When most people think about protecting themselves from danger, jewelry probably doesn’t come to mind. However, you don’t always need a weapon to protect you from threats. After Rajia Abdelaziz experienced a close call with strangers one evening, she created a safety device to help women. Of course, men can also benefit from the device, but she made the product with women in mind since they’re more often victims of assault.

According to Rajia, she never actually planned to launch a company; the idea only came to her after a harrowing experience. She had attended an awards ceremony one evening and decided to call it a night around 9 PM. The young woman thought about asking her friend to walk her back to her car but decided against it. She didn’t want to bother anyone since her car was only a block away.

Rajia reassured herself that everything would be fine and that she had probably just watched too many crime shows. Little did she know that her gut instinct was trying to warn her of impending danger. She made it halfway to her car and noticed an SUV full of young guys start to slow down.

One of the men rolled down a window and began yelling vulgar comments, but she initially ignored him. However, when he opened the door and started getting out, she sprinted the rest of the way to her car.

She thought about calling 911 but didn’t want to waste time digging through her purse for her phone. Terrified and shaking, she returned to her car, locked the doors, and peeled out of the parking lot. Thankfully, the man never caught up with her or followed her home.

Even though she’d escaped the scary situation unscathed, she could only think about all the other women who weren’t so lucky. At that moment, she vowed to do something to support men and women if they ever felt unsafe.

Woman Creates Stylish Jewelry to Protect People From Assaults


She realized from firsthand experience that a phone isn’t always a dependable safety device. Not everyone keeps their phone handy, so it may take time to dig it out of a purse or bag. In the case of a car accident, a phone may not even work correctly to call for help.

With this in mind, Rajia started researching the market for a more inconspicuous safety device. At first, she could only find the clunky panic buttons that older people use in case of emergencies. However, she wanted to create something the user could wear on their person to make it more accessible.

That’s when she decided to collaborate with Ray Hamilton, her current business partner, to brainstorm ideas. They came up with wearable technology resembling jewelry that is easily disguised and unobtrusive. By double pressing the button on the back of the jewelry, the wearer can call for assistance and notify emergency contacts. At first glance, you wouldn’t even realize it’s a panic button because of the seamless, intelligent design.

After some deliberation, they decided to call the company Invisawear, the first start-up to create safety devices from jewelry. Since launching the business two years ago, it’s now one of the most successful safety alarm brands. Rajia made sure to use her electrical engineering background by working tirelessly to bring her product to market.

Even though she and Ray faced numerous obstacles in the beginning to secure funding, they ultimately persevered. They had set an initial target of $150,000 but far surpassed expectations and raised millions. Typically, female entrepreneurs have a harder time securing investments in a male-dominated business world, but Rajia wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Invisawear Became A Huge Success

Thankfully, her determination paid off, and she’s expanded her brand to include keychains, hair accessories, necklaces, fitness bands, and more. The products come in various colors, such as gold, silver, and black unisex versions. You might think safety devices disguised as jewelry might look unappealing, but Invisawear products blend the two perfectly. They’re stylish, pair well with any outfit, and serve a greater purpose.

They’re highly accessible and include a hidden panic button that users can program to send their location to emergency services. In addition, the devices send out a preprogrammed text to a maximum of five emergency contacts and call 911 through the home alarm company ADT.

Rajia partnered with them since they’re a leading security provider with the quickest call response time. The collaboration with ADT also includes access to video streaming, voice activation, and even self-defense courses. In addition, Invisawear recently partnered with a Canadian security company and plans to expand into the Middle East and Europe soon.

In an ideal world, safety device jewelry shouldn’t have to exist at all. Unfortunately, reports of violence against men and women continue to rise, especially in recent years. A study from Stop Street Harassment, a nonprofit fighting to end sexual harassment in public, revealed startling statistics. The report found that around 65% of women and 25% of men had experienced street harassment at least once.

These sobering statistics explain why Invisawear’s jewelry became so popular shortly after the company launched. Rajia said that many grandmothers buy safety device jewelry for their daughters or granddaughters, and she often receives multiple orders. In three years of business, the company has sold over 70,000 jewelry items in the United States.


Final Thoughts on Safety Devices Disguised as Jewelry

She’s beyond thrilled that the product has impacted people’s lives in such a positive way. One of the safety devices saved someone’s life, an incredible testament to the jewelry’s success. After a woman had a car accident, the device called her father, who stayed by her side until an ambulance arrived. In another instance, the jewelry allowed a realtor to call for help when she was almost attacked while showing homes.

Rajia will continue creating safety device jewelry to help men and women feel safer. Above all else, she hopes the devices will prevent sexual assaults and violent crimes from happening in the first place.