Do you long for a backside that’s firm like steel? No matter what your favorite sport or fitness activity is, it helps if you work on strengthening your glutes. Unfortunately, you can’t get results by sitting and doing nothing, as it takes real work to sculpt your body.

How to Workout Your Glutes

Do any exercises focus on your hips and bottom if you have a daily exercise routine? The rest of your body will benefit when you build muscle in these areas. Here are ten excellent exercises to strengthen your gluteus maximus region.


1. Goblet Squat for Strengthening Glutes

This simple exercise focuses on the muscles around your hips. It’s a combination of hip extensions and squatting. If you’re new to weightlifting, the goblet squat is an ideal introductory exercise.

Equipment: Dumbbell or kettlebell

How To:

•Stand comfortably on your mat with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grasp the dumbbell or kettlebell with both hands and pull it up under your chin while tucking in your elbows.

•Keep your back and core tense, and ensure you feel comfortable.

Now, squat smoothly toward the mat while keeping your chest up.

Bend until both of your knees are at a 90-degree angle.

•Use your hip muscles and core to pull yourself back into the starting position.

•Start with four to six reps with a lightweight. As you get more practice strengthening your glutes, you can advance to heavier weights that you can safely lift.

2. Lateral Lunge

Your gluteus medius and gluteus minimus are two of the main muscles around your hip, explains an article published by the National Library of Medicine. They help rotate each leg internally and externally. Lateral lunges challenge these muscles and can increase your range of motion.

Equipment: None

How To:

•Start by placing your feet about hip-width apart and hold your dumbbells in each hand at your sides.

•Use your left foot and take a big step to the left while keeping your arms straight. Let your heel land on the mat first, then the rest of your left foot.

•Flex your left knee and lower yourself until your hip and knee form a 90-degree angle.

•Your right leg should only be at a slight angle. Hold this position for a couple of breaths.

•Extend your left hip and knee to return to the starting position. Try to keep your body straight and tall.

•Do three to four reps on your left side, then switch and follow the steps for your right side.

3. Step Down for Shapely Glutes and Calorie Burn

An article published by the National Library of Medicine states that climbing stairs can help burn calories. It’s also good for strengthening your leg and glute muscles. This step-down exercise is a simplified version of stair climbing.

Equipment: Sturdy step-up box or bench

How To:

•Begin by placing your step-up box or bench securely on the floor.

•Stand with your right foot firmly close to the edge of the bench. Your left foot should be poised off from the side of the bench and aligned with your right foot.

•Lower your left foot to the floor using your right leg to control your body weight.

•Use your left heel to push off and bring your left leg back to the starting position.

•This is one set; your goal is to do at least eight to ten reps.

•Switch and position your left foot on the bench. Repeat the steps for another eight to ten reps.

4. Walking Lunge

Whether you’re into weightlifting or another fitness program, you may consider using this exercise as part of your routine. It helps strengthen your lower body and glutes and can enhance your balance and coordination.

Equipment: There’s none required, but if your routine is advanced, you can add dumbbells or a kettlebell.

How To:

•Stand comfortably on your mat with your feet and arms bent at the elbows in a running position.

•Step your left leg forward and place your weight on your left heel. As you lower yourself, bend your left knee until it’s parallel to your mat. Hold the position for one to two breaths.

•Next, move your right foot forward without shifting your left leg.

•Repeat the same steps on your right leg to equal one set. Try to do eight to ten repetitions.

5. Curtsey Lunge for Shapely Glutes

You needn’t have an audience with royalty to enjoy the benefits of curtsey lunges. They encourage your glutes to work together while strengthening your upper legs. You’ll also be enhancing your balance and range of motion.

Equipment: None. If you’re advanced, you may use a dumbbell for each hand.

How To:

•Stand straight and tall on your mat with your feet positioned a hip-width apart.

•Now, balance your weight on your right foot. Take a big step backward with your left leg and cross it behind your right knee.

•Lower your body smoothly by bending your knees until your right thigh is parallel to the mat.

•Continue to balance your weight on your right foot and smoothly bring your body back into starting position. It’s just like the classic curtsey they teach in charm classes.

•Try to do eight to ten repetitions for your right side. Then, repeat the steps for your left side.

•If you’re using dumbbells, hold them in each hand at your sides.

6. Sumo Deadlift

If strengthening and building muscle in your lower body is one of your goals, try this exercise. Sumo deadlifts are especially useful for weightlifters. You’ll notice how they work your glutes, quads, and adductors.

Equipment: Barbell with appropriate weights

How to:

•Stand firmly with your barbell on the floor in front of you.

•Position your feet a little farther than hip-width. Your toes should be pointed out to each side at about 30 degrees.

•Bring your hips back and let your knees bend naturally as you reach down for the barbell.

•Grip each side of the bar firmly as you tighten your abdominal muscles. Keep your head in a neutral position. •Use your abdominals and upper back muscles to support your spine and torso.

•Engage your muscles as you bring the bar up toward your hips.

•Hold for a second and slowly lower the bar back to the floor. Aim for at least three to five repetitions.

7. Elevated Foot Squat for Strengthening

Here’s a classic exercise you can use whether you’re a beginner or experienced. It can boost your coordination and balance and offer more flexibility to your hips.

Equipment: Two dumbbells, and a slightly raised platform

How to:

•Stand naturally before the raised platform and hold a dumbbell in each hand.

•Step forward, bring your right foot backward about twelve inches, and place it flat on the platform.

•As you keep your chest up, squat down until your legs are bent about 90 degrees.

•Use your left foot to push and bring yourself back into the standing position.

•Do three to five repetitions, then switch and repeat steps for your left side.

8. Seated Leg Lifts

Who could have guessed that enhancing your core and strengthening your glutes could be done in a chair? Seated leg lifts are ideal for beginners or if you must modify your exercises. You could even do a few while you’re at work.

Equipment: A sturdy chair

How To:

•Sit comfortably in a chair with your back and neck straight, feet flat on the floor, and arms at your side.

•Now, smoothly raise your right leg at the knee until your leg is parallel to the floor. Hold the position for three to five breaths.

•Lower your leg into the starting position and do at least five to ten repetitions.

•Repeat the steps now with your left leg. If you want to accelerate your leg lifts, try using small ankle weights.

•Try to keep your back straight against the back of the chair and not lean forward in each movement.

9. Have Super Sexy Glutes With Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks are a popular exercise that countless people use to strengthen their legs, hips, lower back, and glutes. They aren’t difficult, but you can still feel the beneficial resistance. These fun kicks are also a great way to start your workout routine.

Equipment: None

How To:

•Position yourself on all fours.

•Now, lift your right heel towards the ceiling while keeping your knee bent. Use your glute and hip muscles and avoid arching your back.

•Bring your right leg back to the start position, then do five to ten reps.

•Repeat the steps for your left leg. Your goal isn’t how high you can get your foot. You should feel your hip and bottom muscles engage.

10. Pistol Squats

Here’s another easy exercise that doesn’t require equipment. Use these pistol squats to warm up or cool down. They’re also helpful warm-up exercises if you’re a runner.

Equipment: None

How To:

•As you stand on your left foot, raise your right leg in front of you.

•Now, tighten your core, bend your left leg, and lower into a squat.

•Keep your balance by holding your arms straight in front of you.

•Bring yourself up smoothly to the starting position and do three to five reps.

•Repeat these steps and do your opposite leg.

Final Thoughts on Strengthening Your Glutes

Since your glutes have essential responsibilities, paying attention to them is essential. Try these and other exercises to keep them firm. You’ll notice lower body strength and a greater range of motion.