As a reader who is a positive thinker, you likely have zero desire to undergo anti-aging surgery. So then what do you do about the inevitable sagging and wrinkling that comes with age? Good news! You can find a variety of face and neck exercises that will help you look younger naturally without the scars of surgery (or any fear of poor outcomes).

We recommend holding each of these 10 face exercises for a count of 30 seconds while you slow your breathing to a relaxed rate. Repeat two to three times daily for the maximum, positive, anti-aging effect.

You really can’t over-practice these tightening techniques to look younger naturally. As you do these exercises, try to increase the duration or intensity of the muscle work until you feel the warmth of each gentle stretch in your facial muscles.

Here are 10 face exercises that help you look younger:

1. Turkey neck tightener

This list is about the face, but a toned neck is also important to help you look younger. This anti-sagging exercise fights the dreaded wrinkly-looking “turkey neck” that we can get if we don’t do any anti-aging face and neck exercises.

Lift your chin, tilting your head back until the skin under your jaw is taut. Push out your lower jaw, press your tongue on your lower gum line, and roll your bottom lip out.

2. Under eye lifter

Those bags under your eyes reveal not enough rest, but this simple face exercise can help you look younger, fast. Without moving or tilting your head, look up with just your eyes until you feel a strain. This will feel as if you are looking at the inside of both eyebrows. The eyelids may flutter as you look up, while putting strain on an under-used muscle. While you do this exercise to look younger naturally, remember to breathe deeply.

dark circles under eyes
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3. Cheek apple lifter

A research study found that smile muscle training after corrective dental surgery can improve muscle tone and build confidence for how patients feel about their appearance in social situations. So, consider this a smiling exercise.
With clean hands, pinch the corner of your mouth, near where your smile line would be if you have one. While pinching tightly enough to feel resistance (but not to hurt yourself), smile as big as you can. You will feel a pull in your facial muscle that will lift the apples of your cheeks. Try to do one side at a time.

4. Upper eye lifter

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and a lift in your eye area is the big anti-aging impact that positive thinking readers want to see. Using the three middle fingers of both hands, press your fingertips near the lower brow line of both eyebrows. Press in and push upward gently with your fingers while frowning and creating resistance with your eyebrows.

5. Jowl lifter

Lift your neck as in the turkey neck exercise. Then, turn your head to either side, and stick out your lower jaw. You will strengthen the muscles and help reduce the appearance of sagging jowls.

6. Neck line definer

Turn your neck to either side until you can see in the mirror the vertical muscles and tendons of your neck. These vertical lines help elongate and define a graceful neck, making you look younger. Hold this pose for ten seconds on each side.

7. Collar bone definer

The collar bone is an area that accentuates the base of a young face and neck and it is a difficult area to tone. With your neck turned as in the neck line definer exercise, rotate your opposite shoulder forward about two to three inches until you see a triangular shaped hollow form between the neck and collar bone. Repeat for each side.

8. Forehead line eraser

Gently press upward at your hairline with the fingertips of both hands while frowning slightly. Do not wrinkle your forehead, but frown so that you push downward enough to create resistance against your fingers pressing upwards.

9. Nostril to upper lip line eraser

Place your clean thumbs inside your upper cheek near your gums. Smile, closing your upper lip to press down against your thumbs.

10. Chin lifter

To tone your chin, roll your lower lip up over your teeth. Push your tongue between your teeth and lower lip, pressing your lower lip against your tongue.

Closing Thoughts

In a review of nine studies for facial rejuvenation, the researchers found that all nine studies reported positive outcomes for facial exercises, with the participants looking younger. Those are the kind of results we want, and you will see them if you begin faithfully participating in the above exercises.

Note: Always consult your wellness advocate before starting any new regimen.