20 Financial Affirmations to Encourage Smarter Money Habits

20 Financial Affirmations to Encourage Smarter Money Habits

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It can be hard to develop smarter money habits, but many financial affirmations can help. These affirmations will help you learn new habits and make them a part of your daily routine. As you repeat them, your brain will process them and help you control your spending, too.

While positive thinking won’t make you rich, it can still help you develop habits to reach financial freedom. Financial affirmations will help you make the right choices until they become a habit.

Financial Affirmations to Encourage Smarter Money Habits

If you think negatively about money, try replacing those negative thoughts with one of these financial affirmations. By changing how you think about money, you can develop new and smarter money habits.

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1. I set realistic financial goals and work to achieve them.

Setting goals is the key to achieving financial freedom, but the goals must be realistic. You can’t set goals that you don’t have the income to cover. Start with what is attainable soon, and then advance your goals each time you reach one.

2. I am taking action to grow my wealth and develop smarter habits.

You have to start somewhere, and constant action is required to continue growing. Begin doing the things that will help you succeed in managing your money. Once you get started, it will be easier to develop smarter money habits.

3. I have what it takes to develop good financial habits.

Don’t discourage yourself by believing that you don’t have what it takes. You already have everything you need to develop good habits. Trust in yourself, and you will make more progress.

4. I use my money wisely and can see the results.

You can make good financial decisions and purchase worthwhile things. Blowing your money won’t get you anywhere, but you already know that. Since you already know, you have to convince yourself of it.

Repeating this affirmation will help you remember to make beneficial financial decisions. The reminder helps make it a habit, and you will quickly see the results.

5. I am capable of overcoming any money challenges I encounter.

You inevitably face obstacles sometimes, but you can get through them. Unexpected things come up, causing your budget to be blown. Not only can you get through it, though, but you will also recover.

Since you have what it takes to develop good habits, recovering won’t be an issue. Stay focused and keep working toward your financial goal.

6. I am keeping track of my spending and how it affects my overall financial health.

By keeping track of your spending, you will have an easier time managing your finances. You will see which areas you are spending too much on and can reduce or cut them out.

When you are tracking, add up the frivolous spending to see the total of your purchases. Then, think about what you could have used that money for. You could have put it toward debt, invested it, or used it for a small home upgrade.

Small daily purchases can add up quickly. By the end of each month, you’ve likely blown hundreds of dollars on things you didn’t need. For that reason, use this affirmation to encourage yourself to track your spending and think about its effect.

7. I am confident that I will reach all of my financial goals.

With confidence and self-esteem, you can accomplish anything you want, including your financial goals. If you believe in yourself, you can develop life-long habits that help immensely.

8. I use resources to help me manage my finances.

No one can manage their finances accurately without some help. Figure out what you need, and then utilize them often to help you along the way.

There are apps for tracking purchases, managing accounts, setting budgets, and many other aspects of finances. Finding free courses to give you tips and guidance may help, as well. There are plenty of resources available, so take advantage of them and use this affirmation to encourage yourself.

9. I recognize that having smarter money habits will benefit my family.

If you have a family, they are likely your top priority. With how important your family is to you, anything that benefits your family is something you are on board with.

Using this affirmation will help you associate smarter money habits with a benefit to your family. It will help your brain process the information, and it will be much easier to make good financial choices.

10. I am developing smart financial habits so that I can improve my life.

When your finances are stable, your life will improve. You will have less stress, be more comfortable, and be happy about providing for your family.

If you have ever felt like you are drowning in bills, then you know the relief of getting caught up. Imagine if you were not only able to catch them all up but then begin to save, invest, and develop financial security.

finances11. I am excited about reaching my financial goals.

With excitement, you are more likely to succeed. Your brain will process your new habits as a good thing rather than one associated with negative feelings. Plus, when you see something that you have an urge to buy, you will have an easier time walking away.

12. I know that everyone makes financial mistakes sometimes, and it is essential to learn from them.

You are bound to make a mistake or two along the way, but you can’t let that discourage you. Don’t give up when something doesn’t go as planned, or you will miss out on the benefits. Instead, learn from what happened so that you can do better next time.

13. I acknowledge that money can bring me freedom.

Money can’t fix everything, but it can give you more freedom. You won’t feel stuck in any areas of your life because you can always make a change. Plus, you won’t feel like you have no options when something goes wrong.

You can make decisions based on what you want rather than what you can afford. Another bonus is that you won’t have to feel weighed down by debt or late payments.

14. I am motivated to reach financial stability.

When you have motivation, you are more likely to be dedicated and work hard. You won’t want to stray from the plan because it will slow you down on your goals. Repeat this financial affirmation each day to get your brain thinking about your new habits.

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