If Your Partner Does These Things, Never Let Them Go

If Your Partner Does These Things, Never Let Them Go


Obviously, no relationship is perfect. With that said, no person is perfect, either – however, certain things they do in a relationship can be a dealbreaker or deal maker. A partner shouldn’t save your life; they should add value to an already awesome one. On the other hand, your guy or girl should make you happy the majority of the time, and make you feel loved and appreciated. Doing any one of the following things should let you know that they’re serious about your relationship and truly love and care about you.

If Your Partner Does These Things, Never Let Them Go

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1. Calms You Down When You’re Angry

A great partner knows what pushes your buttons, and tries to avoid hitting them if at all possible. However, sometimes other people can push your buttons, and the anger doesn’t just go away if you shift your focus from it. If your partner attempts to calm you down by rubbing your back, giving you a massage, or just talking things out in a soothing way with you, don’t ever let them go. Most people would run from anger in the blink of an eye, but if they stick around through the storm, they’re definitely a keeper.

2. They Don’t Try To Control You

A great partner also will let you have your space, and not become possessive or tell you who you can and can’t hang out with. They will understand and honor your need to hang out with friends and family sometimes, and won’t question your whereabouts at every second of the day. A great partner understands your need for solitude, and actually encourages you to spend time by yourself at least once a week.

3. They Trust You To No End

Furthermore, a partner worth keeping will not have trust issues with you, and will not give you reasons to distrust them, either. They don’t ask to see your phone to look through your pictures, text messages, and other private things in your life. They respect your privacy, and know that you would tell them something important without them having to find it on your cell phone first. If you haven’t given them a reason to not trust you, then they will have undying faith in you, and give you their whole heart without second guessing themselves. A wonderful partner knows that trust must exist in order to have a successful relationship, and they make it clear just how much they trust you.

4. They Challenge You

If you have a keeper, they will challenge you to push past your comfort zone and become the best version of yourself. They won’t allow you to dwell in mediocrity for too long, not because they don’t think you’re good enough, but because they know you can do better. They encourage you to go out for that half marathon, apply for that job that you’ve been wanting for a while now, and travel to a country you’ve always wanted to visit. They just want you to become the most well-rounded, whole version of yourself, and constantly raise the bar so that you keep growing as a person.

5. They Believe In You

They don’t belittle you or tear you down, and they don’t tell you that you can’t do something. They make you feel as though anything is possible, and constantly give you pep talks and motivation. A great partner won’t try to compete with you or outshine you in life – they see you as their equal, and therefore, want both of you to succeed. They quiet all the insecurities in your head, and make you feel as though nothing is out of reach.

6. They Love You Unconditionally

All those insecurities you once had, you hardly remember now. Your guy or girl loves you so much, and wraps their arms around both your “flaws” and your strengths. They love every part of you, the good and the bad. They would never dream of leaving your side, because they understand your pain and do their best to heal it. They don’t expect perfection from you, because that would be boring and unfulfilling. People’s quirks and insecurities make them interesting, and make them human. So, they love you no matter what, and don’t try to change you into someone else.

7. They Show You New Things In Life

Your partner teaches you things you thought you’d never learn before. They show you how to play instruments, show you exciting new places to go, and show you what it means to be alive again. There’s never a dull moment with them around, because you’re constantly unraveling new layers of them, and picking their brain because they have so much knowledge to share. Life truly feels like a dream with them around.

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