The trick to success isn’t in one big gesture but multiple small, positive habits. Consistency is key to achieving your goals and being effectively productive. That’s why you need to start from the top – that is, the top of your day! Indeed, these early morning habits can help you shape your success.

What you decide to do when you wake up determines the mood of the rest of the day. Taking control of your morning is powerful. It’ll give you the chance to ensure that the next 16 hours or so of your wakefulness are bright and filled with achievement. So, where do you start? Here are four early morning habits that will set you up for success.

Best Early Morning Habits #1 – Visualize Your Success

Visualization is a powerful tool. The human brain experiences mental imagined events the same way it experiences real ones, say studies. As such, visualizing success makes the brain naturally confident in its capabilities and puts it on the right track. You need to be specific in your imagination and immerse yourself in detail into the world in your brain.

While simply thinking about success and envisioning it is a great start, there are even better habits to use for this purpose. Here are some early morning habits to use to visualize your success:

·         State Affirmations With Commitment

Many positive affirmations involve the use of a statement of personal value. You’ve probably heard mantras like “I am capable of what I set out to do” or “I achieve my goals.” But you can take them a step further by stating affirmations with commitment. This exercise is a great way to create affirmations that are results-oriented. So ask yourself what you’re committed to, why it’s meaningful, what you can do about it, and how you’ll commit to those actions. In this way, you affirm your commitments every day. You can also make changes as desired to set different daily intentions for better success!

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·        Replenish Motivation

Some good early morning habits for success boost and replenish motivation. The truth is that motivation isn’t an infinitely self-sustaining function. It would be best if you worked on self-motivation continuously. Reaffirm your motivations by listening to inspirational podcasts, videos, and quotes each morning. Remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing. This early morning habit will guarantee that you’re sufficiently inspired for the day!

·         Don’t Stick To The Status Quo

Success looks different for everyone. The success that you visualize should be strictly your definition of it. It’s okay if you have an unusual goal or are going against the grain. Your visualizations will work best when you genuinely believe in them, and that’s hard to do when you’re following a crowd. Find your meaning for success in life and pursue it relentlessly.

Best Early Morning Habits #2 – Get Organized As Part Of Your Early Morning Habits

Success is often about having all your ducks in a row. Knowing what you need to do for the day is essential, and there are tons of early morning habits that play into this. Here are some of the best practices for better habits in organization:

·         Develop A Routine

Having the same schedule every morning is an excellent way to get yourself ready. It gets your brain into the mindset of preparation and alertness. You associate this routine with the start of a new day, and your mind acts accordingly. Studies show that people function best with routines, which are essential for efficiency, productivity, and cognitive function. A little variety can be fun, but it’s best to save that for the rest of the day! Morning routines filled with good early morning habits will set you up for success.

·         List The Things You Need

If you have the same things you need to bring every day, you might be frustrated when you forget them. And yet, people are always leaving their wallets, keys, and other crucial items behind! Have a checklist near your door that you can quickly sweep over before you go. According to research, the brain reacts well to lists and plans to grab these items more effectively. That way, you won’t get stuck doubling back and can focus on success!

·         Get Your To-Dos Down

A to-do list can be stressful or valuable. It all depends on how you go about it. However, research shows that writing a to-do list can make you much more organized and productive throughout the day. Scribbling the things you need to get done that day is an excellent way to utilize this early in the morning. It helps you wake up directly to the right mindset, so you know what your game plan is.

It’s also great because you don’t have to try and remember all your commitments desperately! If desired, you can use a long-term scheduling system instead, where you write down your to-dos as you find out about them. This means you can write to-dos weeks in advance. If this is your preferred method, your early morning habits should involve looking over your daily schedule and making changes as needed.

·         Develop A Timetable

When you have a to-do list ready, you can set it to a nice and neat timetable. This habit allows you to stay on task throughout the day and track your progress. Your productivity and effectiveness will be on point from the start, which is always an excellent way to set yourself up for success. Just make sure to set realistic expectations with reasonable periods. If you do it well, studies say this makes for successful time management.

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Best Early Morning Habits #3 – Work On Yourself

Successful people are constantly working on themselves. That’s why some of the best early morning habits are all about that! Every moment of the day is a precious one to someone striving for success. So use that time to work on yourself in simple, achievable, and positive ways. These methods can set the tone for the day’s success, and it’s entirely up to you which steps you take for self-improvement. Here are some ideas!

·         Meditate

Meditation is a handy tool for grounding yourself, reducing stress, and giving yourself time to wake up. It’s one of the best early morning habits for success, with research showing that it improves productivity and performance. You can easily find guided meditation videos online to follow each morning. Try to spend at least ten minutes performing this habit!

·         Keep A Gratitude Journal

Every morning, write down a few things you’re grateful for. You can also write about the previous day. Anywhere from five to ten things will suffice. This is an excellent practice for improving life satisfaction, giving you a positive mindset that works wonders for your potential success. It’s a thoughtful way of thinking about yourself and your life, and it’s a great way to build gratefulness. Studies reveal how gratitude also increases resilience, which you’ll need to face the day well. Besides, it’s a beautiful trait for personal growth!

·         Exercise

Even a short period of exercise is capable of waking you up significantly! You’ll get a nice burst of energy from something as low-intensity as yoga stretching and as quick as a minute of jumping jacks. If you want to commit to a longer exercise routine, that’s one of the best early morning habits for success! You’ll feel more alert and ready to take on the day.

·         Do Some Reading

No matter the time of day, reading is one of the best habits out there. So use it in your morning routine! Is there something you’d like to learn or get better at? Pick up a good nonfiction book about the subject and spend some time reading a few pages every morning. You can read while you eat breakfast, during your commute, or simply by setting aside some time for it. Even if you only read five pages per day, you’ll be finishing at least a book a month! These books can give you so many lessons on self-improvement that inspire and spur your success.

·         Sit In Silence

Even if you’re not doing anything actively, sitting in silence is a surprising way to work on yourself. For at least 10 minutes, do absolutely nothing and relax in silence. The quiet might seem tedious at first, but it’s very therapeutic. It turns your attention inward, clears your mind, and relaxes you, so you’re set up for the day’s success.

Best Early Morning Habits #4 – Eat A Good Meal

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, and that makes it the most important. Those who skip breakfast don’t often realize what they’re missing out on! You’ve been asleep for at least eight hours, so of course, you require some fuel. This meal provides you with the energy you need to start your day on the right foot.

Studies show its numerous benefits, ranging from mental and physical health improvements to better stress management. Here are some tips for making eating a good breakfast one of your early morning habits!

·         Eat Lots Of Protein

Carbohydrates are great for energy. Healthy fats are ideal for satiety. But protein does both of those things and more! It helps you feel satiated without too many calories, it gives you the energy to get your motor running, and it’s fantastic for the brain. Research shows that it has tons of positive effects on cognitive function. Great protein options for breakfast for success include cottage cheese, eggs, Greek yogurt, and almonds.

·         Prep Meals Ahead (This Is One Of The Best Morning Habits To Also Help You Eat Healthily)

Do you often find yourself running late, leaving you unwilling to prepare breakfast so you can stay on top of your schedule? Plan meals and prepare them in big batches! This allows you to quickly grab food out of the fridge and warm it up. It’s a good compromise between home-making breakfast every day and ensuring you have enough time to spend on other habits.

·         Stay Hydrated

Hydration keeps your head clear. You need water for every single one of your body’s functions. That includes your cognitive ability! People are often so focused on grabbing coffee or a smoothie that they forget to add water to their breakfast menu. If you want to set yourself up for success, it starts with getting enough water in your system!

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Final Thoughts On Some Early Morning Habits To Set You Up For Success

If you want to develop good habits, start first thing in the morning! There are so many ways that you can craft a good routine of multiple great habits. These habits will help you to find success every single day!