Are you struggling to cope with painful itching that comes from an ongoing battle with hemorrhoids?

The truth is, you don’t face this struggle alone.

Every year, doctors diagnose 10 million Americans with hemorrhoids. The condition is caused by swollen blood vessels in the anus and rectum. Notable symptoms include prolapse, itching, and pain during bowel release. Even though the situation is not fatal, it can be an annoying recurrent problem.

You’ll learn that there are two types of hemorrhoids: internal and external. The former develops in the rectum, while the latter forms on the anus. Since the condition is unpleasant, you can use the following tips to deal with your condition.

8 Useful Coping Strategies for Caring For Hemorrhoids At Home

1. Eat More Fiber In Your Diet

Medical research shows that foods rich in fiber can help you cope with hemorrhoids by making your stools softer and far more comfortable to pass. Some people find that a fiber-rich diet helps make bowel movements more comfortable. On the other hand, some people take fiber supplements.

Foods that are rich in fiber include:

  • Whole grain bread (wheat or oat)
  • Oatmeal
  • Prunes
  • Brown rice
  • Fresh fruits
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Beans
  • Flax seeds

2. When You Have To Go, Go

It is not unheard of for hemorrhoid patients to suppress their urge to go to the toilet either because they are busy or they don’t want to. Unless the situation demands it, never postpone going to the bathroom whenever you feel the sudden urge. Delaying bowel release worsens constipation and puts a strain on your hemorrhoid.

3. Elevate Your Legs When You Sit On The Toilet

When you sit on the toilet seat, your legs and abdomen create a 90-degree angle, which puts a severe strain on your bowel movements and increases the intensity of hemorrhoid pain. To ease the pain, you can raise your legs in front of you, onto a stool to make your legs bend up a little more. So that you don’t forget, you can make it a routine of yours to step on something during bowel discharge.

4. Take A Warm Bath to Soothe Hemorrhoids

According to research, if you take a warm bath 20 minutes after stool release, you can ease the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. You can also add a scoopful of Epsom salt to the warm water to increase the effectiveness of the warm bath. Alternatively, there two ways you can do the bathing: take a sitz bath or a full-body bath. Since a sitz bath focuses on the inflamed area, you can do a session of 15 minutes 2 to 3 times a day.

5. Cold Compression

Interestingly, you can also use ice for hemorrhoids treatment. Take an ice cube and wrap it in a piece of cloth, then press it against the anus for 15 minutes to reduce the swelling caused by inflammation of blood vessels. Repeat the procedure several times during the recovery period for the best results.

6. Avoid Tight Clothing

Wearing tight underwear made from polyester is not suitable for your hemorrhoids treatment because it can lead to sweat and increased irritation – you may end up amplifying symptoms. Therefore, you are advised to wear loose-fitting cotton underwear to allow aeration and dryness of the affected area. An important point to remember is that washing your clothes with scented detergents and fabric softeners can also increase hemorrhoid symptoms.

7. Lubrication

If you want your stools to be extra soft and minimize pain during excretion, you can mix a tablespoon of mineral oil with yogurt or applesauce (if you are lactose intolerant) and drink it when you wake up or after you take lunch. However, be careful with this concoction; excessive intake of mineral oil can lead to oil leakage – some of it may not be completely digested and may pass directly through the anus.

8. Avoid Tissue Paper

The surface of most tissues is rough, and using them can aggravate the inflamed area. For this sole reason, you are better off looking for soothing wipes that won’t irritate the affected area. Select wipes with anti-hemorrhoid components such as Aloe Vera and witch hazel. However, not all ingredients are good, if the wipes contain alcohol or perfumes, avoid them since they can worsen your condition.

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Final Thoughts On Treating Hemorrhoid Pain At Home

The above tips are related to dietary and lifestyle changes; therefore, make sure that you eat a balanced diet and engage add regular exercise to your daily routine. Examine how you live and make the changes that are most appropriate for you.

However, if you try the hemorrhoid relief procedures listed above, but the pain doesn’t go away, visit a physician for further diagnosis. For such scenarios, surgery might be the only way to get rid of the pain.