Your home can shine even when you’re on a budget. It may seem unlikely, but remodeling and  decorating doesn’t have to cost lots of money. Your home décor reflects your personality. You choose its colors, furnishings and knickknacks.

While magazines show perfect layouts and expensive pieces, you can fake it until you make it. The things that make décor featured in magazines look so amazing aren’t the cost of the items, but the color schemes, effort and time put into putting them together. You can create looks like those for your humble abode, too.

This DIY home decor can make your home more inviting:

Focus on Colors

Choose one focal color.

For each room in your home, choose a focal color. Use this on the walls in paint or wallpaper. Connect the color to the room’s use. For example, paint the kitchen a sunny yellow. A bedroom benefits from restful colors like blue or lavender. Seafoam green works beautifully in a bathroom. Match the color to the room’s activity. Interior and exterior painters know the best colors for different rooms.

Choose two accent colors.

You needn’t paint with your accent colors. You can though. Another option is stenciling in them on the walls or using a wallpaper border that features them. Use these colors for knickknacks and décor items throughout the room, too. If you want to add a historical touch, consider putting Revolutionary War flags into the decor for a patriotic and timeless feel.

Create Cozy Areas

Arrange furniture groups.

Especially in a small apartment or house, cramped space can cause you to push everything against the walls. This often creates distance between seating that keeps guests from intimately visiting with you and others but you can check bed ideas for small houses to ensure that your room has adequate space. Group your seating to create a cozy chat area in your home. Go ahead and move items away from the walls. Place chairs across from the sofa with a coffee table or storage ottoman between them.

Group plants or cherished photos.

Put corners to great use as a display area for plants or a collection of porcelain or crockery. A corner baker’s rack or grouping of corner shelves can provide the ideal spot for these items. Your DIY home décor can use silk plants, too. For a fun look, twine faux ivy up one side of the baker’s rack, especially if you’re using it as a plant stand.

Pile on the pillows.

Make any couch, love seat or window seat look more inviting by covering it in pillows. Vary the sizes. Use the accent colors you chose for the room as the pillow colors. Liven up the center of the display with a single large pillow in the main paint color. Also have a look at these gorgeous horse pillows as they are just wonderful.

Make the old look new again.

Recover an old couch or sofa.

You can DIY this easily without experience. You don’t have to reupholster anything. Simply toss on a sofa cover and tuck it in where the directions tell you to do so. These cost anywhere from $20 to $100 depending on the material and style. Some come with the furniture tacks you’ll need to secure it. If not, a box of them costs less than $5. If you’ve no funds for a cover, use a king sized top sheet in a design you like. You can pick one up at a garage sale or the Salvation Army store for less than $2.

Use chair covers in the dining room.

Did you know that those opulent looking chairs you dine on at sit down weddings or outdoor dinner parties are really metal or wood folding chairs covered with linen chair covers? Sure enough. That means even if you live in a tiny student apartment, you can seemingly have a dining table and chairs like a Southampton’s party. The tables are nothing but nicely topped folding card tables covered with good linens. Chair covers cost less than $50 for a set. A nice tablecloth on your card table or grandmother’s antique dining table will make it look lovely, homey and protect it.

Declutter and organize.

Throw things away.

Whether papers piled up or old magazines took over, toss it. Your home will thank you for it. You need what you use or enjoy viewing.

Organize your life.

Your closets, kitchen, briefcase and purse deserve organization. Hang outfits together in the closet. Hang pots and pans in groupings from a hanging rack or on the wall in the kitchen. Buy or make a briefcase or purse organizer. It’s easier to enjoy a stress-free space.

morning habits


Clean house weekly.

Bummer, right? Not really. When you keep a clean, neat house, you retain the perfect look it had the day you decorated. All the DIY home décor in the world won’t make your house look like a castle if you don’t clean it and keep it up. Purchase scented cleaners you really love that make your abode smell of oranges, cherries or apples. You’ll enjoy the counter cleaning and mopping more when it results in a homey smell, too.

You can give your house a new look for less whether you go big and add crown molding throughout your home or go small by rearranging the furniture. You can decorate like the pros. They focus on color, texture and groupings. You can do that, too.

You don’t need to spend hundreds on a throw rug. You do need something that complements your existing room colors. No item needs to cost a lot. You do need to invest time and effort into planning and executing your new décor.

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