The thought of committing to another person can be complex, especially if one of you fears love. There are many reasons someone might experience a fear of love (or philophobia), and understanding why can help with moving forward.

This fear is common, but you shouldn’t allow it to prevent you from finding love. It can negatively impact your connections, making developing meaningful bonds with others hard. Your fear can also lead to insecurities about yourself and your relationship.

Determining underlying reasons for fearing love can help you address the issues and work toward healing. It’ll help you (or your partner) grow and develop into a better person capable of engaging in a loving relationship.


If you or your partner fears love, it’s called philophobia. It’s an intense experience that prevents someone from forming or maintaining loving romances.

Many people keep this concern to themselves, so it’s hard to know how common it is. It is a protective response meant to prevent emotional pain or heartache. Philophobia often stems from insecurities and trauma. But the cause philophobia differs for everyone.

NOTE: If you want to know why men sometimes fear falling in love, you can find a separate article discussing male behaviors.

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Twelve Reasons Why Most Women Fear Love

Everyone is different, so if you fear love, it could stem from many reasons. Some of the possibilities include the following:

1 – Some Fear Love Because of Their Family History

If you saw a parent or other family member fear love, you’re more likely to experience it yourself. Your fear might start as a subconscious aversion or you’re aware of the feeling. Either way, you’ll likely exhibit the same fears as those you were close to growing up.

Additionally, seeing others in bad relationships can make them want to avoid love to protect themselves from the same experience. Their family history can make them believe that their romances can’t be different than what they witnessed. They might struggle with trusting someone enough to experience a long-lasting relationship.

2 – Opening Up Makes Them Vulnerable

Falling in love makes you vulnerable, and some women are afraid to open up in this way. Healthy relationships require honesty, and keeping secrets can disrupt trust levels.

Since some women want to hide some aspects of themselves, it prevents their partner from getting to know them on a deeper level. They’d rather avoid vulnerability than embrace love.

3 – Some Fear Love Because It Requires Change

If a woman doesn’t want her life to change, she might be afraid to fall in love. The changes can make her feel like she’s losing herself and the things she prioritized before.

Being in a long-term relationship often results in shifting interests, leading to engaging in hobbies your partner enjoys. It can be scary to accept these changes, even when they can bring happiness and love.

You might also spend less time with your friends and family when you get into a long-term relationship. Some women believe they’ll lose people they care about, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

If you’re in this situation, you don’t have to let go of everything you love. However, taking on new hobbies and interests that you can share with your partner can be enjoyable. There’s nothing wrong with doing a little of both, allowing you to release your fear of love.

4 – They’ve Had Bad Experiences

Women who have been in complex relationships might fear love. Experiencing infidelity, divorce, abuse, abandonment, or any other detrimental situation can make overcoming negative thoughts and feelings hard. Being heartbroken can create fears as a protection method, and finding a coping technique is essential to healing.

5 – They Don’t Think They’re Good Enough

If a woman doesn’t think she’s good enough, she’ll be scared of love. She might convince herself that no one will accept her flaws, especially someone she cares about deeply. Her partner can even reassure her she’s beautiful, intelligent, or any other positive compliment, and she’ll still fear love.

If you’re a woman who struggles with thinking you’re not good enough, focusing on self-love can make a difference. It can boost your self-esteem and help you recognize how great you are.

6 – They Might Be Afraid of Commitment

A woman afraid of committing to someone will have deep feelings but resist the relationship. Instead, she’ll focus on the negative aspects of the romance to convince herself that she doesn’t need or want it. When she realizes she’s falling for someone, she’ll do what she can to distance herself from having a loving relationship.


7 – No One Measures Up

If a woman has an idea of finding the perfect partner, they’ll be afraid to feel deeply for anyone. No one is perfect, so if you are like this, you’ll always be able to identify flaws in someone. Waiting for perfection can leave you lonely and cause you to resist good relationships when they come your way.

8 – Some Fear Love Because They’re Afraid It Won’t Last

You can never guarantee that a relationship will last forever. If a woman worries about it, she might avoid falling in love so she won’t have to go through a breakup later. Many women think they can’t handle another heartbreak or go through the motions of a relationship that might not last.

This fear can stop you from finding someone who fits into your life and loves you. It can also lead to pushing away people you care about.

If you’ve experienced heartbreak, you must focus on healing to move forward. Otherwise, you’ll continue to fear love and miss experiences to enjoy romance.

9 – They Worry About Judgement

Some cultures have strict guidelines on who a person should marry or fall in love with, and it can make the process scary. Likewise, family dynamics can cause a woman to worry about introducing her partner to those closest to her. If she’s worried about how other people will react, she might hold herself back and fear love.

Remembering that the people who genuinely care about you will respect whoever you choose to be with can help ease your fear. If you’re in this situation, you can also feel better knowing that you and your partner are the only people who must be happy with your love life.

10 – They Might Not Get the Same in Return

Sometimes the fear of unequal love can make a woman avoid the experience. Your partner can love you but not as much as you love them, and vice versa. When you’re the one who loves more, it can be painful to realize that you’d do more for your partner than they would for you.

11 – Not Knowing What They Want

When a woman doesn’t know what she wants, she might be afraid to fall in love. She might waver from wanting to be in a relationship and wanting to maintain her single living. It’s a significant change, and some women are afraid to go for it.

It’s best to take your time when deciding if you want to spend your life with someone. However, don’t resist the opportunity for love because you don’t have to make any other decisions immediately.

You can love someone without changing your living situation or routine as you decide how to handle the next steps. Be honest with yourself during the process to remain comfortable moving forward and embracing love.

12 – Wanting Someone to Chase Them

Some women are scared to fall in love because they enjoy having someone chase them. The excitement of a new romance is magical, and it eventually wears off and the philophobia emerges.

Fearing the loss of this excitement can lead to some women keeping their partner at a distance so that it always seems fresh. They worry about how falling in love will change things, and it’s not something they’re eager to find out.

Should You Remain in a Relationship If She Fears Love?

If you’re with someone who fears love, there’s a chance they’ll embrace self-improvement and overcome the issue. However, if you still feel alone with them, it might not be the right relationship for you. Your partner should make you feel comfortable and be your safe space, not the one causing heartache or stress.

What to Do if You Fear Love

If you’re afraid to fall in love, there are ways to overcome philophobia. Start by determining why you’re scared, being honest with yourself, and opening your mind to underlying problems.

Focus on communicating your concerns with your partner. Coming up with a solution together can help you release your fear as you realize they support you.

You should also work on self-improvement and learn how to shift your thoughts. Seeking professional help is beneficial because a therapist can help you think differently than you would otherwise. They can also offer insight without bias, helping you understand your situation better.

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Final Thoughts on Reasons Why Most Women Fear Love

While romance is a beautiful experience, it’s common for women to fear love. Their reasons may vary, but it all comes down to trying to protect herself.

Finding ways to heal from past pain and overcome your philophobia can make a difference in this situation. It’ll allow you to embrace love and spend time with someone you enjoy and care about.

You deserve happiness and love, and you can make it happen. Being scared is okay, but don’t let it hold you back or push away someone who loves you.