Healing from heartbreak isn’t easy, although it’s inevitable in some relationships. Heartache might make you feel sad, frustrated, angry, or confused, and that’s okay. However, dwelling on negativity can hinder your healing process, and self-affirmations can help you shift away from that thought process.

Self-affirmations after a breakup can help encourage you to focus on positivity. You can use the phrases anytime throughout the day. They will help you focus on productive and encouraging thoughts that can help you move forward.

You likely want to heal quickly when you have a broken heart, but it doesn’t always happen that way. There’s no timeframe for healing, and everyone will experience a different journey. Affirmations can help you embrace the experience and learn from it as you heal at your pace.

While a breakup is emotionally challenging, it’s an opportunity for growth and new experiences. Repeating positive affirmations reminds you of the blessing you can find, even as you heal your heartache.

How Self-Affirmations Help Heal Heartbreak

A broken heart is one of the hardest things you can go through. You’ll experience pain and deep feelings that take some time and strength to overcome. Using affirmations can help you through the healing journey, but it doesn’t involve suppressing how you feel.

Positive phrases won’t make your emotions disappear or automatically create happiness. Instead, you’ll want to allow yourself to feel the good and bad as they come because it’s the only way to achieve healing.

You can use affirmations that help you focus on slowing down and allowing yourself to heal at your own pace. These phrases can also remind you that you are worthy no matter why the breakup occurred. They also encourage you to love yourself because you deserve time, care, attention, and compassion like anyone else.


Sometimes the negative feelings associated with a breakup can leave you feeling like you can’t do anything. You might not be motivated to work, may not have an appetite, and can often find yourself feeling lonely. Positive affirmations can help you accept your feelings without letting them hold you back in essential areas of your life.

Using affirmations helps you visualize yourself in a place of healing and happiness. Visualization can boost your mood and improve self-esteem as it reminds you of how great you are. Envisioning yourself in your desired situation can help you attract the life of your dreams.

How to Choose Affirmations to Ease Your Heartbreak

Your healing journey will change as you go along, and some affirmations will be best for specific parts. Read through the positive phrases and use the ones that resonate within you the most.

Choose different ones that fit your current feelings and mindset as your journey progresses. Since your situation constantly changes, it’s essential to shift the phrases you repeat so that they help you in every stage of your healing.

Fifteen Self-Affirmations to Heal Your Heartbreak

If you’re ready to shift your mindset and focus on healing, these affirmations can help you get started. You can start with one or two and add more as you get comfortable.

1 – I am worthy of love and happiness.

No matter why your relationship ended, know that you are worthy of unconditional love. You might forget your worth when you’re hurting from a breakup, but you’re still deserving.

This affirmation can boost your mindset, helping you remember that you deserve love and happiness. Once you remember, you’ll want to love yourself the way you love others.

2 – I love and accept myself as I am today.

Love yourself the same way you care for others. You deserve your love as much as they do, and self-love can help you heal from your heartbreak. Take care of your mind, body, and spirit, and you’ll experience continual growth.

3 – I am complete without a romantic relationship.

You don’t need a partner to complete you because you are whole as you are. Using this affirmation can help you find happiness as you remember you don’t need anyone to provide it for you.

You are enough, even when you feel miserable from heartache. This affirmation reminds you that you’re enough and can encourage you to focus on your individuality, strengths, and interests. You’ll begin trusting yourself as you see what you’re capable of on your own.

4 – I am focusing on self-love to heal my heartache.

Loving yourself is one of the best ways to heal your broken heart. Prioritize taking time for yourself, and use this affirmation to help you feel good about it.

You can put yourself before others as you heal, and prioritizing your needs is essential. Be compassionate to yourself the same way you’d treat a friend or loved one. Taking care of yourself will help you remain positive and embrace the learning opportunities from your breakup.

5 – I am letting go of things from the past that causes heartbreak.

Ruminating over bad times from the past can prevent you from healing. This affirmation can help you focus on the present, embracing your new journey. It also allows you to open yourself to new opportunities and experiences.

6 – I am stronger today than I was yesterday.

You might not always notice, but you get stronger every day. You got through yesterday, and you can do even better today.

7 – I am using this heartbreak as a new beginning.

While the end of your relationship is hard, you can think of it as a new beginning. You can use it as an opportunity to do something new to improve your life. Now is the time for a fresh start with the knowledge of all you learned from your relationship.


8 – I am taking my time to work through the healing my heartbreak.

Be gentle with yourself as you heal because it takes time. You can’t rush the process, and it might take longer for you than it did for others.

Some days you’ll feel like you did little more than breathe, and that’s okay. Take your time and heal on your terms. You’ll have good and bad days, and you can handle them as they come.

9 – I trust that there’s something better for me.

This affirmation can help you believe everything will work out for the best. You’ll sometimes feel like it’s impossible, but repeating this phrase will remind you that happiness will come.

A breakup doesn’t mean you’ll never experience love again. Instead, it means that there’s something better for you that you haven’t discovered yet.

10 – I am healing and moving forward.

This affirmation can remind you that your heartbreak will pass, even if it’s not happening quickly. Everyone heals at different paces, and it isn’t something you can control.

Use this phrase to reaffirm that healing is occurring and that you’re moving forward. This affirmation can encourage you when you feel like you’ll never find happiness again. It can also inspire you to accept new opportunities.

11 – I am learning to trust myself more each day.

After a breakup, you might be afraid to open up to people. You might question your ability to choose loving people who won’t leave. If you struggle with this, then this affirmation can make a difference.

12 – I feel a little better daily as I heal my heartache.

Heartbreak can make you feel miserable sometimes, but you can trust that you heal your heartache a little each day. This affirmation can make you feel like each day you get through is a step toward healing, helping you find peace and reassurance.

13 – I am feeling all my feelings of heartache and working through them.

While you might want to suppress your emotions, it won’t help you heal. It’s essential to allow yourself to feel, even when it’s uncomfortable. Once you process your feelings, you can let them go and move forward.

14 – I forgive my ex for the heartbreak I feel.

It’s easy to blame your ex for how miserable you feel, but it won’t help you heal. You will likely experience anger and resentment, too. This affirmation can help you forgive your ex and regain control of your feelings.

15 – I am excited to become the best version of myself.

When you’re in a relationship, you can’t spend as much time growing as an individual. In a relationship, you must put some time toward your partner that you could use for self-improvement.

Now that you’re single, you’re free to put all that time toward self-growth. You can work on yourself and become who you want to be, not who you think you must be for a partner.


Final Thoughts on Self-Affirmations to Heal Your Heartbreak

Repeating daily affirmations can help you embrace your situation and work toward healing the heartache. You may not experience benefits immediately, but you’ll notice them with consistent repetition.

The best way to use these affirmations is to say them aloud, but it’s not the only way. You can also write them down or recite them in your mind. Self-affirmations for healing from heartbreak are beneficial for moving on. You can check out this article to learn other ways to reclaim happiness after a breakup.