7 Signs You’ve Made A Friend For Life

7 Signs You’ve Made A Friend For Life

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They say a good friend is hard to find and even harder to keep, and this old saying seems to hold true. Especially in today’s world, it seems that real friends who will stick by your side through the hard times are increasingly rare. Friends come and go from our lives, but a ride or die friend stays with us for life.

Friends are there to support us, help us grow, and nurture us through difficult times. They’re an important part of a healthy life, and studies have shown the benefits of having good friends. From helping you stay on track with a healthy diet and exercise routine to keeping your mind sharp to help you destress, good friends are part of a balanced life.

If you have a friend like this in your life, consider yourself lucky. Hold on to them and never let them go because real friendship is one of life’s greatest blessings. If you’re not sure if they will stick around or not, here are some ways to find out.

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell




  1. They can always tell when something is wrong.

A “normal” friend doesn’t know you well enough to pick up on those subtle cues that show there’s something going on beneath the surface. However, a friend for life will know the second they come into your presence that something’s amiss. They can tell by your body language and even your words that you have something you need to get off your chest.

If you’ve made a friend for life, they can read you like no one else and uncover any problems. They might not be able to solve it, but they can at least give you a shoulder to cry on and a safe space to share your inner world.


  1. Every time you hang out with a friend for life, you have an awesome time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re staying inside with Chinese takeout just talking about life or if you’re going out on the town, you always enjoy yourself with them. You two just seem to get each other, and this makes whatever you do together a million times more fun. Even if you’re sitting around doing nothing, there’s no one else you’d rather do nothing with than them.

When you’re around other friends, it seems like you have to entertain them or put on a mask to fit in. However, your friend for life sees you for exactly who you are and loves you anyway. You can say whatever’s on your mind and not have to worry about censoring yourself. One thing you really love about hanging out with your friend is the deep, intelligent conversation you have together.


  1. They support your wildest dreams no matter what.

Even if it sounds crazy to everyone else in your life, a friend for life will support your deepest desires. If you want to travel the country in a van for a year, your friend will be on board with it. If you want to go back to school at age 50, your friend will encourage you to no end. Starting a YouTube channel about exotic animals? No problem, your pal will think it’s the coolest idea ever and help you set it up.

A friend for life is often your biggest cheerleader, and someone you can share your ideas with openly. You don’t have to fear judgment, because they know you very well and can feel your passion when you talk about your dreams. They just want you to be happy and achieve whatever your heart desires.


  1. They want to get to know the real you.

A friend for life doesn’t care about the superficial things most people do. They don’t want to know your favorite clothing brand or what kind of car you drive. They may ask about your job, but that doesn’t determine their opinion of you. Instead of a surface-level conversation, they want to get to the deeper topics.

A real friend wants to know about your childhood trauma, your deepest fears, dreams, the thoughts that keep you awake at night, and your most embarrassing stories. In other words, they want to know what makes you, you. Other people may not care to know the person underneath the mask, but your friend does.

If you ever come across this type of person, you have found a real gem. Do not let them go, because it’s this friend who will stand by your side in your darkest moments. A friend for life is more like a soulmate, and nothing will keep them away. They love you for your real, authentic self, and it’s freeing to know you don’t have to hide yourself around them.


  1. They don’t use you or ask you for anything in return.

A friend for life doesn’t keep tabs on all the favors they do for you. They don’t expect you to do anything for them; your unconditional friendship and love is more than enough. Many “friends” today simply use others for their own gain, but you can rest assured that a true friend would never do this to you.

They’ve got your back no matter what and will do anything in the world for you within reason. They help you because they want to, not because they’re trying to get something out of you or hold their nice gestures against you.


  1. A friend for life puts in effort to keep up the relationship.

No one likes a friendship where it feels like pulling teeth to get them to hang out or even text you back. A real friend knows that it’s a two-way street, and makes sure to keep tabs on you. You may not talk to them every day, but they check in with you a few times a week at least to see how you’re doing.

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