A scalp massage is a luxury many people forget they can indulge in. Not only does it feel good, but it also promotes hair growth and other beauty benefits. If you already use hand cream, facial moisturizer, and other beauty products, then it’s time to learn about a scalp massage.

A massage for hair growth is a pleasurable experience that has many perks. A few presses of your fingertips or using a scalp brush can do so much for your well-being, including:

  • releasing tension
  • loosening buildup
  • encouraging healthy growth
  • relieving stress
  • promoting relaxation

It only takes about five minutes to do a massage for hair growth, so it’s well worth it. Stress tightens the scalp and interferes with circulation, causing growth to slow. A massage alleviates these issues, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

When these properties reach the follicles, it promotes hair growth and thickness. If you want to reap these benefits, you can incorporate a massage into your routine.

What is a Scalp Massage? And How Does It Help Hair Growth?

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A massage stimulates your scalp, similar to when you get a massage on your neck, back, or body. However, it requires gentler motions than other types of massages. Some people use coconut or almond oil, but others do it without, and both have beneficial results.

A massage focuses on stimulating the hair follicles. It also dilates the blood vessels beneath the skin on your scalp. They promote circulation, leading to healthier and faster hair growth.

What the Research Shows About Promoting Hair Growth with Scalp Massage

Studies show that regular massages can promote thicker hair. One study required a four-minute massage every day, while another study required them twice each day. Both studies showed the same results that it reduces hair loss.

Massages promote thicker hair and hair growth because it focuses on the hair follicles. A massage stretches the follicle cells, stimulating and dilating blood vessels. As this happens, it strengthens the strands and prevents growth.

How to Do a Scalp Massage for the Fastest Hair Growth

You don’t have to book an appointment or leave your house to get a massage. All that you need is to use your fingertips or a scalp brush to give yourself a massage.

There are a few ways to give yourself a massage. Each method stimulates hair growth, so it’s all about personal preference. You should enjoy the experience, so experiment with different ways of doing it.

Some people do it in the shower, massaging shampoo into their scalp. Other people do it after conditioning, detangling their hair as they go along. Those aren’t the only ways to do it, though, because some people do it before they shampoo to promote circulation as they cleanse their scalp.

Step One:

Start by massaging your shoulders, neck, and the base of your head a little. This step isn’t essential for a massage, but it can help you loosen up before you begin. If you follow this step, keep massaging as you work your way up using both hands.

Step Two:

If you want to use oil, this is the time to do it. Use your fingers to massage the oil into your scalp for three to five minutes. You can choose from options like lavender and peppermint, but use jojoba or coconut oil as a carrier.

If you don’t use oil, skip that part, but use your fingers to massage your scalp. Massage each part of your head gently with your fingertips.

As you massage your scalp, use different movements with your fingertips. Try to target varying pressure points for the most benefit.

Step Three:

If you use a scalp brush, use it for three to five minutes after applying the oil and following the previous steps. Make semicircle motions, and move all around the head. Make sure to use the brush on every portion, and take your time as you do so.

Without a scalp brush, follow the same path, but it might take longer. Make sure to massage every area of the head as you go along.

Step Four:

Suppose you used oil, shampoo, and condition as usual once you finish massaging. You might have to shampoo a few times to get all of the oil out. If you didn’t use oil, you could skip this step.

Other Ways to Promote Faster Hair Growth

Massage isn’t the only way to promote growth. There are other options you can try, including:

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Collagen and Biotin Supplements for Hair Growth

These supplements have high amounts of amino acids that make keratin. Keratin provides the building blocks of hair growth, making it a helpful way to achieve your results. These supplements also support scalp health and reduce or prevent irritation.

Avoid Excessive Shampooing and Brushing

If you shampoo or brush your hair too much, it can cause your hair to fall out.

For the Fastest Hair Growth, Avoid Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments weaken your hair cuticles. When this happens, it interferes with scalp health and hair growth.

Check Your Nutritional Intake

If you’re not taking in enough nutrients, it can interfere with your hair growth. Restrictive dieting often leads to this issue, causing problems with your hair. It can also interfere with the structure of your hair, causing bald patches and other issues.

Some nutrients that can affect hair growth include:

  • vitamin d
  • folate
  • zinc

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are beneficial for many things, including hair growth. Studies show that some essential oils, including pumpkin seed oil, increase growth and reduce baldness. Another study shows that rosemary oil can be as effective as the active ingredients in hair regrowth treatments.

Further research shows that other oils can help, too. These oils include:

  • peppermint
  • jojoba
  • lavender

Take Hair Growth Supplements

Studies show that some supplements can improve hair growth and protect against hair loss. These supplements include omega-3 and omega-6 supplements. You can also use accessories for any vitamins you don’t get enough of.

Stop Dying Your Hair

Dying your hair with chemicals can change the texture and restrict hair growth. It can also cause breakage, making your hair thinner. If you stop dying your hair, it won’t break as often and will grow quicker. Studies show that some hair dye removes natural fatty acids from the hair, causing permanent damage.

Use Antioxidants

Research indicates that antioxidants reduce hair loss and improve your scalp health. They work by protecting the scalp barrier.

Prevent Breakage

Dryness and hair breakage can prevent growth and cause thinning. The strands that hold your hair together get damaged and fall apart. Some things you can do to alleviate breakage include:

  • consuming enough iron, zinc, and folic acid
  • shampoo your scalp rather than your hair strands
  • use a high-quality conditioner
  • blot your hair when drying it with a towel instead of rubbing it vigorously
  • avoid using a blow dryer
  • don’t overbrush

Get Regular Trims

Many people think trimming your hair will hinder growth, but that’s not true. Instead, getting a trim every few months promotes hair growth by repairing split ends. If you don’t get rid of the split ends, they’ll spread further and cause breakage.

Protection While You Sleep

Start by making sure you get enough sleep. Research shows that your body doesn’t produce enough melatonin if you don’t get plenty of rest. Aim for seven to nine hours each night.

While you sleep, use a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent tangling, friction, and tugging that causes breakage. Using silk or satin is especially important if you have long hair. Additionally, don’t sleep with wet hair because it can weaken your strands and cause breakage.

Stress Management

Experts say that chronic stress can cause hair loss because it forces your follicles into a resting phase. During this phase, the follicles stop growing new strands and only shed hair. Finding ways to manage stress will improve your overall well-being while promoting faster hair growth.

How Fast Does Hair Usually Grow

When you’re born, you already have all the hair follicles you’ll have your entire life. As you get older, some of the strands will stop producing hair. This situation causes hair thinning and can eventually lead to baldness.

If hair comes out of the follicle, it can take anywhere from two to six years to grow back. How quickly hair grows depends on several factors, including:

  • hair type
  • age
  • health conditions
  • general health
  • cellular regulation
  • genetics

What to Do If You Experience Excessive Hair Loss

If you try these methods and continue to notice hair loss, it might be best to talk to a doctor. You could be experiencing nutrient deficiencies, including zinc, iron, and biotin. Sometimes you can make dietary changes to speed hair growth and reduce hair loss.

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Final Thoughts on How to Do a Scalp Massage for Faster Hair Growth

A scalp massage promotes hair growth while offering other benefits like stress relief. It allows you to relax and refocus as you pause and take time for yourself. Remember to use different movements and embrace this moment of self-care.

There are other ways to promote hair growth, too. You can use multiple techniques to figure out what works best for you.