Macarena Chomik, a hand-lettering artist and illustrator from Argentina, creates unique works of art using hand-lettered quotes. She incorporates positive, motivational quotes and adorable floral backgrounds into her artwork. Here’s her story about how she got started and what inspires her beautiful creations.

“I began my creative journey about four and a half years ago when, by chance, I stumbled across this article that said: ‘Learn calligraphy in five simple steps.’ Well, let’s just say I followed the steps, I loved the result, and a couple months later, I created my Instagram account due to a friend’s suggestion, and well, here I am,” Macarena says.

She now has over 40k followers on Instagram and even sells art prints, stickers, and calendars on Etsy! Macarena also offers a digital planner featuring her hand-lettered quotes and floral printed artwork. While it’s nice to earn money doing what she loves, Macarena says it’s a creative outlet, more importantly.

“I now create art in order to relax. It is my hobby, and there’s nothing I love to do more. I have to admit though, that it’s not as relaxing when it turns into work, but it is still incredibly rewarding.”

Much of her artwork features nature themes, including flowers, animals, beaches, and outer space. For example, one of her pieces shows someone fishing on a boat in the ocean. Under the water, you see jellyfish, turtles, coral, fish, and whales. The hand-lettered quote says: “Sometimes in the waves of change, we find our true destination.”

Another adorable work of art features an alien spaceship, astronaut, rocket, and planets. The quote in the middle says, “Shine like the stars.” Macarena also enjoys forest-themed hand-lettered quote pieces. She created a whimsical forest that reminds us of Alice in Wonderland. It’s complete with mushrooms lining a pathway through the forest, songbirds, trees, and a girl having a picnic with a rabbit. In fact, you can tell she puts a lot of hard work into these masterpieces!

hand-lettered quotes
How she creates the works of art from hand-lettered quotes

First, like any artist, she sketches a general idea of what she wants the end product to look like. After having the background, hand-lettered quote, and the other details in mind, she creates the final piece. Then using watercolors, colored pencils, chalk markers, brush pens, and other supplies in her arsenal, she colors in the picture with vivid detail.

Finally, she adds shading, shadowing, and color to the quote to make it stand out. Some of her calligraphy is 3D, making it look like it pops right off the page! Macarena also uses an app called Procreate to design digital illustrations. She’s currently in school for graphic design to take her hobby to the next level.

She’s genuinely talented and pays excellent attention to detail with her artwork. You can see her progression over the years on her social media; it’s incredible how far she’s come! It just proves that following your passion can take you to places you never imagined. For an 18-year-old, she’s accomplished quite a lot in life so far.


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Recently, she partnered with a wallpaper company to help with a design! She had this to say about the project:

“Working on this project was definitely challenging but also kind of a dream come true! Never before had I designed something of such dimensions, and to be able to see these designs come to life and actually be part of someone’s room is just unbelievable! Thank you Loomwell for giving me this opportunity!”

We’re excited to see where her dreams take her next! If you’d like to learn how to create your own art with hand-lettered quotes, she teaches a course on Skillshare. The online learning platform offers thousands of courses to learn everything from graphic design to photography to animation and more.

Macarena combines art with positivity to make the world a better place

Many artists draw inspiration from our natural world, including Macarena. She captures the beauty of nature on her sketchpad, creating stunning, original masterpieces teeming with life. Flowers seem to inspire her works of art the most.

“I find inspiration in nature and its diversity and uniqueness. I just love going through encyclopedias looking at all the different types of flowers. I mean, it’s crazy to think how there are endless types, many probably yet to be discovered,” Macarena says.

“I strive to combine these flowers with optimistic messages, to spread positivity. I believe that kindness is never wasted, and if I manage to brighten somebody else’s day, then my job is done.”

Creating a more positive world begins with each one of us, and Macarena contributes through art. Looking at positive messages can give strength and empowerment to someone going through a difficult time. The colorful, nature-filled background also adds to the cheery vibe, reminding anyone struggling of the simple beauty in life.


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“For anyone who wants to start creating art, my advice would be to never give up. Practice makes perfect, so just keep going!” Macarena says. “Opportunities are out there waiting for you to grab them, so I know it sounds cliché, but do what you love; just do it. Just start and don’t think about it too much; you won’t regret it.”

Final thoughts on these unique works of art created from hand-lettered quotes.

We hope you enjoyed learning about how Macarena takes motivational quotes and turns them into works of art. So it is inspiring to see someone transform their hobby into a job that they’re passionate about! The artwork she creates spices up the hand-lettered quotes and makes a whimsical little world out of them. The quotes are the centerpiece, and the background pulls it all together.

Indeed, her artwork gives people hope and reminds them that they can create their own positivity in life. The pieces look beautiful as prints to hang on your wall or as stickers to place around your home.

Which of the pieces did you like best? Let us know in the comments!