Have you ever been around someone in a bad mood, and it wasn’t long until their negativity rubbed off on you? You’re like an emotional sponge that absorbs the atmosphere around you, so you must be careful about the places you go and the people you allow into your energy field.

Another problem that folks often face is allowing the judgment of others to affect their self-worth. It’s toxic to enable a person’s negative influence to affect you. They’ve achieved power over you if they can change how you think, feel, and behave.

Now, some folks don’t mean to have such control over you, as they’re just being themselves and know no different. Still, you must be selective about who you allow in your inner circle. Whether they mean to or not, toxic behavior can profoundly affect you.

The Effect Others Have on Your Energy Field

Assume you went to the grocery store on a crowded weekend to shop. You used your turn signal to indicate you would park in a spot once the other vehicle exited. You waited patiently for a few minutes. Consequently, as soon as the other car left, another car pulled before you and took the spot.

You’re mad, and you felt rage rising with you as parking spots were hard to come by that day, and you lost your cool. You rolled down your window, yelled, honked your horn, and revealed your anger. Regrettably, you didn’t consider you had passengers in the car watching how you behaved, and you now regret what you’ve done.

The other party knew you were waiting and acted rudely by ditching you to get this spot. But when you lose your cool, they get the best of you. They hold their power over your thoughts and actions and manipulate your emotions by coming into your energy field, and you allow it.

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Ten Red Flags Someone Wants to Hurt Your Energy Field

Every day you make a choice. Just like in the example of the stolen parking spot, you choose to let that person get the best of you. You gave away your power and didn’t realize how their actions affected you until it was too late. Here are some other signs that someone wants to hurt your energy field, and you must stop these toxic influences.

1. Their Opinion Dictates Your Self-Worth to Drain You of Your Energy

As the old saying goes, you can please some people sometimes, but you will never please everyone. Individuals have opinions, and many of these beliefs won’t align with your views. While you must be courteous of the opinions of others, you cannot allow them to dictate how you feel about yourself.

For instance, you got a new haircut and color that you’ve wanted that’s trendy and cutting edge. However, a coworker hates your fresh cut and doesn’t care to tell you that you’re too old for this style. If you let this negativity penetrate you, you’re giving them control.

Their opinion on such a frivolous matter doesn’t even count, and you might second guess your choice if you allow them to get into your head.

2. They Try to Dictate Your Schedule

You have free choice, and you don’t live under the confines of another person. However, they’re getting into your energy field when they start to dictate where you will go, who you will see, or if you will attend that family gathering.


A controlling person likes to ensure that those around them align with their guidelines. Remember that you make the decisions for yourself, and never let anyone else tell you where you can go or what you can do.

3. They Have Past Resentments, Depleting Your Energy Field

No one is perfect, but when someone harbors ill feelings from the past, they can be passive-aggressive rather than deal with it. Holding anger allows this person to take up space you don’t need in your life. According to the National Library of Medicine, passive-aggressive behavior is related to borderline and narcissistic personality disorders.

These people want to punish you for your actions by using snippy comments to show they’re angry. For instance, you overdrew the checking account and caused $200 in overdraft fees. Rather than telling your partner how upset they were, they keep saying everything is fine.

Yet, they keep mentioning it when discussing finances and your lack of money management. There’s an issue under the surface, but they use it to affect your energy field rather than clearing the air.

4. They Don’t Recognize Your Potential

The people in your life should uplift you and try to help you reach your potential. However, when life hits you hard, your manager overlooks you for a promotion, or you lose your job, they only add to the injury. You don’t need this in your life.

Don’t give up and allow them to control your self-worth, as you can do anything you want. You stumbled and fell, but you will get up and try again. Remember, the only actual failure is not trying.

5. A Person Who Zaps Your Energy Will Bring Out the Worst in You

Some people bring out the best in you, while others always bring out the worst. These folks may provoke and pressure you into things you wouldn’t usually say or do. Even when faced with strong opposition, you must hold to your values and not allow their toxic influence to control you.

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6. They Put You on Guilt Trips

Both men and women know how to manipulate people. You say something that pulls at their heartstrings until they have no choice but to agree. This is a way for them to gain control over you, and bringing your emotions into the situation is a dirty trick.

It would help if you spoke up when someone tried to take you on this journey and be a person of your word. No matter what they throw up in your face and try to make you feel, you can’t give into them. Emotional games like this are pretty dangerous, as you’re like a puppet on a string trying to be manipulated by your feelings.

7. They’re Always Trying to Prove You Wrong

It doesn’t matter what you say or do; this person always tries to prove you wrong. They think everything you say should be altered to match their opinions. You don’t have to convince anyone else of your statements’ worth or validity, as you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. Don’t let this toxic person destroy your energy field with chronic negativity.

8. You Become Focused on Pleasing Them

Your focus is to be happy; if you can spread a little sunshine along the way, it’s a good life. However, never live your life to please someone else, no matter how much you love them.

Each minute of the day you spend thinking about how to please this person is another 60 seconds they’ve stolen from you. When you dwell on these negative people, they dominate your mind.

9. An Energy Vampire Will Make Everything a Big Issue

Have you ever heard the old saying that someone makes mountains out of molehills? When you’re with this person, they exaggerate matters and turn everything into a dilemma. It’s very exhausting trying to manage someone who is so high-strung.


People who always tend to make everything a crisis have a drama-prone personality, which according to the National Library of Medicine, is also a histrionic personality disorder. These folks exaggerate even the simplest things and live a chaotic life. The article further states that these folks engage in attention-seeking behaviors, classifying them as a “Cluster B” psychological disturbance.

10. They Don’t Have Healthy Boundaries

Everyone has boundaries or limitations they set to protect themselves. Once you make your boundaries known, respectable folks will stay within these parameters. However, someone who wants to destroy your energy field will push these limits and go beyond them without a second thought. Never allow anyone to drive your economic, emotional, or physical boundaries as they’re there to protect you.

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Final Thoughts on Those Who Want to Hurt Your Energy Field

Is there a person(s) trying to influence your energy field negatively? Are they trying to control or dominate you by changing your thoughts, feelings, or behavior? Today is the day to take control once again of your life to reach your true potential.

Once you remove the toxic folks from your life, you will be impressed with how you can soar and achieve those goals you’ve been unable to conquer. Are you ready to make some changes?