Tommy, a 4-year-old ginger cat, lives in the UK with his loving cat parents. The adorable tabby cat garners a lot of attention on social media for his fashionable bandanas and bowties. He’s the perfect model for them, if you ask us! We hope his story brightens your day and warms your heart during these cold winter days.

“When Tommy first came to our home, he was very nervous and he used to run away and hide, but after a couple days he was absolutely fine,” Tommy’s mom said. “We were looking to adopt another kitty, so we found through another friend that there was one in need of a home down the road.”

This Sweet Ginger Cat Will Warm Your Heart

Once they found a ginger cat close by, they decided to provide a loving home for him. They adopted him when he was just eight weeks old in July 2017. They also had two other cats at home that got along wonderfully with their new furry addition. Just like any ginger cat, Tommy loves the simple things in life.

“Tommy loves his treats as any cat would; one of his favorites are the nice, licky treats. Tommy is very lovable and loving, and he loves to sit on our lap to cuddle. He loves playing with his toys and he loves to go out to explore,” his mom says.

When he’s not doing normal cat things, he also loves being a ham on social media! You can find the ginger cat on Instagram @the_ginger_tom.

“We love to spend time cuddling with Tommy; it makes us happy and makes him happy too. If you’re thinking of adopting a pet, we recommend lots of cuddling, lots of love, lots of pet playing as well,” Tommy’s mom said.

Enjoy perusing his Instagram page and admiring his luscious good looks! He probably makes all the other ginger cats out there jealous, because he’s one handsome fellow!


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Interesting Facts About Ginger Cats

  • National Tabby Day is April 30, so if you have a ginger cat, make sure to celebrate him or her on this day!
  • Tabbies got their name from their resemblance to silk sold in Baghdad’s “Attabiy” district. In the 14th century, the French named them “atabis,” which became “tabis,” and nowadays, we simply call them tabby cats.
  • Tabbies aren’t an actual breed of cats, but a way of describing their physical characteristics. One of the telltale signs of a tabby is a unique “M” mark in the middle of their forehead.
  • You might think tabby cats only come in the color orange. While most people think of a ginger cat as a tabby, they have other coat colorings as well. Black and grey tabbies also exist, and you can usually spot them because of certain patterns on their coats.
  • About 75-80% of ginger tabby cats are male, and only 20-25% are female.
  • Ginger cats have five distinct coat patterns. Classic tabby cats have striking swirling patterns, mackerel tabbies have long, thin stripes, and spotted tabbies have large or small spots. Ticked tabbies have unique markings on their faces and agouti hairs (hairs with more than one band of color) throughout their bodies. Finally, patched tabbies may showcase one or more of these patterns, with most of them residing on their legs and head.
  • Tabby patterns come in handy in the wild, as they help camouflage big cats while they hunt for prey. Large ginger cats like tigers benefit from these markings on their coats. Leopards also bear these patterns.
  • Ginger cats and kitties have a warm, affectionate, playful personality. They also have high intelligence, but unfortunately, that can make them incredibly stubborn as well.
  • Tabby cats make wonderful family pets due to their social nature. They enjoy playtime and will gladly participate in activities with their human family.
  • Like most cats, ginger cats love a good hunt. If you have a mouse or other rodent in the house, a tabby cat won’t hesitate to chase it down.


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Basic Ginger Cat Care

If you decide to adopt a ginger cat, you’ll need to ensure you can properly care for him/her. Follow these tips to keep your tabby safe and healthy:

  • Cats are carnivores, so make sure to feed them foods made only for cats and not table scraps.
  • Make sure to spay or neuter your cat as soon as possible. Skipping this step can lead to thousands of unwanted cats being born each year, with an average lifespan of just two years. As you can imagine, homeless cats have very rough lives on the street. Also, feral cats can cause significant ecological damage. They’ve been linked to declining bird populations in Australia and North America, and have even caused extinctions on islands across the globe.
  • Avoid declawing your cat, as tabby cats need their claws for scratching. This behavior is instinctive and helps them stretch, remove dead parts of their nails, and mark objects with their scent.
  • Take your cat to the vet at least once a year. Even if nothing seems wrong, a good check-up will keep your ginger cat healthy and happy.
  • Keep a few toys around the house so your cat stays occupied while you’re gone. Some ideas include strings, balls, sticks, or fake mice. Also, consider buying a cat stand or tower, because cats love to climb!

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Final Thoughts on Tom the Handsome Ginger Cat

Have you ever seen a cat as photogenic as Tommy? We didn’t think so! He just looks like a pro model in all his pictures; his parents should feel very proud! Tabby cats aren’t just beautiful to look at; they also have a heart of gold and offer companionship to humans. They love to play and will happily engage in any activity with their humans.

If you’ve ever owned a tabby cat, you probably remember their warm, friendly demeanor. Everyone talks about dogs being a man’s best friend, but ginger cats have just as much love to give. Have you ever owned a tabby cat? Let us know your experience in the comments.