Everyone has an inner critic that can negatively affect you if you don’t learn to quiet it. Negative thoughts become harmful mantras. They feed the issue, leading to it happening more often and becoming more severe. Letting your inner critic take over your thoughts leads to making them habitual. It can eventually become a constant stream of negative thoughts about yourself and your life. You might not always even realize when you’re thinking this way.

Your inner critic is there to try and protect you from embarrassment, danger, and mistakes. It’s a way to help you avoid doing the wrong things, but it doesn’t work that way. Instead, it can make you miserable and cause you to miss out.

Why It’s Important to Silence Your Inner Critic

If you don’t learn to silence your inner self-critic, it can limit your possibilities. It leads to sabotaging opportunities for improvement and growth. On the other hand, learning to silence these thoughts can help you develop a growth mindset and improve your chance of success.

Self-criticism prevents growth, learning, and trying new experiences. Experts indicate it can also contribute to anxiety, depression, fear, and guilt.

Negative thoughts often target your insecurities and steal your joy. They convince you you aren’t good enough or can’t make your dreams happen.

Plus, while your inner critic might make you admit your faults, it doesn’t help you move forward positively. When the thoughts creep in, you can recognize them and then release them rather than letting them spiral. Once you hear negativity, replacing it with a positive affirmation can make a difference.

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Ten Mantras to Shut Down the Noise From Your Inner Critic

Using these mantras can help you hush your inner critic. Repeat the phrases at least once daily, and don’t be afraid to use them throughout the day to shift to positive thinking.

1 – I am choosing self-compassion each day.

With self-compassion, you’ll be kinder to yourself and push away harmful self-talk. This affirmation can remind you to focus on the good things throughout your day if you use it in the morning.

If your negative self-talk creeps in during your daily tasks, you can take a few minutes to repeat this phrase. Remembering to treat yourself with compassion can make all the difference in silencing your inner critic. With positive thoughts, you can change the world.

2 – I am embracing the things that make me unique.

Everyone is unique, but sometimes you might give yourself a hard time for the things that make you different. Comparing yourself to others triggers your inner critic, and you might think you’re not good enough. If you stop comparing yourself, you’ll embrace what makes you unique.

Repeating this daily mantra can help you push away those hurtful thoughts and love who you are. It can also help you avoid frequent comparisons to others, helping you celebrate yourself and your accomplishments.

3 – I am enough and love myself for who I am.

You are good enough as you are right now, and recognizing it can help you feel happier. Anytime you have thoughts of not being enough, repeat this affirmation to remind yourself of the opposite. Learning to love yourself and silencing your inner critic requires self-acceptance and an acknowledgment of self-worth.

4 – I believe in myself and can do anything I focus on.

Your inner critic might tell you you can’t achieve your goals and make things happen. However, you can release that thought and silence the negativity when you repeat this positive phrase.

As you look in the mirror, say aloud how much you believe in yourself. Reaffirm that you can do anything, and you’ll suddenly see yourself progressing.

5 – I am my best friend and talk to myself like I communicate with others.

Consider how you talk to your friends and loved ones and compare it to your inner critic. You likely wouldn’t say the harsh things you say to yourself to others.

If you take on that mindset and consider yourself your best friend, you can hush your inner critic and show compassion. It can help you realize that you deserve good treatment without harsh criticism. Plus, it can help you have the courage to take risks, persevere, and try again when things don’t work out the first time.

6 – I am happy and feel great in my skin.

You can hush your inner critic by being happy and confident. Repeating this phrase can help you focus on your best traits and qualities. It can also help you push away negative thoughts before they cause you to spiral.

7 – I learn more daily, and my mistakes help me grow.

Making mistakes frequently leads to negative thoughts and being unkind to yourself. This mantra can help shift those thoughts and allow you to learn and grow.

You’ll push away the negative thoughts that you can’t accomplish something and replace them with positivity. It can help you improve all areas of your life and focus on a growth mindset.

Repeating this positive phrase can help you stop focusing on your mistake and instead consider the lesson. Then, you’ll be ready to try again with your newfound knowledge. You can take something from every experience, good or bad, and continue learning daily.


8 – I am mindful of my thoughts and choose positivity.

Mindfulness can help you focus on positivity and ease any negative thoughts that threaten to take over. When you tell yourself you’re being mindful, you’ll remember to consider your thoughts more often.

You’ll be more likely to recognize when your mind shifts, and you can repeat the affirmation anytime it happens. Before you know it, this phrase will frequently run through your mind without you having to remember to repeat it.

9 – I am trying my best, and it’s good enough.

When you know you’re doing your best, it should be a good feeling. You might not be better than others or fail at something you tried hard to do. That’s okay, and it’s still good enough because you put in your best effort.

This affirmation can also help you focus on positivity if people around you say harsh things about your effort. You know when you’ve tried your most challenging, and there is nothing more you can do. There’s no reason to beat yourself up or to replay other people’s negative opinions because everyone makes mistakes.  I always prioritize self-love.

Practicing self-love is essential to silencing your inner critic. When you love yourself, you’ll have fewer negative thoughts. You’ll also have an easier time pushing them away or replacing them with positivity.

Self-love helps you become more accepting of yourself and can boost your confidence. You’ll also be more likely to recognize your value and live up to your potential. This daily mantra will help you embrace everything about yourself and focus on the good parts of your life.

How to Use Daily Mantras

When you’re ready to use daily mantras to silence your inner critic, start with ones that resonate with you. Choose phrases that work for you and apply them to your life.

Each day as you do your morning routine, repeat your chosen mantra aloud. It’s usually helpful to look in a mirror, even if you initially feel silly. Once you get used to repeating mantras, you’ll become more comfortable with the process.

You can also repeat the phrases in your mind or repeatedly write them down. These affirmations help you focus your mind on something other than negative self-talk. It can help you replace harsh thoughts with positive ones that make you feel good.

Other Ways to Hush Your Inner Critic (Besides Those Awesome Mantras!)

Daily mantras aren’t the only tool you can use for silencing your inner critic. You can do other things to ease stress and negativity and help you view yourself more positively.

Practice Breathing Techniques

Using breathing methods to silence your inner critic helps you calm your mind and body. It releases anxiety and negativity, allowing you to embrace yourself and your surroundings. You can consider the box breathing method, but there are others to choose from.

Daily Meditation

Meditating helps you determine why you’re mistreating yourself with criticism. While you might not want to think about these things, it’s essential if you want to heal and overcome negativity. It can also help you learn to ease self-judgment before self-anger settles in.

Celebrate Yourself and Your Accomplishments

Your inner critic will make your accomplishments seem minor, but any progress deserves celebrating. Celebrating yourself can help you recognize that you’re better than your negative thoughts make you feel. It’ll help you focus on the good parts of who you are so that you can fully love yourself.

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Final Thoughts on Reciting Mantras to Silence Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic can make you dislike yourself and prevent achievement. If you experience negative self-talk, using daily mantras can help shift your mindset.

Read through the list of positive phrases and choose the affirmations that resonate the most. Then, repeat one or two each day until you notice an improvement. Daily mantras aren’t the only thing that can help, but they can make a difference in your life.