Everyone knows married life isn’t perfect; it comes with plenty of fights and makeups, laughs and breakdowns, and obstacles and breakthroughs. Marriage takes a lot of work, but two people who really love and care for one another can stand the test of time. Israeli comic artist Yehuda DeVir gets inspiration from his wife and creates funny, relatable marriage comics that reveal the truth about married life. Today, we bring you some of his marriage illustrations and hope that you enjoy them!

Here are 20 illustrations that show what marriage is really like:

1. “I woke up like this.”

2. Watching sports together always makes for a fun time!

3. “We” are on a diet.

4. Mini vacation.

5. Ladies (and long-haired guys), don’t forget to put up your hair when you cook!

6. Unhappy ending.

7. It’s alive!

8. That moment when your husband shaves his beard once winter is over.

9. Series killer.

10. Admit it, guys; we all know you’re guilty of this sometimes.

11. Love hurts.

12. Married couples always have each other’s backs.

married couples

13. Mission: grab all the groceries in one trip!

14. “Everything I can do, she can do better!”

15. Do they even make umbrellas big enough for two people?

16. Driving = the perfect time for some CARaoke!

17. One of the duties of marriage is pulling out each other’s gray hairs, right?

18. Everyone has that one thing they can’t stand about their other half …

19. To all the men out there: thanks for cleaning our hair out of drains and carpets. We truly appreciate it.

20. All work and no play = no fun!

Did you enjoy this marriage art? Which of these marriage comics was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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