Dodinsky’s “In the Garden of Thoughts” Book Review

Dodinsky’s “In the Garden of Thoughts” Book Review

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[blockquote]”A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.” – Chinese Proverb[/blockquote]


We’ve found during our spiritual journey so far that there are simple principles you can follow to bring abundance into your life in any area. Flooding your mind with inspiration, motivation, positivity, and of course, love will bring more victories into your life than you’ve ever imagined.



What’s most important in bringing joy to your own journey is finding the inspirational messages that fit you best. The messages that warm your heart, cool your head, and make you feel just right all over.Β  Messages just like these can be found in the book “In the Garden of Thoughts”, written by Dodinsky and illustrated by Amanda Cass.


Dodinsky emerged into the world with a gift to give and his gift is clearly displayed through this beautifully written inspirational book.Β  Poetic writings paired with a visually stunning experience make “In the Garden of Thoughts” a masterpiece that is guaranteed to leave it’s indelible positive mark on anyone who reads it.

Dodinsky’s book plants soothing seeds of support throughout its entirety, nurturing your heart and mind with the precious, uplifting resources needed to bloom vibrantly from the inside out.

As you wander through the ‘garden of thoughts’, you’ll discover resonating feelings that make you reflect on who you truly are; it makes you think about your current life state, how you’re feeling because of it, and most importantly, how you can move on to let your own life bloom.

Available in a beautifully illustrated hardcover version as well as an ebook, Dodinsky’s book is a perfect fit for any type of reader.Β  Digging into the garden of thoughts also suits any occassion to a tee – whether it’s a Mother’s Day gift, or a conversation starter around the coffee table.


Dodinsky’s all-occasion inspirational gift book is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indie Bound. It is also available in the Kindle Store.


Inspiration to your Inbox

Take a short stroll through “In the Garden of Thoughts” in this inspirational video:


*Disclosure: We were in no way financially compensated for this review. We received a sample of this product for review purposes only. These opinions are our own, based on our personal experience with the product.


48 thoughts on “Dodinsky’s “In the Garden of Thoughts” Book Review

  1. This would be a great book to win for Spring launch into my power of positive motivation and optimism! I share the power of positivism with many others!

  2. just turned 57 today…would be an awesome book to read….would enhance my Reiki i'm sure….Namaste'

  3. Power Of Positivity Is An Excellent Resource For All Individuals, Spiritually, Emotionally, As well as Personally! If only we all could share this wisdom and this ability to empower those whom are wounded and in need of encouraging inspiration, this world may be some what more tolerable and less painful for all to endure!

  4. I share inspirational quotes on FB every week and I'm grateful for having so many great resources to pull from, including Dodinsky.

  5. I am grateful the sun is out today and shining on me as I work at my desk πŸ™‚

  6. I am grateful for the daily inspirations that this page shares. I have been struggling with major health issues and desperately needing hope and positivity. I'm very excited about this book and I look forward to owning a copy!

  7. I'm all new to this. I recently was divorced in August of 2012. This facebook page and now this page are inspirations for me during the past few months and my future. Thank you so much for the Power of Positivity!

  8. I am grateful for the woman that I am becoming. Adversity has been my greatest teacher. I am also, as always, grateful for Dodi's inspiring words.

  9. Always good to start your day and finish it with wonderful positive thoughts.. It keeps you happy and in a positive frame of mind. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  10. I would love this book. All of Dodinsky's quotes are so inspirational. My family has been in a bad place for almost 2 years and there are times when I just want to throw in the towel and saw no more, I am not strong enough to keep going; then I see a post from Dodinsky and it tells me what I need to hear. those quotes have lifted my spirits many times. Thank You Dodinsky.

  11. I'm grateful for all the beautiful people, adorable animals, sunshine and awesome information that comes in my life.

  12. I have wanted this book since Christmas and can't wait to read it to my daughter! So positive and will leave a powerful imprint on her growing heart and mind. thank you, I can't wait to own.a copy.

  13. Dodinsky's quotes really get you thinking and can have a very positive impact on your day. I enjoy reading them.

  14. I really liked the video on the book, sounds like what I see on the post from power of positivity, look at the bright side to everything, I really Enjoy reading their posts daily!!! πŸ™‚

  15. I am grateful for the power of positivity and the affect it has on my mood each day!

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