6 Exercise Bike Workouts That Melt Fat and Burn Calories

6 Exercise Bike Workouts That Melt Fat and Burn Calories

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Have you been wondering if bike workouts can help you melt fat and shed unwanted pounds?

Then it’s time to dust off the exercise bike and fight the battle of the bulge once again.

Weight loss is a very personal and individualized plan. What works for you might not work for the next person. Whether you’re using a plan that focuses on low carb, plant-based foods, or intermittent fasting depends on what works for your body chemistry and other underlying health issues. One thing that always seems to work is to eat less and move more, according to an article published by the National Institute of Health.

Exercise plans tend to target specific muscles rather than the entire body, and you can pick and choose the ones that fit your comfort level. Thankfully, there are a few maneuvers that can help you burn and tone at the same time, like swimming, dancing, and cycling.

As the temperatures outside begin to rise, it’s not always comfortable to get on your bike and trek around the neighborhood. If you long to bust a move in the comfort of an air-conditioned abode, then an exercise bike is right for you.

You can adjust the tension to make the workout more challenging, or if you’re beginning, you can try the beginner’s mode.

Six Effective Stationary Bike Workouts

exercise bikeIf you thought that you just got on one of these bikes and peddled, then you have underestimated the power of this workout. Did you know there are six different workout styles that you can do on a cycle? Additionally, if you don’t want another piece of gym equipment taking up space, you can get a device that makes your traditional bike become a stationary unit.

If you’re ready to feel the burn, get rid of stubborn fat, and look great for the beach this year, then here are six bike workouts that can help you accomplish your goal.

1. High-Level Cardio and Strength Training

This workout is geared towards those who want to tone more than lose massive amounts of weight. You want to clear 45 minutes of your schedule. The beauty of this specific workout is that you will work on leg strength, develop an efficient pedal stroke, and get in an entire cardiovascular workout.

First, you start with brief warm-up cycling that should last about ten minutes. Next, you want to work on getting each part of the three goals nailed down. So, you will work on leg strength for three minutes, then switch to cardiovascular for three, and finally work on your pedal strokes.

The goal is to do 2-4 rounds of these maneuvers. Last, you need to bring the heart rate to a more normal level with a cool down. Dedicate five minutes of your workout to cooling off. If you’re an advanced or intermediate cyclist, then this is the workout for you.

2. 25-Minute Intermediate Intervals

This is another workout routine that you can structure based on your skill level. Thankfully, there are no requirements to be a cycling pro to get the benefits of this workout. However, it’s advisable to have some skill level to get the best training using this method.

You want to use a low, medium, high, and maximum setting when doing this exercise. When you’re in low mode, you want to keep your resistance light. During this phase, you should feel comfortable talking on the phone or carrying on a conversation with someone.

During the medium phase, you want to increase your efforts. It would help if you still had the ability to talk on your phone comfortably, but you will start to feel the burn a bit more intensely. By the time you reach the high endurance level, you should try to stand up like you’re in a saddle position, and talking on the phone will be impossible at this stage.

Finally, when you reach the maximum zone, you can’t speak to anyone on the phone or around you as you need to breathe correctly. At this high rate, you will be lucky if you make it to one minute. Don’t forget that cool-down period, as you will most definitely need it.

3. Hill and Speed Intervals

When you’re first starting or are slowly advancing to the next level, you need a workout geared towards your skill level. The hill and speed intervals can help you get a good cardiovascular workout by taking you through different zones. You’re going to burn massive calories and boost your physical energy, but it’s not going to be a rough workout on your joints.

Rather than focusing totally on increased speed, this maneuver moves you to target between climbing and resting. You start by doing three minutes of intense hill climbing type work, then you follow it by regular cycling. You should dedicate about 45 minutes to this alternating method of cycling.

4. Power Intervals

The goal of power intervals is to get as much of a good workout as you can during a short period. The goal here is to build muscle, burn fat, and use your body’s oxygen to the fullest. Those who already have a routine exercise plan and work out 3-5 days per week can do this without issue.

If you question your abilities, then you should begin with ten intervals and then keep adding two more as you feel comfortable. The goal is to get up to 20 rounds will take time, and you should pace yourself.

When you begin, don’t come out on the exercise bike with all the intensity you have, or you will lose steam quickly. Remember the old saying that slow and steady wins the race. You want to start light and slowly build so that you have momentum from start to finish.

5. Cycle Fartlek Training

Fartlek exercise is a great way to blend HIIT with cardio, according to an article published by Strength Running. Many folks feel that this is like track or running training, but it’s just using speed play principles to incorporate it into whatever workout you choose. In this instance, you’re using a stationary bike.

Many folks love the fact that Fartlek is a bit more unstructured. If you have the endurance and strength to go strong for as long as possible, you can certainly do it. You control this workout with your abilities.

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