Pasquale “Pat” Brocco didn’t only embark on a weight loss journey for himself but also hoped to inspire others. The former celebrity bodyguard weighed 605 pounds at his heaviest, living on junk food and sugary treats. Since he traveled around so much with celebrities, he didn’t always have access to healthy foods, let alone the opportunity to lose weight.

However, a doctor’s visit was a stark warning when he discovered he had high blood pressure and cholesterol. He also learned that he was pre-diabetic and had a fatty liver. Doctors said Brocco could die in his sleep due to his weight even more troubling.

At the time, he was only 27, far too young to have such serious health issues. After hearing the grave news, Brocco felt determined to change his life. He wanted plenty of years left with his children and hoped to inspire them to become healthier.

How Brocco Started His Journey to Lose Weight and Inspire Others


However, at six hundred pounds, exercise wasn’t easy at first. He couldn’t even walk down his apartment stairs without getting out of breath. Frequently, he resigned to staying inside so he could avoid the stairs entirely. However, he had to start somewhere, so he focused on walking a little farther each day.

He also threw out all the unhealthy food in his house. Then, he walked to the nearest Walmart one mile away to restock. Brocco made a deal with himself that he could only eat when he felt hungry. Besides, walking to and from Walmart three times a day made it much harder to access food. If he wanted to eat, he had to work for it.

But, the strategy seemed to work since he lost about two hundred pounds in two years!


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Man Loses Over Half His Body Weight to Inspire Others

He had never walked six miles before losing weight, but it quickly became a daily routine. Plus, it made him appreciate food more and reconnected him with his hunger cues. Instead of eating when he felt stressed or bored, he only ate when he truly needed the energy.

While he still treated himself at times, he mostly filled his cabinets with healthy, nutritious foods. Quinoa, oatmeal, vegetables, and lean meats became staples in his home instead of junk foods. He also eliminated dairy from his diet since it seemed to hamper his weight loss efforts.

When someone loses weight, diet usually plays the largest role in their success. It’s a trial-and-error process to determine what foods work best with your body type. But, once you’ve formulated a healthy eating plan, everything else falls into place.

So, once Brocco created an ideal diet, he began incorporating more exercise into his regimen. He kept up his walks to Walmart but also joined a gym for resistance training. He started doing incline walks and eventually moved on to the weightlifting machines.

Brocco felt ecstatic that he could finally use the machines. When he weighed 600 pounds, he couldn’t fit on most of the equipment, discouraging him from working out. However, his success continued to inspire himself and others, motivating him to keep going. He knew that he could live a more fulfilling, vibrant life by being in good health.

After losing over 300 pounds, however, Brocco noticed that he had a lot of excess skin. He got down to seven percent body fat, making the extra seven feet of skin even more noticeable. So, Brocco decided to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. He didn’t feel ashamed of how it looked but wanted to feel more confident with his new body.

 “Possible Pat” Proves Why You Should Never Give Up On Yourself

Luckily, the plastic surgeon felt so inspired by his story that he offered to do the work free of charge! After the skin removal surgery, Brocco lost another 30 pounds, putting him at a lean 260.

He took a few months off from the gym to heal from his surgery. But, he never lost sight of his vision to inspire others through healthy living. After fully recovering, he returned to his old routine and felt more determined than ever. He posted his weight loss journey on social media to inspire others, who gave him the nickname “Possible Pat.”

Brocco felt so confident with his new body and mindset that he decided to train for bodybuilding competitions. Not surprisingly, he won his first contest, along with many more in the future. He didn’t enter the matches to show off his physique, though. His main goal in becoming a bodybuilder was to show others what’s possible when you believe in yourself.


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Throughout the weight loss journey, he looked to his children to inspire him. He didn’t want to give up on himself or his family. He wanted to be there to celebrate their birthdays and watch them grow up. So, when doctors warned him about his poor health, Brocco immediately thought about his children.

At that point, he couldn’t even lay on the floor to play with his son since he couldn’t get back up. Now, he has plenty of energy to spend quality time with his family. He said he hopes to live a long life and inspire many people.

It seems he got his wish, as he’s amassed thousands of followers on social media. He even appeared on “Ellen,” where he received a $25,000 check from the show and Walmart to continue motivating others. His story serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to rewrite your own.

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Final Thoughts on Man Who Lost Over 300 Pounds Naturally

When Pasquale Brocco lost over three hundred pounds, he inspired millions worldwide. He struggled with obesity most of his life and found it challenging to maintain a healthy routine. However, a wake-up call from his doctor quickly turned his life upside down.

After discovering that he might die in his sleep due to weight-related health issues, Brocco decided to put his foot down. He would no longer be a prisoner to his own body. Instead, he would take baby steps to reverse his health issues and inspire people along his journey. Hopefully, his story motivated you to reach your weight loss or fitness goals!