An empath is gifted because they can identify and relate to the emotions of others. They are highly sensitive and know more than many people realize. You can’t get away with lying to an empathic person for many reasons, and the reasons all relate to their ability to tune into your emotions.

If you know an empath, you’ve probably already learned that it’s almost impossible to lie to them. Even if you lie, you’ll likely feel that the person knows you’re being dishonest. They don’t always say that they know you’re lying, but they can see through the false words.

An empath won’t always call you out on white lies, but they won’t let you get away with serious lies. Once you lose their trust, you have to prove that you’ve changed before they’ll let you back in their life.

Don’t overestimate your ability to lie when you’re around someone who empathizes. Even the best liars can’t get their lies past this person.

How to Know When You’re Around an Empath

These people are deeply aware of the emotions of those around them. You’ve likely heard of it before, but it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint the empaths in your life. Some of the ways you can tell if you’re around one are if they are:

  • Aware of the emotional energy from those around them
  • Highly sensitive and loving
  • Likely to absorb the negative emotions and stress of others
  • Often overstimulated
  • Seemingly unable to set or enforce personal boundaries
  • A natural helper
  • Affected by their physical environment
  • Needing time to recharge after spending time with others
  • Deeply connected to the people around them

empathic empathetic people

Types of Empathic Personalities

There isn’t just one type as everyone is different. The different types include:

  • Emotional: They pick up and absorb the emotions of those around them. This situation occurs with both negative and positive emotions.
  • Physical: They notice and take on the physical symptoms of others. These people often experience the symptom themselves and are receptive to it when the other person feels it.
  • Intuitive: They have deep insight into the emotions and physical symptoms of others. These people often become mentally, emotionally, or physically overwhelmed.
  • Plant: They make great gardeners or landscapers because they know what plants need. While plants can’t talk, these people enjoy being around plants and determining what they need.
  • Animal: They notice the needs and feelings of animals and go out of their way to help. These people enjoy being around and working with animals.
  • Earth: They are receptive to the earth and all of nature. These people are affected by natural disasters, weather, and environmental harm.

Why You Never Get Away with Lying to an Empath

It’s nearly impossible to deceive a person with highly attuned empathic tendencies.

1. Empaths See Things Other People Don’t

These people can see your true intentions even when other people can’t. You can mask your purpose, but they’ll see through your façade and know what you want or intend.

2. Empathic People Sense Discomfort and Dishonesty

Your basic emotions allow an empathizer to see your discomfort when you lie. They’ll know something is off, making them pay more attention to your demeanor. As they pay close attention, they’ll recognize other small clues about your lies.

3. They Recognize Exploitative Behavior

These people know when you’re trying to get the better of them or someone else. They’ll recognize when you use them for selfish reasons and don’t often let those actions go. If you exploit their kindness and generosity, they’ll either call you out or avoid you.

4. They Notice Self-Destruction

If you have self-destructive tendencies, an empathetic person will notice. They recognize if you often play victim, tough guy, or falsely portray another personality. Plus, they will also see the reason behind your display.

They know if you’re truly living the life you portray or looking for attention. This behavior might not go ignored because it frustrates them. They’re likely to call you out and tell you to stop behaving that way.

5. An Empath Recognizes Insincerity and Lack of Authenticity

These people know when you’re not being sincere. If you pretend you’re happy or excited for someone, an empath will know if it’s a cover. They also recognize if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not.

If you’re afraid to be yourself, an empathetic person not only sees it but also notices the beauty in who you are. You can be true to yourself around these people because they’ll know if you’re not. However, if your lack of authenticity stems from wanting to show off or look better, they won’t take so kindly to the situation.

6. Empathic People Have Interpersonal Intelligence

These people can read your emotions with their interpersonal intelligence. They always know how you feel, even when you don’t say it. Since they are highly aware of other people’s emotions, it allows them to see through any lie.


7. They Pay Attention to Details

You can’t get much past them because they pay close attention to little details. They notice how you conduct yourself by watching your body language, choice of words, and tone of voice. These details allow them to recognize dishonesty quickly.

8. They Recognize When You’re Not Trying Your Best

If you hide your maximum potential, they’ll know it right away. Whether you’re afraid to put yourself out there or have a malicious reason, you can’t get it passed them. Sometimes you might hide your potential because you’re scared, and they will even know your reasoning.

When they know you don’t have a malicious reason for not doing your best, they’re likely to help you out. These people know what you’re capable of and want to help you tune into that potential. However, they’ll walk away if they feel you have a malicious reason for hiding your potential.

9. Empathic People See the Dishonesty in Your Eyes

An empathetic person sees right through your dishonesty because they can see it in your eyes. They might notice a subtle shift in your eyes and can see how you feel. You might notice that they don’t break eye contact while talking to you because they don’t want to miss anything.

10. They Know if You’re Not Fine

You can repeatedly tell them you’re doing okay, and they won’t believe it if it’s false. These people can see if you’re not okay and usually want to help you. You don’t have to lie to them about how you feel because they’re naturally caring and non-judgmental.

While you decide if you want to discuss your feelings or not, an empath will be open to a discussion. They recognize when you are uncomfortable, tense, annoyed, or scared. You might as well help yourself by letting them help you through the situation.

11. They Know When You Don’t Mean the Praises You Say

Don’t try to flatter or praise an empath with things you don’t believe. They can tell when you don’t mean what you say, making them want to avoid you.

12. The Empath Knows if You’re Being Judgmental

Empathetic people don’t enjoy being around judgmental people and know when you’re judging. You might not say anything aloud, but they can sense your feelings.

This person notices the moment judgmental thoughts start going through your mind. They don’t always say anything but will likely walk away and create distance between you.

13. Empathic People Recognize Negativity

An empath can spot negativity immediately, and they avoid the drama and chaos negative people attract. They create boundaries and limit their time with anyone who portrays negativity.

Negative people tend to lie and be dishonest; their reasoning is never understandable. Since the reason for the lies is usually malicious, someone who empathizes will pass on helping and distance themselves.

14. They Sense Jealousy or Hatred

An empath can often recognize these characteristics as soon as they see you. You might think you’re hiding them well, but you can’t hide them from them. They can see jealousy and hatred in your eyes and in how you carry yourself.

15. Empaths Hear the Things You Don’t Say

Empaths hear even the things you don’t say. They notice the way your voice rises and if your tone changes.

They also recognize if there is a slight hesitation before you answer a question or respond to a statement. These people also know what your silence means if you don’t say anything.


Final Thoughts on Reasons You Will Never Get Away with Lying to an Empath

It’s nearly impossible to lie to an empath because they always seem to know the truth. Don’t waste your time and energy trying to convince an empathic person of lies because it could backfire. They are incredibly understanding but don’t want to be taken advantage of.

If you’re unsure if someone is an empath, it’s best to go with honesty. Lying is wrong regardless of who is listening, so make it a habit to tell the truth. Telling the truth will make you feel better anyway and help you deal with your problems.