If you have a sister, you know that unbreakable bond that exists between you two. Sure, you might fight sometimes and get on each other’s nerves, but at the end of the day, you have each other’s backs and would do anything for one another. Sisters tend to know each other to the core, and share love and friendship that will never go away no matter what might happen. Life ebbs and flows, and within this pattern it can get a little crazy and unbearable at times. However, sisters get each other through the hard times and celebrate through the good ones. If you have a sister, you probably have some special way of showing just how much you mean to one another.

Some people like to wear jewelry to represent their siblings, some like to have matching shirts, but others enjoy showing off their sisterhood in a more unconventional, artful way.

If you see someone with these special tattoos, this is what they mean:

Tattoos can represent a multitude of themes, emotions, and relationships, including sisterhood. This trend of matching tattoos spans a variety of relationships, and sisters are no exception. Sisters already have a connection for life, but the tattoos bring them even closer together.

This tattoo represents the unbreakable bond between sisters – no matter how far apart they are, they’ll always keep in touch.

Issie McBurnie / Instagram

These three sisters proudly show their bond with this special tattoo idea.

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The timeless Hamsa symbol shows the protective nature of sisterhood, and represents the enduring relationship that sisters have.

carolina_rosso / Instagram

These cute matching flowers are a wonderful way to express the beautiful connection of sisterhood.

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Aren’t these tattoos just adorable?

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These sisters sure know how to show off their love for flowers.

kirarudjen / Instagram

These Russian nesting doll tattoos can help you keep track of your birth order, in case you ever forget.

froness_ / Instagram

You can’t ever go wrong with cats, right?

bamboozler / Instagram

This tattoo represents in poetic beauty the beautiful bond between siblings.

aliciahastoleave / Instagram

These sisters express their love for space while also showing off their special bond.

rosalitaeva / Instagram

And finally, these sisters might travel far from one another, but they will forever be connected by the pictures on their wrists.

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