Life can get us down if we focus on all the bad things happening to us instead of the good things. Of course, life isn’t easy; everyone knows that by the time they make it past high school (or maybe even earlier). It all comes down to how you look at life, and what you do with the circumstances that you’re given.

We all want our lives to be a little bit easier, but oftentimes, miracles happen when we’re not even paying attention. When we’re just going about our daily lives and appreciating them for what they are, life radiates that positive attitude right back at us.

If you’ve been feeling a little discouraged lately, read on to find inspirational stories of people who found the sunshine in the rain.

Here are 15 stories that prove good things happen when you least expect them to:

1. What a heartwarming story! Some people are your family by blood, while others are your family by choice.

My stepdad is officially my legal father after raising me with my mom since I was 9 years old. He’s an amazing human. You’re never too old to be adopted!
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2. This is truly a miracle. Sometimes, good things DO happen, and it’s those moments that we should remember.

After being told she wouldn’t survive and spending eight months in the hospital, my little girl turns one in three days at home.
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3. Even if you have unfortunate circumstances early in life, good things can happen if you work hard and believe in yourself!

4. Maybe our soulmates aren’t always other humans; maybe they’re animals, too. Their eyes are beautiful!

I thought I should put it here
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5. Everything comes full circle in life. What a way to give back to those in need!

Childhood cancer survivor returns to the same hospital as a nurse 20 years later.
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6. So much can change in three years. Amazingly, this little girl looks so happy in both pictures despite what she’s been through.

2016 fighting Leukemia vs 2019 first hair cut!
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7. We can sense pure joy emanating from this picture. We can’t imagine how thankful and full of love they both are.

2 years ago today my mom had a profound brain hemorrhaging stroke. She’s exceeded all of her medical teams milestones & goals. Here we are on my wedding day, a day I feared we may never share together, celebrating life, love and support
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8. What an amazing story about how hard work pays off no matter where you come from in life! Good things happen to those who work for them!

9. Ten years is a long time, but when you finally achieve your dream, time doesn’t even matter anymore.

After 10 years, I’m proud to say that I’m am an American citizen
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10. Imagine if we all helped each other how the world would look. This guy is definitely paying the kindness forward and making good things happen!

I wanted to end my life when I was 16. My friend helped me during that time. Now I’m 28, a new Pediatric occupational therapy practitioner, and helping children grow big and strong! Sometimes we need a little help on our journey. 🙂
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11. Wow. We have no words for this feat of strength, determination, and bravery.

This is my cousin Gareth. He lost his leg to cancer 3 years ago and now has 15 lung tumours and is terminally ill at age 26. Last week he completed the London Marathon.
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12. Awesome! That is a life-changing moment for him and his family.

Local guy worked 16 years to win this tournament. Couldn’t be more happy for him and his family.
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good things

13. What a proud moment! The good things in life are definitely worth living for.

As a kid, I visited this store *every* chance I got. Today, they’re carrying a game I made. A year after our big Kickstarter and quitting my job, this is my “made it” moment. Thank you Reddit! This is a dream come true.
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14. A beautiful story of how traumatic endings can give way to beautiful new beginnings.

7 years ago my ex slammed my face into a bathroom counter and damaged all my front teeth. Last week my dentist fixed them all free of charge. For the first time in 7 years I can actually smile.
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15. Love always wins.

After 8.5 years of ‘dating’ we finally got married in the winter of 2017. We wanted to get married for years, but our families were strongly opposed because of religious and cultural reasons. This is a picture of our wedding celebration in Pakistan (my dad’s side of the family.)
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The stories above serve as a reminder to anyone going through tough times that it can and will get better! Sometimes, you just have to stick your nose to the grindstone and make it happen, but it will pay off in the end. Nothing in life comes free of charge; we all have to work our way to the top. However, you will meet people along your path who will help you out when you need it; call them your guardian angels, guides, or whatever you’d like.

As long as you stay true to yourself and what you believe, good things will inevitably come your way. Just remain patient, and always stay humble and kind.

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