How to Get Stronger and Slimmer In Less Than 15 Minutes

How to Get Stronger and Slimmer In Less Than 15 Minutes

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Nowadays, people need an effective and time-efficient way to exercise. Why? Because the schedules of many simply don’t permit anything else.

The good news is that we can “get in” an effective workout that doesn’t consist of spending an hour in some crowded gym. Of course, it does require the ability to discern between the “get fit quick” garbage and actual science.

An abundance of physiological research has discovered one key fact relating to exercise and fitness: time doesn’t matter as much as effort. Actually, there’s another key fact: high-intensity, short duration workouts are among the most effective for gaining strength and losing weight.


Heck, even Arnold Schwarzenegger (aka “Conan The Barbarian”) has promoted 15-minute workouts.

In this article, we’ll discuss a routine that will help you gain strength and torch fat. And…

You won’t need a gym


– You won’t need weights

– You don’t even need to leave the house.

(Note: illustrations and demonstrations of the exercises mentioned here can be found online.)


Without further ado: here is the 14-minute workout that’ll get you going.

How to Get Stronger and Slimmer In Less Than 15 Minutes


– Perform the routine three times per week

– Do each exercise for 40 seconds; rest for 10 seconds; move onto the next

– Don’t worry about performing 100 reps right away. What’s most important is trying your best to maintain form throughout each movement.

– You’ll notice that many exercises begin in the plank position. For clarification, the plank position is basically the starting pushup position – arms, legs and back straight.


1. Bicycle Scissor Kicks

Starting position: Lie on your back, legs straight, fingertips behind the head.

Motion: (I) Raise left leg directly over hips while raising right shoulder and rotating the elbow towards the knee. (II) Lower the left leg while lifting the right leg and rotating the left elbow towards the knee. (III) Alternate.

2. Plank Walk To Pushup

Starting Position: Plank position with hands under shoulders and feet together.

Motion: (I) Position left hand next to right hand while spreading right foot about hip-width from left foot. (II) Move to the right for two feet then lower into a pushup. (III) Repeat movement to the opposite side (motions I & II constitutes one repetition).


3. Squat to lunge

Starting position: Feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent, hips lowered to into a squatting position.

Motion: (I) Move left leg back and bend the knee (a “reverse lunge”). The upper body and right shin should be parallel as much as possible. (II) Get back to squat position and repeat.

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4. Jab-Cross

Starting position: Feet staggered, knees bent, hips angled slightly to right side. Fists at chin level.


Motion: (I) Punch straight with left hand. (II) Rotating the right foot forward, punch straight out with right fist while rotating palm. (III) Continue for 15 seconds, switch feet starting position and repeat.

5. Side Lunge To Jump

Starting position: Standing, position your right leg approximately two shoulder-widths apart from the right shoulder. Elbows are bent and hands are together. Both feet facing forward, lower the hips while bending the right knee and keeping the left leg straight.

Motion: (I) Step back with the right leg and stand; jump while raising hands overhead. (II) That’s one repetition; switch and continue alternating sides.


6. Pushup to kick-over

Starting position: In plank position with hands under shoulders; feet hip-width apart.

Motion: (I) Raise your left hand while extending your arm; sweep right leg under the body and move it in a kicking motion to the opposite side. (II) Return to plank position and lower body into a pushup. Alternate and repeat.

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7. Double crunch

Starting position: Laying flat on surface with arms fully extended overhead.

Motion: (I) Tightening the abdominal area, lift up your back straight up while moving your knees into the chest. “Sweep” arms low to the ground while touching your feet or holding your shins. (II) Return to starting position and repeat.

8. High knees

Starting position: Elbows bent, shoulders relaxed, moving into a slow- to fast-paced jogging motion.

Motions: (I) Maintaining a jogging motion, progressively lift your knees higher until the leg is at a 90-degree angle. (II) If comfortable with motion (I), lift knees until they are above the waistline.

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