We all strive for happiness for ourselves and those we care about most. Being happy is different for everyone, and it’s all about doing what makes you feel good.

There are many types of happiness, making it hard to define. This emotional state describes a range of positive emotions that make you feel good. This emotional state often involves joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

With so many types, you’ll likely have to implement various methods to find happiness. When you find joy in differing forms, it brings fulfillment and meaning to your life. Knowing the types can help you implement them in your life, making a positive change and improving your well-being.

Thirty Types of Happiness Everyone Should Know (And Why You Should Try Them All)

These types of happiness allow you to find joy in differing situations. When one area isn’t going well, you can focus on the rest and find positivity in other ways.

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1 – Gratitude

Practicing gratitude and appreciation can help identify the good around you. You’ll also recognize your blessings and know you’re lucky to have them.

2 – New Experiences

You might find happiness when experiencing something new. Exploring a new location, swimming in a river, or participating in history can bring meaning to your life.

3 – Love

Love can come in many forms, including family connections, friendships, and romantic relationships. You can also focus on self-love. Love helps you feel secure and valued. It allows you to experience it no matter where you are or what you’re doing in life.

4 – Peace

Finding peace often requires avoiding negative situations. It alleviates the risk of conflict and negativity, allowing you to focus on happier things. However, it isn’t always avoidable, so if issues arise, practice mindfulness to return to a peaceful state.

5 – Pride

Feeling proud is a short-lived type of happiness that can involve pride for yourself or someone else. It allows you to feel good about an accomplishment or achievement. Pride lasts for varying lengths of time, depending on the situation.

6 – Generosity

Wanting to give to those around you can help you find happiness and fulfillment in life. It prevents entitlement because you freely give without expecting anything in return. You’ll expect nothing more than giving when you can and basking in the joy it brings.

7 – Fulfillment

Self-fulfillment involves the journey toward achieving your purpose. You’ll feel happier knowing you’re moving forward and fulfilling your desires and goals. Sometimes fulfillment involves spirituality and finding your calling.

Fulfillment also means you’ve reached a state of life with little to no internal conflict or longing. You won’t want to look for change because you become thankful and happy with what you have.

8 – Spending Time Freely

When you have time for leisure, you’ll feel happier than following a packed schedule. Time to do what you want allows you to pursue interests, hobbies, sports, and entertainment.

9 – Excitement

When you look forward to something, you experience excitement leading up to the event. It is happiness that you feel now but is directed toward the future and often makes you wish time would speed up.

Excitement can also occur in the present when watching something awe-inspiring or unexpected. Using passion while working on a project or task can also bring excitement. It involves feeling enthusiastic and energized.

10 – Feeling Connected

Even introverts can find happiness in feeling bonded to others. When you connect to the community or your friends and family, you can get a sense of meaning. Research backs this up, and experts claim that healthy relationships influence well-being and health.

11 – Taking Risks

Some people enjoy risk-taking and might feel discontent when they don’t have the freedom to do so. They might want to take risks regarding business or their career, travel, adventure, or sports.

12 – Humility

Being humble allows you to practice humility and recognize that you’re only part of the universe around you. It helps you remember that you’re a part of something bigger and that sometimes you must depend on others.

13 – Not being affected by others

When you reach a stage in your life when you’re no longer affected by others, you’ll find meaning and fulfillment. When you don’t worry about what others think, you can focus on your overall goals and desires. It limits social comparison and prevents becoming derailed by others.

14 – Pleasure

Pleasure is a reward related to making your body feel good. It can come from eating when you’re hungry to being hugged by a loved one.

15 – Momentary Joy

This type of happiness doesn’t last long and results from seeing or doing something you enjoy. It brings satisfaction and pleasure in the present moment. You might experience momentary joy when doing something, or it can occur when you see a beautiful scene.

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16 – Relaxation

If you can relax and stop worrying about things, you’ll feel better about your life. It’ll help you feel good about yourself and help you experience happiness.

17 – Humor

Happiness can come through laughter in humor. It can allow you to find a moment of joy, even during hard times.

Humor can also help you connect with the people around you and allow you to laugh, helping increase your joy. Funny movies, stand-up comedies, and laughing with others can bring short hurts of happiness that improve your overall mood.

18 – Contentment

Being happy with who you are, what you have, and where you are right now can improve your happiness levels. It allows you to embrace the present and appreciate your life. You will still strive for more and continue growing, but you remain happy with each stage of life.

19 – Accepting Things You Can’t Control

You can’t change everything and sometimes can’t control when things shift around you. Learning to accept these moments and embracing them can help you find happiness. If life gets hard, remember that it’s only a chance to try again.

20 – Competition

People who enjoy competition find happiness in the experience. They thrive during things like games, sports, and career competitions.

21 – Self-Discipline

Making plans for yourself and following through on them is a sign of self-discipline. It helps build happiness as you continually reach your goals and live up to personal expectations.

22 – Creativity

Doing things that allow you to be creative and use your imagination can help you be happy. Creating new things and coming up with ideas encourages positivity.

23 – Having a Purpose

Finding your purpose increases happiness as you know what you’re striving to achieve. You’ll feel more comfortable making decisions when you know the overall goal.

24 – Optimism

Being optimistic involves believing good things will come to you. You remain hopeful that things will work out and you’ll receive what you need or want. It improves your mood and outweighs any negativity you experience.

25 – Fun

Many adults believe that having fun is for kids, and it’s not an accurate way to view it. Having fun allows you to experience happiness and appreciate life. Life doesn’t have to be all about work and responsibilities, and you’ll be happier when you take the time for fun.

26 – Productivity

Getting things done is rewarding and brings a sense of fulfillment. When hard work pays off, you’ll feel happy about the accomplishment and the effort that went into it.

27 – Wonder

Wonder occurs when you sense mysterious, intriguing, and good things in the world around you. It fosters happy anticipation and allows you to remember bigger things are out there.

28 – Health

When you’re healthy and don’t have medical concerns, it means you’ll likely be happier. Experts indicate that not only does your health bring happiness but being happy decreases your risk of disease or illness.

29 – Basic Freedom

Having a sense of freedom can help you feel happier. While some people want complete freedom, others desire some constraints with:

  • rules
  • social norms
  • responsibilities and priorities
  • tradition
  • culture or religion

Either way, having the freedom you desire is a type of happiness that brings fulfillment.

30 – Virtue

Rather than focusing on what occurred, your virtue only requires focusing on your responses. It involves acting with high moral standards no matter what the situation involves.

Ten Tips for Creating a Happy Life

  1. Develop a growth mindset
  2. Volunteer to help others
  3. Identify something good in each moment
  4. Write in a gratitude journal
  5. Turn off your electronics
  6. Do something you haven’t tried before
  7. Take care of yourself and practice self-love
  8. Apologize when necessary
  9. Spend time with people you love
  10. Do something fun

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Final Thoughts on Types of Happiness (And Why You Should Try Them All)

Finding happiness in life requires creating it by doing things that make you feel good. Do more of what you enjoy and prioritize the things that make you love your life. Be intentional on your journey to happiness because it’s all about what you want in life.

So don’t wait–get started today and find ways to target the differing types of happiness. Don’t limit yourself because you can try something new whenever you want a boost of joy.

Remember that what makes you happiest might not be what makes someone else happy. It’s a personal journey for everyone, making it even more meaningful. Do what makes you feel good, whether it’s short-lived or long-lasting.