Dealing with matters of the heart is tricky for everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. But, when it’s time for women to open their hearts, there’s a catch. Sure, it takes a long time for women to be ready to open up to someone that intimately. But, once they do, they won’t wait forever for your love.

This is not a joke for a woman looking to find someone she can spend the rest of her life with. If a man wants to have fun and is not yet sure he can commit, he’ll probably get dropped quicker than you’d buy that new purse when it goes on sale.

Men often believe they can play all the games they want when they start dating someone. And this might work if the woman is uninterested in creating a strong bond with someone. But if she wants to settle down and build a meaningful with someone, she won’t waste her time on someone who isn’t a hundred percent in.

Maybe she’ll give her date a couple of chances to redeem themself and prove they are in for the long game. But if you don’t prove you are ready to treat her how she deserves, she’ll move on to the next prospect. So, if women aren’t willing to wait forever, what is their approach to dating and finding love?

How Do Women Approach Dating?

Fundamentally, all humans have the same needs. We all want to surround ourselves with people who care about us and will be there through thick and thin. Biologically speaking, the needs of both sexes are the same, with a few differences, but those differences don’t hold much weight. But what makes men and women want and need different things isn’t biology and differences in their DNA.

It’s societal expectations and how people are raised based on sex and gender. For example, men are often taught that emotions have no place in their life and that a man who falls in love is weak. Because of that, many of them have a dubious approach toward dating.


The Emotionally Detached Man Phenomenon

One phenomenon that is increasingly more common in today’s society is the rise of the emotionally detached man who attracts dozens of women but doesn’t go further than a fling. This is because men are taught not to allow themselves to fall for someone. This cultural aspect around men and dating implies that men who only date casually are “true men.”

These kinds of ideas affect all sorts of societal interactions. For example, in groups of men, you’ll see how they congratulate one another for “scoring” and managing to have a fling with yet another woman. On the other hand, men interested in creating a connection with a woman are often made fun of and considered too emotional or weak.

This is not to say that men are somehow the root of all evil. On the contrary, they are victims of all kinds of dubious ideologies and societal expectations. And this affects the way they relate to women and how they interact with a potential love interest. On the other hand, women are more likely to date with their hearts rather than letting the physical aspect take the lead.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t girls out there who date casually. Many women want a “no strings attached” kind of relationship. But, once they get that phase out of their system, they will not wait around. Instead, they will put themselves out there and look for a meaningful connection. And while this is an objectively better approach, it’s also easier for women to look for this connection without judgment.

Is Being Single Incomplete?

Every female grows up hearing that they should find love and strive for a relationship that will last a lifetime. But that doesn’t mean women have it easy on the dating scene. They are considered “easy” and looked down on if they have too many casual flings. On the other hand, if they decide to be single, they will be bugged with questions regarding their decision by everyone they know.

Unfortunately, a single woman is pitied and seen as having an incomplete life. So, often, they feel forced to be with someone, even if they don’t love that person. But, once a woman understands what her heart wants, she won’t allow others to bring her down. If she opens her heart, she will fight to find the love she always envisioned.

And she won’t wait for the perfect partner to fall into her lap. Instead, she’ll put herself out there and look for someone to make her happy. And she won’t wait for someone who doesn’t know how to treat her right. A woman wants to be respected and treated like an equal by her partner. So the idea that women will sit by a man’s side and look pretty has long been thrown out the window.

So, most women no longer stand for someone treating them like they are inferior. Not to mention that this isn’t what love is about. Love doesn’t mean having someone to cook and clean for you. And women are becoming more aware of their worth and how they should be treated. This is why they won’t give their heart to just anyone. But how do women know they are ready to open their hearts and fall in love?

3 Signs That a Woman Is Ready To Give Her Heart (and She Won’t Wait Around Forever)


1.      She Is Happy with Where She Is in Life

Some of the best love stories are about childhood sweethearts who have always known they were meant to be. But that doesn’t mean everyone will find their soulmate before finishing high school. And women aren’t usually interested in opening their hearts when they aren’t yet happy with their life.

If a woman dreams of having a career and becoming successful, she will focus on achieving that before dating anyone seriously. Or if she wants to travel the world, be around her family, focus on their friends, or achieve anything else in her life, that’s what she’ll focus on. If she’s not happy with her life and feels like she can still achieve more before settling down, don’t expect her to go falling in love with the first man who buys her a drink.

Once she is happy with her achievements, she will start dating seriously to settle down. But she won’t deal with men who don’t want to support and commit to her. After all her hard work, she knows better than to waste her time on people who don’t deserve her. No matter how attractive, wealthy, or seemingly perfect the guy is, he won’t get the girl if he isn’t ready to commit.

2.      A Woman Who Wants to Share Her Heart Knows Her Worth

Many women end up dating the wrong person because they don’t believe they are worthy of having a nice, loving relationship. There are many reasons why someone might feel unlovable. But it usually concerns that others made them feel small all their life. It doesn’t make a difference, whether it’s because of family, friends, or past relationships.

The effects are the same. Plus, the standards for women in today’s society are near impossible. They have to be thin but not too thin. They have to be beautiful, but if they are too beautiful, people will assume they are not smart. Considering all this pressure, it’s easy to understand how a woman might feel unworthy of love.

But, once a woman starts being kind to herself and understands that she is worthy of having everything she wants, that’s when she’ll be ready to open up her heart. But, because of how much she had to work to reach that level of self-confidence, she won’t let a random guy destroy it by playing her and refusing to commit. When looking for love, she will look for someone who can make her feel special and worthy.

3.      She Refuses to Have Her Heart Played With

Falling in love with someone means knowing they have the power to break your heart but trusting them not to. That’s why true love is the scariest thing anyone could ever experience. While women are ready to entrust someone with their hearts, one thing they won’t do is entrust it to someone who will toy with it. Or at least that’s not something a woman ready to move on to the next step of her romantic life is willing to do.

Young girls fall for the wrong guys all the time. Even older women can make this mistake. That usually happens because unresolved trauma keeps them from seeing how much they are worth. But a sure sign that a woman is ready to find the right one for her is when she stops entertaining the wrong type of men. When casual flings and flirting matter less to her, you can be sure she wants to find the partner she deserves.


Final Thoughts on Signs That Woman Who’s Ready to Give Her Heart Won’t Wait Around Forever

Both men and women struggle with dating and trying to find true love. But, while men seem content in never settling down and jumping from one fling to the next, that’s not how women approach things. Women usually want more from dating than just a physical connection.

And, while there’s nothing wrong with a consensual, casual relationship, that’s not what a woman wants. She wants to find someone to whom she can give her heart and who treats her the way she deserves. Sure, some women are down for casual.

But some signs a woman might be looking for more is when she knows what she wants and is not afraid to get it. She won’t settle for a bad match if she’s happy with all other aspects of her life and knows her worth. She’ll refuse to have her heart played with. If she falls for anyone, that person will probably be the one for her.