Can you recall when you were working tirelessly on something and couldn’t complete it? Or were you trying to write something and had difficulty figuring out how to begin? Something was missing, and you couldn’t connect the dots. You might need a dose of imagination and creativity to find a different solution.

Imagination comes in many forms, from the creative poet writing about his journey riding a unicorn on the sun to an engineer using nanotechnology to advance the blocks of our biological foundation. It is an excellent tool for recreating your world to what you want it to be. It can help you explore the past and envision the future. Think of unbothered imagination like dreams, a subconscious image of your deepest thoughts. Sometimes, dreams don’t make sense because they uphold a state of pure imagination, but if you dig deep into your consciousness, you’ll learn that dreams can teach you something about yourself.

Find a quiet place where you can be introspective and feel relaxed. Consider playing some light music. Make yourself feel grounded within yourself. Travel back in time to when you were a child–a place where you were innocent and unclouded by the world. When you visualize your past and inner childhood, proceed to create a land, planet, or even universe. There are no limits or boundaries to what is possible. Don’t exclude yourself from the reality of your existence. Traverse beyond what is possible here. What would it be like? What would it smell like? Who is there? What did you feel like? You want to consider these questions as you venture forth and paint this universe. Once you have a clear illustration, open your eyes and come back. 

Five Ways to Tap Into Creativity and Imagination


How did you feel to imagine a world where anything was possible? This is an example of how you can incorporate imagination more into your life, but how can you cultivate even more imagination because being imaginative is not just a feeling but a mindset. Learn about these five ways to tap more into your imagination.

1 – Tell Yourself You Are An ‘Imagination-Based Being’

Thousands of people claim they don’t have a strong imagination. They have convinced themselves they aren’t creative or imaginative, so they don’t offer themselves the space or outlet. Give yourself opportunities to reflect and have imaginative moments, or even journal prompts where you challenge yourself to solve problems or live on an outer planet. Change your self-perception and accept you are an imagined, innovative being. 

Affirmations can be very influential. If you believe you are unimaginative, you will convince yourself to be true. And without knowing, you will prevent yourself from achieving an ‘imaginative state.’ Look back at the activity in the beginning. The activity’s purpose was to show you that you can be imaginative. Imagination is there and runs through your veins, but you need to activate it willingly. It is not something people just have; you need to practice with patience. Once you affirm that you are imaginative, you will already see a change in your thought process. 

2 – Carefully Observe Your Surroundings

It may feel unimportant, but your surroundings can be a gateway to your imagination. There are millions of modalities for imagination, especially in nature. Even without nature, inspiration can come from anywhere–look at the buildings around you, listen to the songs birds sing, and even observe how people explore the world. Being mindful and appreciative of your surroundings allows you to think differently and feel grounded in your place in the universe. Doing this will help your soul feel awakened to limitless possibilities and trajectories.

3 – Be Unapologetically Curious


This might feel similar to observing your surroundings, but it goes beyond what your senses produce and more on where your curiosity can lead you. People are discouraged from asking many questions, but we should be encouraged. Knowledge is power, and it can help stimulate your creativity. Don’t worry about what people think, and be intuitively inquisitive. Learning more about the world doesn’t only support your imagination, but it can help you in other areas of your life. If you don’t know something, look it up or even invent a story about what it could mean.

4 – Play Without Purpose

Do you remember the term ‘play?’ That term is often associated with children, but adults need to play. There is no reason to play with toys, games, or coloring books but do it anyway. Don’t question why things are. Just have fun. Sometimes, you are your most creative version of yourself when you don’t have a purpose. You can get so narrowly stuck in your plans that you forget to use your creativity and live in the moment. 

During the pandemic, thousands became podcast founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners. They might have needed a purpose or direction. Instead of sulking on that directionless path, they decided to chase that uncertainty to success. Sometimes, when people are at their lowest moments, they are the most imaginative they have ever experienced.

5 – Access Your Childhood Memories

In the beginning, the activity requested you to return to your childhood. For some, your childhood may have been traumatic. If that is the case, you don’t need to worry about this section. As children, you felt encouraged to explore uncharted territory and be imaginative. As adults, you forget those aspects of your imagination. Remember what you loved doing as a child, and go back to where you could be anything—accessing your childhood memories connected to your inner child can help you reminisce about your forgotten desires and feelings. Securing a time when you were most imaginative can carry over to you now. Don’t lose your childlike imagination.


Final Thoughts on How to Tap Into Imagination and Creativity You Didn’t Know You Had

Imagination is a significant gift that everyone has, but don’t explore what it could mean for them. You can use it for anything–if you have a problem, want to have fun, or just need to escape. Once you implement these small steps, more creativity and imagination will enter your life, and you will eventually change your habits. You will naturally just be more curious, mindful, and imaginative. This will transform how you work, navigate the world, and even impact your relationships. Don’t be afraid to be genuine and conduct a beautiful orchestration of your imagination.