Having kids is a full-time job; each period of their life has different struggles. When they are babies, they take up all your time and energy. Then, as they grow up, they become more independent. Because of that, things should become easier in time, right? But all parents know that’s not the case. So, as the children mature, they may develop an aversion to extra schoolwork.

They start having trouble with friends or even dealing with little crushes. But one of the most challenging aspects of a kid’s life is managing school work. In the first few years, it’s fun and easy. Kids can draw, read entertaining stories, learn the basics and make friends. But then, the dreaded homework comes into their lives.  

You might have difficulty understanding why kids hate doing homework as an adult. Memories aren’t always accurate, so you might feel that you never struggled with doing it. But that’s not the case. All parents tend to portray themselves as successful to their kids. Still, saying that you didn’t hate homework is a lie.

Even you dreaded having to do the extra work the day you went to school. And your kids hate it just as much, if not more, because of the added pressure on them. If you don’t believe this to be a fact, you should look at all the psychological data supporting it. So, here are five psychological reasons why kids hate doing homework.  

5 Reasons Why Kids Hate Doing Homework

Once you understand why your children don’t feel like more schoolwork, you will be better equipped to assist them.


1 – They are Already Tired And Don’t Want More Schoolwork

Contrary to popular belief, school work shouldn’t be a full-time job. But society still treats it as such. As a result, all students, especially high school students, are busy with schoolwork for at least thirty hours a week. And that’s on the lower end. In the first few years of school, kids have four to five classes daily, often followed by after school.

They start taking six to seven classes daily, extracurricular activities, and homework as they grow older. Hardworking students can study for up to 70 or 80 hours a week. This is crazy when you think that a high paying nine to five job only takes up 40 hours of someone’s week. And they are adults who work to earn money, not just little kids.

Even adults experience this. When they get home from work, they don’t want to hear anything about work for the rest of the day. So, why are we so surprised when kids don’t want to deal with any extra work after a full day? It’s insane to think that kids have to spend as much time as a full-time job (or more) to keep up with school. They are young and should have the time to be kids and live their lives.

But when you add the enormous amounts of homework, you can understand why they hate it. Kids are probably exhausted and want to stay in bed or hang out with friends after school. There’s nothing they dread as much as having to deal with even more schoolwork. So, as a result, they have little to no time to relax or even get enough rest.

As a parent, you need to ensure they don’t work themselves to exhaustion. Help them with homework when they are too busy and allow them to relax after school.  

2 – Making Time to Do Their Homework Is Hard

It is essential to understand that kids find it hard to make time to do all their homework. On a typical day, they are expected to attend every class, do chores, hang out with family, and still find time for homework. If you made an adult handle this many responsibilities, they would find it hard to schedule time for everything.

As a kid, you don’t still have enough life experience to know how to be organized. When people start throwing more and more work at a kid, they’ll likely collapse under pressure. Even if your kid is academically inclined, it still doesn’t mean it’s easy for them to juggle doing everything. They might have even liked doing homework at some point when it was easy and short. But, as kids grow up, they will inevitably start hating homework.

Making the time to do homework usually means sacrificing the time to do other activities. Say they had waited weeks to go to a movie with their friends, but now they can’t because they have homework. That’s a sacrifice that’s incredibly hard for them to do. But usually, the parent would force them to choose schoolwork. Of course, they’ll grow to hate doing extra work when that disallows them from having fun. Parents should be wary of this and ensure they help their kids schedule time for school and fun or relaxing activities.  

3 – Homework Can Be Very Boring


Let’s face it; many kids find homework useless and boring. And, in many cases, it can be. Maybe your kid is sure they want to work in a science field, like medicine. But, then, what’s the point of them writing a five-page history essay? Sure, you could argue that it’s for their general knowledge. But that’s not a strong argument, especially when you think they could be doing better things with their time.

And yes, it’s better if they choose to relax after being unable to for a day than to write an essay or do other additional schoolwork. Life is much more than getting straight As; parents should understand that. But they usually don’t, forcing their kids to do even the most useless extra work. Think about it; if someone forces you to do something incredibly boring, you will hate it. But, on the other hand, your kid may not have anything against the Renaissance era.

But they will after having to spend ten hours working on a project about it. Sometimes, too much homework can make kids hate a subject they used to love. For example, they could be fascinated by how the universe works but still refuse to do their physics homework. If that’s the case, you, as a parent, should consider that they find their schoolwork boring. In that case, please make an effort to make it interesting for them. Or at least give them rewards for doing that tedious work. 

4 – Homework Doesn’t Usually Incentivise Creativity

One of the problems with the school system is that it doesn’t tend to reward creative people. And we’re not talking just about artistry here. That’s also an issue, but some schools try to reward artists. There are even special schools for arts, as you surely know. But on the other hand, some kids hate doing homework because they feel that the homework doesn’t reward their artistry.

A kid who is a great painter might hate doing science homework. But that doesn’t happen to everyone. But what is more common is kids feeling like they can’t be creative. Teachers think that good homework follows all the rules. But that means that kids who do things their way will never earn a reward. Worse, they might feel shame about going off the beaten path. For example, if they were asked to do an essay and did a beautiful video presentation, they would get an F.

Maybe they put in much more work than other kids. Perhaps they are passionate about videography and want to share this passion with their peers. But in our school system, this behavior is seen as rebellious. So these kids are beaten down until they fit into a box that the school wants them to fit in. Because of this, creative kids will grow to hate doing homework.   

5 – Homework Isn’t Actually About Learning

Homework should be a way for kids to understand concepts they learned in class. If a kid struggles to do homework, the teachers should take the time to help them. Not knowing how to do their schoolwork shows that the kids are struggling and need extra help. Instead, homework is just a significant source of anxiety for most kids.

Students who don’t know how to do their homework might earn a bad grade that could ruin their GPA. Even if that doesn’t happen, they will probably get scolded and shamed in front of the class. Instead of being able to learn from their mistakes, they are taught that errors are unacceptable.

Homework is often just a way for some teachers to assign extra grades instead of being a learning tool. As a parent, don’t be surprised if your kids hate doing it. Remember that they are probably just scared of messing up. Instead, it would help if you took some time to help them overcome what they’re struggling with.  


Final Thoughts on Some Reasons Why Kids Hate Doing Homework

One of the biggest hurdles in a student’s life is doing insane amounts of homework. And schoolwork is probably a significant contention between parents and their kids. So, if you only take one piece of advice from this article, remember to help your child out always. Even if you don’t understand them, do your best to help them.  

There are many psychological reasons why kids hate doing homework. The most common one is that they are already tired after going to school for the day. So, the extra work is nothing but a burden that might not even help them. Not only that but doing it means sacrificing other activities. And, to be honest, homework can be very dull. Kids would much rather do something more interesting, like investing time in their hobbies.

As a parent, also be aware that your homework isn’t about learning and creativity. It’s sometimes just a way for teachers to grade students without much effort. So, if you find that your kid is apprehensive about doing homework, don’t chastise them. Instead, try to help them do it. You can even consider allowing them to skip doing it. Sometimes, it’s much more important for kids to live their lives instead of being locked up inside with a book all day.