Until recently, people didn’t know that being an extroverted intuitive is a thing. People will always try to put themselves and others into neat little boxes. There are many reasons why we do it, and it would take ages to go into all of them. But the main one is that we like things to be safe and predictable. That’s why we take all those personality tests, even though we know they aren’t accurate.

That’s why we believe in astrology, even though being a Sagittarius probably has nothing to do with what you chose to eat yesterday. People want to understand what happens around them so they can be prepared for anything. And that’s why we would have never thought that being an extroverted intuitive is a thing.

Unfortunately, this desire to categorize everyone also has its drawbacks. The most obvious one is that we make inaccurate generalizations to fit everyone in just one box. And one of the most accepted ones is the idea that extroverts, being so outgoing and loud, tend to be less intuitive. That’s because we think of them as always being the center of attention and never the one who sits quietly, analyzing people.

That role is traditionally associated with introverts. You wouldn’t bat an eye if someone told you that introverts are empathetic and intuitive. But you might be more skeptical if you heard these characteristics associated with extroverts. Still, there are many extroverted, intuitive people, but they are often written off as something else. We either consider them extroverts, disregarding the possibility of them being intuitive.

Or we see that they are intuitive, so we automatically assume they are introverted. Both of those characterizations would be wrong. So, if you want to understand what an extroverted, intuitive person is, keep reading.

What Does It Mean to Be Intuitive?

extroverted intuitive

Before getting into details about extroverted, intuitive people, let’s discuss what intuition is. Intuition is not a process that can be described by looking at a logical set of steps. That’s what sets it apart from most other cognitive processes. Instead, intuition is something you feel without being able to explain why you feel that way.

You might have heard people talking about gut feelings. Well, those are the same thing as intuitive feelings. You experience these gut feelings when you just know something but can’t figure out why you do. So, for example, you might feel that you should bring a jacket with you even if the sky is not cloudy. And a few hours later, that jacket might come in handy.

Many people seem to think that intuition is just based on luck. But it’s based on information. So, while there might not be any logical steps you can trace to figure out what made you feel that gut instinct, that doesn’t mean there was any logic involved. It’s not just something you did consciously; that’s why you can’t analyze it.

Intuition and Subconscious Mind

Intuition comes from your subconscious mind. Your brain is constantly taking in your surroundings and gathering information. That way, it can create certain patterns that help you make decisions without thinking. It’s a survival instinct. For example, you don’t need to think when crossing the road because you subconsciously check to see if any cars are coming.

In the same way, you might intuitively feel like you need to hurry home because the road doesn’t seem safe. That’s not just a coincidence. To conclude, your subconscious gathers and analyzes information that lets you know about different dangers around you.

Some people are naturally more intuitive than others, and that’s not exactly something you can change. You can’t train your subconscious mind to be more or less alert. So some people aren’t intuitive, while others can accurately base major decisions on intuition. And this doesn’t have anything to do with your personality type.

Sure, introverts tend to be more intuitive on average. But the fact that they are introverted doesn’t lead to them being more intuitive. Instead, their subconscious mind is more alert and usually determines body personality traits. But that doesn’t mean other types of people can’t also be intuitive. And, as it so happens, many extroverted, intuitive people are out there.

6 Signs That Reveal Someone Is an Extroverted Intuitive

1.      Extroverts Are Dreamers

Extroverted intuitive people are dreamers. And they are not afraid to show that. Even though they spend a lot of time in their head, that doesn’t stop them from sharing all their wildest dreams with the people around them. And they aren’t afraid to dream big. No matter how unattainable the goal might be, they will still yearn for it to happen.

But, because of their intuition, their dreams are often pragmatic. Unlike people who aren’t intuitive, they know what their limits are. And they are very in tune with what they are good at. So instead of dreaming about things they could never achieve, they focus on developing what’s already there. And they will not be afraid to ask for their peers’ support when trying to achieve those goals.

2.      Extroverted Intuitive People Don’t Give Up Easily

The fascinating thing about extroverted, intuitive people is that they don’t like to give up. Not only that, but they can’t imagine letting an obstacle stop them. Their intuition allows them to see potential in every curveball life throws at them. And they will keep going even when most other people would have given up. For them, obstacles are a normal part of the journey.

Because of how intuitive they are, they understand that there is no easy path to success. So, they even welcome obstacles, as they know those are the best opportunities for them to learn. They will find a way to create something good out of the bleakest situation. Their extroverted side will also allow them to ask for help in situations where others wouldn’t. So, don’t be surprised if an extroverted intuitive person gets a promotion faster than any of your colleagues.

3.      They Live in the Future

Most extroverts like to focus on the present. They are used to being at the center of attention and like to reap the benefits of their bubbly personalities. While extroverted intuitive people also have excellent social skills, they don’t rely much on them. And, even if they do, it’s not their only source of joy. They like living in the future more than focusing on the present.

Don’t be surprised if you find such a person daydreaming. Even though they are usually happy with their life, they understand that the real potential is in the future. So, they are constantly looking for ways to unlock their true potential. They always hunt for new opportunities and continuously work on bettering themselves. But, sometimes, they forget to stop and enjoy the little things the present holds.


4.      Extroverted Intuitive People Are Creative and Innovative

For such a person, there’s no such thing as something being good enough. Their intuition is constantly telling them that things could be improved. Maybe it’s good enough that their company holds meetings in which they share all department tasks, but they know the process could be more efficient.

Instead of being complacent, they will suggest that this information be sent via email to make the process more efficient. Don’t be surprised to see such people holding creative jobs. They are always attracted to domains that challenge their imagination and creativity. They make for great artists, writers, and architects. But they are also determined enough to succeed in climbing the corporate ladder.

5.      They Thrive in Groups

Being that they are extroverts, these people have great people skills. But they don’t just know how to make themselves liked. They also know how to manage other people. And that’s why they thrive in group settings. Whatever task they have to perform, they will do it great. But they will do even better if they are tasked to lead the group.

Whereas most people describe group projects as worse than a trip to the dentist, extroverted intuitive people love them. Especially when they can work with people who have various different personality traits. They will do a great job managing everyone while ensuring all members get the necessary resources and support. They are great leaders mainly because of others like them. In addition, everyone tends to listen to them, so you can be sure they’ll get the job done in no time.

6.      Extroverts Are Great Friends

Most people like having at least one extroverted friend. But, let’s face it, some extroverts can be a handful to deal with, mainly because they have a harder time empathizing than introverts. Sure, they want to listen to you and help. But their advice will likely be very subjective and not at all tailored to your needs.

So, while they are fun to hang with, they aren’t always a reliable friend. But extroverted intuitive people are different. They have a unique way of processing what they hear. And, while they might not always empathize, they’ll always intuitively know what advice to give. So, in many ways, they are some of the best friends you can get.

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Final Thoughts on Signs That Reveal Someone Is an Extroverted Intuitive

Extroverted intuitive people are harder to decipher and fit in a box. They might not always be the most predictable people. But that’s what makes them so fun to be around. They are genuinely some of the most interesting and creative people out there.

They are dreamers who like living in the future. Even though they have big plans, somehow, they are always pragmatic. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to go out and get it, even if that means tackling big obstacles. That can sometimes mean they neglect the present, but they always manage to get back on track. They thrive in group situations, being great leaders.

With an extroverted intuitive coordinating a team, you can be sure everything will run smoothly. Plus, they make great friends. They can listen to you when you need comfort but are also the people who will drag you to the dance floor on a night out. So, if you want a fun, reliable friend, be on the lookout for an extroverted, intuitive person.