how you feel about them can help you express gratitude. As you write about the things you’ve achieved, don’t forget the people who helped you. Recalling successes can help you remember that your life is pretty good and you’re on the right track.

2. Write about something hard that happened in your past, but you’re now grateful for.

Think back to a hard time in your life that resulted in something great. When things don’t go the way you’d hoped, it leads to devastation and hardship. However, time proves that these hard times often lead to something better.

Write about a time you thought of as a negative experience but turned out to be a good situation. Even when you thought it was a dark time in your life, it worked out for the best. It helps you remember how seemingly hopeless moments can turn into something better.

3. Brainstorm ways you can show how grateful you are.

Writing about how you can show gratitude helps you think of all the good in your life. Think of ways you can make someone happy or improve their life. Identify the good things you can do for those who have helped you, including making them laugh or smile.

When you reach out and show someone how grateful you are for them, it’ll make you both happy. Plus, thinking of how you can bring joy to someone else will help you appreciate them more.

One option is to write a thank-you letter in your journal. You don’t have to give the letter to anyone, but get your feelings out. It’ll help you learn to express gratitude and see the good in your life.

Journal Prompts to Explode Your Growth

4. List and discuss five things you’re grateful for this week.

Don’t overthink it when you sit down to use this journal prompt. You can list small things as long as they bring positive feelings to your life.

If you want, you can focus on writing about one thing at a time. List the five things you’re grateful for, and then write about one each day. It helps break it down a little, allowing you to focus on individual people and things.

5. Write about a challenge you overcame and the growth you experienced from it.

The challenges you overcome can become some of the best experiences of your life. You learn from every obstacle, and you also realize your inner strength.

Write about your biggest challenge, what you learned from it, and how it helps you today. You can re-use this journal prompt, writing about a different challenge each time.

6. Talk about the last time you laughed until you cried.

The moments you laugh until you cry are experiences to be grateful for. Looking back on these moments can bring a smile to your face while helping relieve good memories. Even when things aren’t going well, the memories help you experience gratitude.

Journal Prompts That Help You Appreciate Your Relationships

7. Who are the people you’re most grateful for at this time?

If possible, start by describing your favorite person. List all of their good qualities and what you love about them. If you can’t choose one person, make a list of all the people you’re grateful for and work your way down the list.

You can make this journal prompt last for a few days if you have multiple people to describe. It helps you avoid taking people for granted, encouraging you to appreciate their presence in your life.

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8. Discuss an act of kindness you received or witnessed.

Reflecting on acts of kindness can help you express gratitude in your life. If someone does a random act of kindness to you, it is worth embracing and recording. It will help you see the good in your life, encouraging fulfillment and meaning.

You can also write about acts of kindness you witnessed happening to someone else. These actions can also make a difference in your life, allowing you to see the good in your community.

You might see volunteers helping around town or someone doing something kind and unexpected. No matter what the situation is, don’t miss out on the opportunity to write and reflect.

9. Think about something good that happened to you, and write a thank-you letter to anyone who helped you.

You’ll always find someone who helped you during your life. Use your journal as a chance to write a thank-you letter to someone who contributed to something good that happened. Write about what happened, how that person helped, and how grateful you are for their assistance, no matter how small.

Journal Prompts That Examine Your Habits

10. Reflect on five childhood memories you are grateful for.

If you had a good childhood, spend some time reflecting on it. It’ll help you feel grateful for your experiences, allowing you to feel fulfilled in the present. Write about the positive impact your parents or other caregivers offered, the sacrifices they made, and how they expressed their love.

11. Discuss your favorite hobby and why you love it.

If you have a hobby that you love, consider writing about it in your gratitude journal. Writing about how good it makes you feel can open your eyes to the positive aspects of your life.

12. What made you smile today and why?

You can always find something to smile about, and it’s a good prompt for your journal writing. As you make this a regular part of your writing, you’ll start looking for more things to smile about throughout the day.

13. Write about the most exciting thing that’s happened to you this year.

Think about one of the most exciting moments this year. Reflect on how you felt at the time and how you feel about it now. Thinking about aspects of your life that changed for the better can help you express gratitude for what you have.

Journal Prompts to Help You See the Positivity in Life

14. Discuss the one thing you’re most grateful for in your life.

This prompt helps you recognize the good parts of your life right now. Even if you don’t like your job or things didn’t go as planned, you can find something beneficial.

Write about something that cheers you up when you’re feeling sad, whether an animal, a person, or an activity. Detail how and why it makes you feel better, and you’ll think of this good part of your life frequently.

15. List things you like about yourself, and then delve into each point.

Writing about the things you like about yourself will help you express gratitude. It might be hard to come up with ten things but keep at it until you do.

You can write that you like your confidence level or you have a talent. Or, you can also write about your favorite qualities and unique characteristics. If it’s easier, break this prompt up for ten days.

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Final Thoughts on Journal Prompts to Help Express Gratitude in Life

These journal prompts will help you express gratitude in your life. With gratitude, you’ll feel happier and more fulfilled. These helpers are perfect if you are confused, stressed, or overwhelmed. It helps you identify the good in your life, allowing you to express gratitude even during the hard times.