10 Twitter Users Clearly Define Depression to the World

10 Twitter Users Clearly Define Depression to the World

define depressionDepression

People usually define depression based on their personal experience with it. Two people suffering from depression may have different perceptions and symptoms. While mental health stigma isn’t as prevalent nowadays, many people still misunderstand what living with depression means. Like anything in life, it’s challenging to comprehend what someone else goes through without being in their shoes.

For example, severe depression may have difficulty getting out of bed or taking showers each day. People without depression may view themselves as lazy or lacking willpower. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. They have a chemical imbalance which makes it almost impossible to live normally.

On the other hand, someone with high-functioning depression may have no problem completing daily tasks. They may have a successful career, a thriving family life, and appear happy on the outside. However, they still experience depression, though not severe enough to interfere with their lives. To an outsider, they seem “normal,” even though they’re still struggling inwardly.

10 Twitter Users Better Define Depression to People Who Don’t Understand

Indeed, how people define depression will vary, but everyone deserves to feel heard and seen regardless. Below, we’ll share a few accounts from people living with depression who explain the battles they face each day.

define depression

1 – Depression doesn’t mean you don’t care; it just means you don’t have the energy to.

Many people define depression as the lethargy and lack of energy they frequently experience. After taking care of the necessities in life, they may not have anything left for other activities. Battling your mind every day takes a toll on you after a while, so you do what you can to survive.

2 – You can have the whole world in your hands and still suffer from depression.

As we said in the beginning, depression looks different for everyone. A person with a stable job and loving family can still suffer from severe depression, even if they don’t show it. Even if you have a reliable support system, it doesn’t change how you feel inside.

3 – Taking pills to control depression symptoms does not make you weak. It’s an illness that requires medication to treat in some cases, and that’s perfectly okay.

There’s no universal answer to depression; some people respond to lifestyle changes, and others need medical interventions. No matter how you treat or define depression, you’re not weak or inferior for seeking help when necessary. Many people need medications to ease depression symptoms, including doctors, so never feel ashamed at taking something that makes a living a little bit easier.

4 – Men also suffer from depression and other mental illnesses, even if they’re not always vocal about their feelings.

Check on the men in your life because they deserve to have their voices heard. Men suffer from higher suicide rates than women, so let’s end the stigma surrounding male mental health. They’re human, too, and it’s high time we recognize the struggles they face.

5 – Your mental and emotional health should come first because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Love yourself enough to look after your needs and nurture your soul. When you’re feeling good, you’ll have more energy to devote to others in your life as well.

6 – This image captures the internal battle many people face with depression.

No matter how you define depression, you can probably relate to this picture. Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed trying to fight your inner demons because they never seem to disappear. Remember to honor your feelings and practice self-care – the world outside can wait in those moments.

7 – A person living with depression may appear selfish, but they’re just trying to get through the day. They need love and support more than anything else.

Like this Twitter user, some people define depression as irritability or emptiness. These are common symptoms of depression, as the illness drains your energy and capacity to deal with everyday life.

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