True love means a lot of things, namely, standing by your lover’s side through thick and thin and wanting to grow old with them by your side. If you’ve ever seen an old couple out at a restaurant or walking around a store together, you probably can’t contain your “aaawwwww” reaction due to the cuteness factor. I mean, come on, elderly couples just have a way of bringing a smile to your face even if you’ve been having the worst day ever.

Elderly couples have been able to withstand all of life’s trials and tribulations and have managed to deal with one another’s annoying habits for years. They may not always like each other, but they do love each other, which means putting up with the not-so-fun moments in life. Today, we want to bring you photos of adorable old couples who make us all green with envy.

These ten older duos prove that long-lasting love is really possible. Besides being so cute to look at, each of these images teaches us a life lesson about love.

1 – Elderly Couples Feed Each Others’ Souls

It’s no mistake that traditional wedding receptions feature a big moment when the couples cut and feed each other a bite of wedding cake. In fact, the act of sharing that wedding cake proves a commitment to nurturing someone and providing for them for life. So don’t stop feeding each other after you say I do.  Make it a sweet gesture to enjoy during intimate moments, as pictured here.

elderly couples

2 – Elderly Couples Know How to Make Life a Picnic, Even in Trying Days

Life is not always a picnic. Most couples face struggles and ups and downs. However, those most trying times are when you must take the most care to keep the romance alive. Of course, there is no better way to spend time together over a nice meal. If your challenges are financial in nature, a picnic is an affordable date–just head to your public park and enjoy the time together. Keep your positivity and work together to overcome those hurdles in your life.

elderly couples

3 – Elderly Couples Reveal: Life Is All About Achieving Balance

Albert Einstein once said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” As with so many of his theories, Einstein appears to be a hundred percent correct.

You must find a way to juggle work, family, raising children. It can be easy to forget to make time for your beloved. However, they must be part of that equation early in the relationship to lay the foundation for lifelong love. Prioritize your partner along with all your other life responsibilities.

elderly couples

4 – Older Adults Will Advise You to  Keep Your Body Strong for a More Enjoyable Life

It is relatively easy to slip into bad habits as we age, including forgetting to exercise regularly. But keeping your body as strong as possible will enable you to enjoy your golden years with your loved one. A strong body helps you enjoy leisure time activities after you retire. The irony here is that by the time most people can afford to retire, they deal with declining physical health. So start early to put off the impacts of an aging body so you can get out and enjoy!

elderly couples

5 – Older Couples Know That Holding Hands Never Gets Old

The simple act of holding hands is sweet and intimate. It reinforces your connection and provides a tangible, outward symbol of your ongoing love for one another. You are never too old to hold hands!

elderly couples

6 – You Don’t Always Have to Take Life Too Seriously, These Older Adults Show Us

Instead of considering life a hard road filled with peaks and valleys, consider it a roller coaster. Learn to embrace the climbs, twists, and turns. That doesn’t mean that you won’t feel that steep drop in the pit of your stomach when you plummet down the hills, but you will begin to realize that another thrill always comes to follow.

Don’t worry–you don’t need to ride an actual roller coaster. This couple shows us that it’s okay to goof off, have fun, and stop taking life so seriously. Take a positivity break and enjoy each other.

elderly couples

7 – Elderly Couples Know the Value of Sweet, Small Gifts and Kind Gestures

Giving your beloved a small gift now and again shows appreciation and kindness. Gifts don’t need to be expensive. This couple illustrates how a sweet surprise can be a freshly picked bouquet of posies from the garden. Regardless of the monetary value, your love will feel the power of your love.

elderly couples

8 – A Hug Wraps You in Warmth and Love

This couple shows us how you are never too old to enjoy a nice, long hug.  Hugging is an act that puts you in close physical contact, providing warmth and reassurance. This physical act can show love without saying any words. Hug your partner every day. You can comfort them after a bad day by wrapping them up in your embrace. But don’t wait for a bad day. Give them at least one hug every day.

elderly couples

9 – Elderly Couples Help Each Other With Everyday Tasks

Most days are not super exciting. We move through life in a series of daily routines, one day much like the next. However, that does not mean you must go through every step of these tasks alone. Invite your loved one to join you and work together as a team to get through all these small jobs. You will develop an appreciation for each other and all you do for one another.

elderly couples

10 – Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

Have you ever heard the advice, “Dance like nobody’s watching?” Elderly couples know that this is true! It matters not whether you can break out into the latest moves or have the perfect rhythm. What matters the most is that you abandon your inhibition and have more fun in life.

Casting aside those thoughts that hold you back can boost your self-confidence in yourself and make you happier–for yourself and as a couple. So go ahead and dance, sing in public, and wear that skimpy bathing suit to the beach. Who cares what anyone else thinks, as long as the two of you have fun together!

elderly couples

We hope you enjoyed the life lessons that these ten elderly couples have to teach us. Take their advice and set the foundation for a lifelong love affair with your significant other.

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