The life you’re destined for is the reason you were born and if you aren’t living that purpose right now, we have 5 ways to make you take charge of your destiny.

Are you living the life of your dreams? Do you feel fulfilled and whole-hearted? Or are there parts of your life that you wish you could change? If you are still wanting more from your life, here are 5 ways to live the life that you are truly destined for, starting right now.

5 Ways to Live The Good Life You Deserve

What makes up a life that you’re destined for? The deepest happiness you can imagine, a wonderful sense of purpose, and a peacefulness of spirit are all part of fulfilling your destiny. What will your life look like once you’ve made up your mind to live the life you’re destined for? Join the positive people who are taking control of finding their destiny.

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1. Follow the joy

When something makes you smile or laugh, that is a huge clue that you are on the right track to live the life you dream of. Joy is something that we all want more of in our life so follow what makes you smile.

Bringing more of what you love to more people is one way the life of your destiny. However,  it isn’t the only way. You may find that you get joy from hundreds of different things, and choosing one is not possible. Not knowing which joyful pursuit to follow is just fine; just keep smiling and attracting positive energy.

2. Don’t follow the fear

Too much fear can limit you and keep you from fulfilling your destiny. Fear is another emotional response that you need to pay attention to in the body, and not be overwhelmed by.

Rather than thinking of something as ‘to be feared’ think of it as something ‘to be explored once you’re ready.’ Ask yourself why you fear what you fear. Who taught you to be afraid of that? Facing fears when we’re ready leads us to challenge our outdated ways of thinking and opens us up to more possibilities.

3. Think bigger

Researchers in the journal Psychology studied people’s career choices and how they decided to follow their career paths. Some believed that they chose their career as a calling from Destiny and others said it was the best opportunity available to them. The scientists found that actual job happiness did not matter whether the people believed that the work was the achievement of their destiny or not.

Maybe your destiny was to have a family and a career but then what? More likely, you are destined to have a major positive impact on many people’s lives, no just those of your immediate family members. Ask yourself, what is the biggest positive impact that you can make during your life and consider pursuing that as a way to live the life that you’re destined for.

4. Act now

If you aren’t sure where to start or what your destiny is, just do something anyway, no matter how small. Acting is like dropping a pebble in a pond. What you do creates ripples that are sent out in waves of energy, and those waves put other things into motion for your destiny to be fulfilled. Start by doing something that makes you happy and the rest will follow.

When it comes to your destiny and your relationship, however, put things in perspective. Researchers studying the belief in destiny and your relationship partner say that ‘A belief in relationship destiny has been associated with people more quickly ending a relationship when problems arise, having shorter relationships when initial satisfaction is low, and longer relationships when initial satisfaction is high.’ If you’re in your relationship for the long-term, remember that relationships change over time and that you can still fulfill your destiny while being in a not-quite-perfect relationship.

5. Listen intently

The message that Destiny is trying to send you is being drowned out by all the rest of the noise that you encounter in your day. Sitting quietly with only natural noises is a great way to tune in to receive the message of what you are destined for.

Listen to the lyrics of music, meditate, play outside, and hear the voices of those around you. Sometimes the message from Destiny is a literal one from a person sent as a messenger to you. Sometimes your Destiny finds you with a chance meeting of a person who also shares your interests. Either way, you need to be out interacting with the world and the people in it in order to live the good life you deserve.