Empathy is a beneficial skill that will get you far both professionally and personally. If you want to empathize with others more, daily affirmations can help you obtain the level of empathy you are seeking. Repeating these affirmations each morning will help you feel empathetic right from the start of your day.

Some people struggle with empathy, but it is a learned characteristic that anyone can develop. When you don’t use this skill often, it will be harder to implement in unexpected moments. If you use these affirmations each day, though, you will always be ready.

When you empathize with others, it shows that you are caring, considerate, and compassionate. As you work to increase your skills in these areas, you will hit roadblocks along the way. Anytime that happens, return to these affirmations and repeat your favorite ones.

Fifteen Daily Affirmations to Help You Empathize with Others

As you repeat these positive phrases, your subconscious mind will believe what it hears. Keep your heart and mind open so that you can take it all in and benefit from the words. Once you repeat them enough times, you will find the phrases running through your mind unprompted.

1. I find joy in being empathetic.

By finding joy in showing empathy, you will help yourself do a better job at it. You will find that it becomes a meaningful part of your life if you use this affirmation each day. Then, you will look forward to the feeling and find more opportunities to help others.

When you find joy in helping others, you will become more confident, and love will flow more freely throughout your body. The right words will come easy to you, and the emotional discomfort of others won’t make you uncomfortable, either.

2. I find it a little easier to be empathetic every day.

If you use this affirmation each morning, you will recognize more chances to be empathetic. You will also find it easier to show compassion and empathy to others without feeling uncomfortable. By using this affirmation, you will feel a little more confident in your abilities each day.

3. I can always see things from other people’s perspectives.

This affirmation will train your mind to think from other people’s points of view more often. Rather than only thinking from your angle, you can assess each situation from the perspective of everyone involved. This thought process can help you be more empathetic, and you will understand other people better.

If you can always see things from another perspective, you will have an easier time helping others. You will see what they need and where their thoughts or behaviors are stemming from. Recognizing these things can help you empathize with others as you can relate to and understand them.

4. I like to help others.

When you enjoy helping others, empathy will come easy to you. You can promote this mindset in yourself by repeating this affirmation each day. It will help you learn to enjoy this lifestyle, which will increase your ability to empathize with others.

5. I know my life will improve if I show more sympathy.

When you are empathetic to others, your life will improve, too. You will feel happier and more at peace, and you won’t have as much conflict in your life. Your overall well-being will boost as kindness and compassion help you become a better person.

Your positive skills will continue to improve as you make meaningful connections while empathizing with others. The comfort you bring to other people in times of need will come back to you in an even better way.

6. I can think of empathetic things to say to others.

Sometimes it is a struggle to find the right words to say to people in difficult situations. Using this affirmation can help you think of things quickly, giving you the ability to communicate empathetically. You will feel more confident sharing your words if you convince your mind that you can think of beneficial things to say.

Repeat this affirmation until you feel like you know what you will say to someone that day. You never know when you will need to empathize with someone, so saying it each day is the best option. This way, you are ready and feeling good when the time comes along.

7. I am comfortable showing the right amount of empathy in all situations.

Being empathetic won’t seem sincere if you don’t show the right amount. Showing too much empathy or not enough will come across as fake and ingenuine. Repeating this affirmation will help you find a happy medium as you work to help someone.

8. I am good at empathizing with others.

When you recognize that you are good at helping people, you will feel better about doing it. You will become more empathetic when you acknowledge your ability and give yourself credit. Boost your self-confidence by using this positive phrase whenever you might be in a situation that requires empathy.

The positivity you will feel from this affirmation will help you make the right choices when helping others. It will seem like you know what to do in any situation, and people will learn to appreciate that about you.

9. I care about the way other people think.

Caring about others and the way that they think will help you empathize with them. When you can consider their mindset and thought process, you will better understand them. With a deeper understanding, you can help them more positively.

This affirmation will help you remember to consider that other people might think differently. It will help you consider alternative points of view when thinking about things. This thought process will make a big difference when it comes to showing empathy.

10. I am naturally empathetic, and showing it is easy.

With natural empathy, you can empathize with others more positively. You won’t struggle as much in situations that require empathy, and it will be easy to show it when the time is right. Use this affirmation to switch your mindset to a more empathetic one to guide you through your life.

11. I can tell the truth and speak my mind while still being sensitive.

You don’t have to sugarcoat things or tell a lie to be empathetic. Honesty is still possible while showing sensitivity and empathy to someone. If you struggle to do both, then this is the daily affirmation for you.

Repeat it each morning so that you are prepared to speak the truth right from the start of your day. By doing this, you prepare yourself for anything that happens, and you will be ready to help honestly.

12. I am good at helping people through stressful times.

Being good at helping others through hard times is a sign of empathy. Anytime you are helping someone else and understanding their mindset, you are empathetic. Encourage yourself to continue this type of behavior by implementing this positive phrase into your daily routine.

13. I am perceptive of other people’s emotions.

If you can be perceptive of other people’s emotions, you are well on your way to empathizing with them. Use this affirmation to help shift your mindset and watch for the way other people are feeling. By recognizing their feelings, you can help them effectively.

14. I am a caring person, and it shows.

A caring person tends to be an empathetic one, so keep being a caring person. Each day, remember that kindness goes a long way regarding helping others and being compassionate. Anytime you feel like you aren’t caring enough, repeat this phrase to reaffirm that you are.

15. I have empathy for others, even those I disagree with.

You don’t have to agree with someone’s beliefs or opinions to empathize with them. Part of having empathy requires you to care for those with values that don’t align with yours. Be empathetic towards everyone, and you will have a much better time with it.

Final Thoughts on Daily Affirmations to Help You Empathize with Others

If you want to empathize with others, implement these daily affirmations into your morning routine. Repeat them all until you find the ones that resonate with you the most. These positive phrases are perfect in the morning, as they start your day on a positive note, but you can use them anytime during the day, too.

Whenever you decide to repeat these affirmations, keep an open heart and mind as you take the words in and process them. Speaking them aloud is beneficial because your mind takes your statements as fact, and hearing them ensures your mind processes them. Keep saying them until you believe the words you are saying.

Don’t be afraid to take a break halfway through your day to be alone and repeat them once more. There is no such thing as saying them too many times, so do it until you feel better. These positive phrases are sure to help you empathize with others on a deeper level.