You might hear a lot of women say, “Where have all the good men gone?” To all the single women out there, you will be pleased to know that they do still exist! It might take going on several dates with different people to find them, but they’re out there. (Yes, some of them are already taken, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of fish left in the sea).

Nowadays especially, it seems to be a common belief that everyone in the dating pool just isn’t good enough. Maybe it’s our habit of swiping left that has ruined dating, because why stay with someone when you can find the next best thing anywhere online? By always looking for better, we miss the chance of building something amazing with the one we already have. But, we digress.

The point of this article is to show you that chivalrous, kind men do indeed exist, and these photos capture the proof.

15 Photos That Prove There are Still Good Men Out There

1. This sweet guy wanted his wife to know she’s always beautiful to him, no matter her weight.

I replaced my wife’s bathroom scale

2. There are still good men out there who will make a grand gesture like this just to make their wife smile.

Message from the gardener…who is also my husband of 28 years.
byu/gigi4hart inpics

3. This guy should win an award for his amazing cake decorating skills!

I made my girlfriend a sloth ice cream cake for her birthday, because she loves ice cream and sloths

4. This is so romantic and sweet! There are plenty of pictures these days of good men proposing to their significant other in magical spots such as these.

My boyfriend of 8 years flew out to surprise me with a proposal in my favorite place.
byu/averyelicam inaww

5. “I made a bench for my wife out of wood I found in the backyard.”

I made a bench for my wife out of wood I found in the back yard (mostly)
byu/ljer inpics

6. If this isn’t love, we don’t know what is. Such a cute and crafty idea from this amazing guy!

I’m a rock climber, so my boyfriend had these clay magnets made that look like him and I

7. “Beauty and the Beast” fans will definitely love this romantic and crafty idea!

Made an enchanted rose for my wife

8. Matching outfits for couples might make you sick from the cuteness, but these two pull it off well.

My boyfriend thinks it’s funny to piss me off by figuring out what outfit I’m wearing out with him and matching it… My cat, Clementine attacking my shoe as a bonus.
byu/ciggy_tardust infunny

9. Good men out there know that when your girlfriend is too tired, you get to do her nails for her.


10. How sweet!

11. You’ve got to love her sense of humor, and his willingness to go along with it!

[deleted by user]
by infunny

12. Is a cupcake a valid replacement for pizza? We’re not sure, but you have to appreciate his effort.

My boyfriend tried to be cute and replace a pizza slice with a cupcake
byu/masqueradexo infunny

13. It would’ve been much easier to order flowers, but this guy went to the trouble to create them himself. Wow!

I don’t have much money, so I made my girlfriend a bouquet of paper lilies as a welcome home gift. Think she’ll like them?

14. Good men do still exist – the kind that let their girlfriend draw on their hand so they buy the right thing.

15. This guy has a nice sense of humor, and it seems like his girlfriend appreciates it.

The boyfriend got in trouble yesterday. He sent flours to my office today to apologize.
byu/Nessie_Assassin infunny

Which of these was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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